So obviously august 4th was a deadline date not a disclosure date.... Salusa and other channeler messages said that gfol , ashtar and other galactic organizations have taken disclosure into their hands (thats what I got out of the messages, correct me if I'm wrong) So I was having a tingling sensation on the left side of the brain today on august 5 and I had got a sudden urge to read up on the 8-8-12 lions gate activation . I read some information and it said 11 days before 8-8 light pulses were being given from i think the center galactic sun, and I read in the 72 hours too the 8-8 date you could feel the energies. And so it talked about energy or tingling sensations for female in left side of brain and for males right side of brain.So i was surprised and I dont know why this date just decided to pop up in my brain :) Can anyone else tell me their thoughts on this date and if it has anything to do with the gfol or ashtar intervening by this date or sumthing (these are just my thoughts not trying to put a disclosure date or anything like that out there.) Forgive me for spelling errors im typing on a touchscreen which is hard for me ●﹏●

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  • I don't know anything about the date, but I'm getting all kinds of stuff going on with me.  My crown chakra is going crazy with vibrations, tingling sensations up and down my arms, seeing numbers a lot more than usual now, (10:01, 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 12:21, 222, 444, and 333), getting more telepathic communication from angelic beings, guides, star family, and family members on the other side.  Lots of cloud ships in Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, and 29 Palms, California.  Just keep up the good work Miku2ne1, your doing great!

  • This date, and that date, and nothing ever happens.

    • Well something does happen it's just on different dimensions we can't interact with yet... Didn't you know? lol!

  • lol What I was saying was just a metaphor, for how people will just accept anything and find any excuse to justify something. I remember one person even said how they are probably putting out conflicting messages on purpose to "help us practice our discernment." I mean seriously, people are borderline dumb sometimes. This thing could drag out until 2050, half of us will be dead by then, the other half will be sitting on the computer saying, things happen, we just have to keep faith. They'll just accept anything, and make any excuse, because they are so devoted, and it's sad sometimes.

  • No they did say, with firmness, with absoluteness, that August 4th is the disclosure date, the reunion date, they even said "We'll see you on August 4th!" Again, you guys will just accept anything. Someone could be beating you with a stick, and you'll just say, you know, if I just take my own personal feelings out of the picture, it's not that bad at all, it might even be good for me. You're the type of people that predators love to prey on, because you're gullible and naive and never question anything. Again, someone could be about to cut your head off, and you'd know, I shouldn't think this is bad, I should just put my head in the guillotine and hope it doesn't come off.

  • I dont know that much about the date other than that I'm getting the same thing as you. I woke up on the 4th with the word 'freedom' and an image of Ashtar stuck in my head, preceded by a night of dreams of being in a hall full of Angels. That the date has 'popped' into your head following these energies, it was put there for a reason.I don't know much about gate activations other than that they bring in a different kind of energy at a time where that different energy is necessary in order to help wake the masses, for lack of a better phrase. Given 4th Aug was a deadline, perhaps the opening of the Lions gate will bring about some kind of disclosure of some kind? Disclosure being that people might finally open their eyes and not be afraid to jump into the deep end in the dark, with faith that the Universe will not only point them in the right direction, but that the path was there all along. Having said that we need to remember that in order to see them, we have to open our minds to the fact that they actually ARE there and always have been. If you have any doubts, how can they possibly meet your expectations? Expectations like this are part of EGO to keep the EGO in power. Many people go on about need for proof and trusting in predictions etc without realising that they have proof in front of them, its their eyes that are closed and not letting them see it for themselves. and that predictions work only if you take time completely out of the picture. A dog doesn't know its 12 o'clock, it just knows that its hungry and time for something to eat.  If we took this same thought in mind, put our watches down and let what WILL happen happen in its own time, the negative would have little to nothing to work with. We would be happy just knowing that it will happen. They NEED channels to get times wrong, so that Lightworkers get fed up with it and return to the mainstream of brainwashing. They NEED us to freak out about time and get impatient and frustrated - they want you to feel like that. Trust in the energy you feel, it won't mislead you :) Be patient, have faith and trust yourself.  Go with the energy hun, centre yourself and meditate on the question. Whatever you do, don't stress - there is no need :)  You'll answer it for yourself soon enough. everything you need to know you already know, you just got to remember how to remember it. (wow that was a confusing sentence, my bad!)

    this turned into a bit more of a rant than I intended lol hope it helps :)

    • Thanks! your comment was helpful especially about the time subject.I'm going to try to stop thinking about time because it looks like it would be easy to live without waiting for a certain date or time , just knowing it will happen :) except for time in school lol have to go to school or else grounded -_-
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