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July 31

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I have been recently meditating and am trying to find answers within myself but I feel I don't know where to start and trying to reach my higher self. I have been anxious for the coming or disclosure as they call it for the galactic federation of light to make themselves known to everyone on earth .

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  • Me too! And am addicted to K-drama!!

  • welcome!! Hey you are asian too? Right? I LOVE 2NE1 and other Kpop musik! Love and light <3

  • 8114192663?profile=originalHi, Dear Cherie!  Love and Blessings from your friend in California, Yvonne

  • 8114139871?profile=original8114107068?profile=original8114016661?profile=original8113982690?profile=original8114168488?profile=originalStay blessed Cherie!

  • http://youtu.be/rtVcrI_qx-M8114041475?profile=original

    Failing Global Banking System & Healthcare - Tolec
    www.andromedacouncil.com May 6, 2012 Andromeda Council Tolec of the Andromeda Council and Dr. Joseph Marra discuss the failing global banking system,…
  • 529974_396984537014825_100001098460963_2440039_1691091272_n.jpghi thank you very much for the hello and warm welcome nice to meet you and very happy to be here

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Miku2ne1 ♬♪♩ replied to Miku2ne1 ♬♪♩'s discussion What are you feeling and your thoughts on 8-8-12
"Thanks! your comment was helpful especially about the time subject.I'm going to try to stop thinking about time because it looks like it would be easy to live without waiting for a certain date or time , just knowing it will happen :) except for…"
Aug 6, 2012
Miku2ne1 ♬♪♩ posted a discussion
So obviously august 4th was a deadline date not a disclosure date.... Salusa and other channeler messages said that gfol , ashtar and other galactic organizations have taken disclosure into their hands (thats what I got out of the messages, correct…
Aug 6, 2012
Miku2ne1 ♬♪♩ posted a discussion
Hey people i wanted to ask if anyone knew something about a black shadow like being? I saw it about 10 years ago (i think) and this is the first time ive really spoken out about it (and i was not dreaming). So I was like 5 or 4 and i got introu ble…
Jul 31, 2012
Miku2ne1 ♬♪♩ posted a blog post
The music is annoying so you migh wanna turn the sound offhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Qy6AJ6vZ64
Jul 31, 2012

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