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Warning...Best To Check Out All Spices You Buy :Imported spices from countries like India and Vietnam found to carry salmonella, insects, excrement and hair, claims FDA

Some 12 per cent of imported spices contained 'filth' while 7 per cent contained salmonella
Over three years 749 shipments were refused entry at US customs
During harvest and storage, spices were most at risk of contamination

Salmonella, insects, excrement and hair found in imported spices, from countries such as India and Vietnam, have caused outbreaks around the world, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.
Some 12 per cent of imported spices contained what the FDA deemed as ‘filth’ - insects, excrement and hair – between 2007 and 2010, the new report said.
The imported spices were also twice as likely to contain salmonella as any other inspected foods with almost 7 per cent of the goods containing the pathogen during the three-year period.

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I used to say NO WORRY HAVE A HOT CURRY but now it seems we have to find out the condition of the spices.
So many restaurants use these spices and more then likey they would try their best to get them cheap without caring about the quality.
In grocery stores you will find these spices varying in price but quality is a suspect.
I think organic spices packed in glass bottles from Wholefoods and Planet Organic would be best as they more then likely checked for quality.
I recently went to Wholefoods and found that in the grocery section they had put spices in plates open without any cover and when I told the staff of Wholefoods that they should not be openly displaced but in maybe glass bottles with a lid but the staff did not give a damn and ignored my advice....dust and some people touching and some people smelling them have already continamated them.
I suspect that quiet of few Indian Restaurants are using contaminated or some even out of date spices.

OH YES,  the mighty FDA.

 these guys also say things like aspartame are GOOD for you!!

On the Spices the FDA win the day as I have seen so many coming from different places
I think the Restaurants should state where they get their spices from... how they store them ...their shelf life.
Usually spices are eaten to heal but if bad spices are eaten then they can have the wrong effect
There are so many restaurants that use spices so you need to be very selective to choose only those restaurants that would use fresh, pure and uncontaminated spices otherwise you are likely to get sick.
Better to be safe then sorry.
Most restaurants are likely to buy cheap spices not caring about the quality.

Thanks for warning us. I will consider to minimise and if can, avoid curry consumption at eating outlets.

Heard that there are WORMS in Mushroom Soup.

I LOVE curry, especially if its hot and spicy .. my favorite food is Indian food .. I could eat curry forever, I adore curry .. but I better be carefull from now on .. thanks Krish..



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