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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 05/16/2017

1 Batz, 14 Moan, 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! Despite various worries, the movement toward distribution continues. A number of new criteria are being added that could create a slight delay. We were told by the Elders and their many associates that we are again approaching a breakout point. Those in charge of this complex process know that the first distributions are nearing a release point. Due to this procedure, it is believed that those selected to be first are anxiously awaiting this decision. Thus, we have been informed that we must be prepared for some truly exciting news!

As you can see, there is much that is close to happening, namely, the actual start of the formal circulation of US Treasury-based notes. These are gold-backed and can easily destroy the US Federal Reserve Bank. This new reality is also designed to lead to the rapid collapse of the illegal and de facto USA, INC. It is to efficiently be replaced by the new NESARA Republic. The cornerstone in the making of this new realm is your new governance and its financial system.

Meanwhile we are concentrating on our objectives. The main one is, of course, to insure that these re-evaluated currencies are successfully given to the people of this surface reality. We realize what all of this truly represents. It is the means whereby the dark cabal can be defeated and a new free and prosperous time can finally commence for you. It is this newly forming reality that is to finally permit our grand mission to begin in earnest. We understand some of the past delays but nevertheless deeply feel just how important it is to end your need to worry about the continuing horror of this fading old reality.

It is the continuing complications of this old reality that require a timely vanquishing of the dark by ourselves and our allies. The Elders and other similar groups need to allow for these immense funds to be safely distributed around your surface realm. In our opinion, it has taken much too long to finish what to us is a simple process. Combined with this is a truly massive arrest and isolation of the ruling cabal and its associates. When this successfully occurs, NESARA and all that it implies can be swiftly executed. Finally, the rest of our mutual agenda can be achieved. Hosanna!! Hosanna!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today knowing that the demise of the dark cabal in this realm is near. At present, those forces of the Light that are to publicly proclaim the new NESARA Republic are finally preparing to do so. Heaven is divinely telling us that the grand readying of this glorious event is done. All that is needed is a formal announcement. This is expected shortly. When this finally happens, it is to express to all that the final elements required have been completed. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

At that time, you can be formally released from debt, as a special jubilee is to be declared. With this in place, you can begin those tasks that are at the heart of your true passions. We know that a grand energy is to fill you as you at last start your many appointed tasks. We feel that a great growing of your many businesses can start a truly massive transformation of this surface realm. This activity is to bring great joy to us all! Humanity is to be free at last to do as it divinely wishes!

This transformation is to bring great cures and grand ways to creatively resolve this surface reality's problems. These tasks are to transform war into peace and proclaim your sovereignty to all. We Masters can then set a time for those necessary lessons that we are obligated to provide. We are to do this in joy and with full knowledge that you now know how you were moved so heinously into limited consciousness! This new understanding of your history is destined to serve you well. May the Light embrace you in every way.

Today we reviewed what is unfolding around this beautiful blue-green Orb. Things are afoot that are presently to alter this realm. Be ready for these events and know that a wealth of wonderful happenings are to shortly manifest. Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be in Joy!

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earth guardianship training, leading to ritual and aetheric technology application, is such a passion for service.....a modern 'pharaoh' [sovereign] responsible for maintaining the good order of nature [devic lives.]

~You're lost, Omego... at best, when the levee breaks

the Galactic Federation will be rightsized as passive observers...

at worst, as the stuff of fairytales. Either way,

their role in the current paradigm borders on meaningless.

it is primarily a spiritual revolution you are observing, within humanity and impelling the dissolution of the establishment, globally....leading to a new star nation and planetary culture and life, returning to our cosmic roots and heavenly knowingness......the gfl was at that origin, and is near to rememberence for many....the spiritual hierarchy have helped to guide humanity since the 'fall' some 13 millennia......the gfl midwife the end far from 'meaningless...'

'Beware The Bearer Of False Gifts'. Half measures avail us nothing! The GFL represent empty promises... nothing more, nothing less. An inability to follow through on any of their endless list of laughable objectives. Continuously dangling huge amount of hard currency & the fountain of youth to their desperate devotees only amplifies their immaturity when it comes to truly understanding the works that stand to be revealed on the Gaian Matrix. ~When it comes to the Spiritual Hierarchy... that's an entirely different matter altogether. They are the center point of a story that will never be meaningfully addressed in Nidle's kindergarten level updates... one would be wiser to navigate into the philosophy of Rudolph Steiner & Anthroposophy to better appreciate the depth & weight of this multidimensional subject. ~TemetNosce247

Hi Drekx, would you like to explain me something? This is a serious question, although it gives me the giggles at the same time. Here it goes: what is the esoteric meaning of Hosanna and Hallelujah? 

I can't read these words without thinking about a church choir from a Monty Python type of sketch. It is possible that these words have a deeper spiritual meaning, but they sound too religious and I'm not comfortable with religion. Actually, I don't resonate with many of the words and expressions the GFL and the Spiritual Hierarchy use. Perhaps they speak another spiritual language or perhaps I pay too much attention to the negative vibe particular words have gathered throughout human history. 

Once I understand the meaning and purpose of these words, maybe I get it. But I can't tell if I will ever feel comfortable enough to sing Hallelujah myself :) 

Hello ET Hugger,

as I understand it, there is a difference between the Earth-Religion (Church) and the spirituality the GFL represent. They are ascended individuals with knowledge of the source, that they are connected with the divine. We otherwise have our amnesia abouth divinity. They praise god with words used in the church but they don't believe in a dogma like people on earth.

But hey, we can use our free will to decide what we believe, it's a kind of adventure for us :)

I hope this makes sense for you :)

Servus Agarther :-) 

I am sure the GFL has a better understanding of life and God and therefore a different relationship with everything around them. But yeah, the frequent use of Hosanna and Hallelujah in Sheldan's messages made me somewhat skeptical. 

Perhaps I even worried that they secretly want to drag us back to church. I don't think that will happen though. 

Religion isn't always a bad thing. It depends in what way religion inspires people. If it inspires them to live peacefully and to do good, it's all good :) 

And Drekx, maybe you could elaborate on this one too. I'm like ET Hugger interested in your view :)

the original word is; 'hoshi ah na,' to invoke saving, to be saved.........later the meaning adopted by latin and olde english, meant to cry/wail to receive a blessing [from god] is the use of the spoken word with ritual intent, a prayer; 'osanna' in ancient english, though noting the hebrew version is closest to lyran is ancient german and why it sounds yiddish, to many.

Thanks for explaining. Do spiritually evolved beings still use these types of invocations? And what is the effect of the Hosanna invocation, if it's done right? 

I understand there is a huge difference between spirituality based on superstitious belief systems and fear, and spirituality based on knowledge and genuine inspiration. It's the first type of spirituality I tend to distrust, it's the second type I think we should strive for. 

yes, the solar logos created this physical system, using the word; 'om........'

sounds, thoughts and spells can direct devic life, on all planes....we are a microcosmic version of logoic beings...hosanna is simply an appeal for assistance in spiritual growth, given to avatars, down through the ages.......religions often lose sight of avatar teachings, simplicity is aimed for the many, deeper instruction for initiates.

That makes a lot more sense to me. I find it hard not to associate a word like Hossana with stereotypical churchy stuff. It would be better to stay objective and real about it, but I still get the giggles ;-) 

I think we all should learn to understand how "Spirit" works and how to work with it, so we know what we are doing and what we are talking about. I wonder what happens once religious beliefs are replaced by spiritual knowledge. I guess the romantic and fearful expectations will fall away and that working with Spirit will make just as much sense as fixing a flat tire. 




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