UFO Sightings Panic Breaks Out! Mass UFO Sighting Over Jerusalem! September 2 2012 More Exclusive Flying Saucer Footage from AQ on the Ground from the Holy Land! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype


More UFO Footage UFO Sightings Over Jerusalem Dome Of The Rock New Footage! Flying Saucers and a Inside Source from the Holy Land! New Footage Caught by Aqud from Jerusalem. If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype!


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  • Seems fake, anyone could have recorded the sky during a busy day in Jerusalem and digitaly added that, on top of that, thirdphaseofmoon isn't a trustworthy source...

    And the most important reason is that it doesn't appear anywhere else, not mobile phone videos, no mainstream media.

    The good thing about this people is that they may accelerate the disclosure process.

    P.S: Nice car ;P

  • A) Looks faked

    B) Panic? What freakin panic?? Pfft, another sensationalist headline!

  • I have no problems with the entertainment industry as long as they brand themselves under their true name. This guy however, posts something and then claims that thing is something else, and .. that's not "The Entertainment Industry", it is in fact "The confidence trickster-industry". There's a slight difference there.

    You never said anything about that this is entertainment when you posted the topic:

    "UFO Sightings Panic Breaks Out! Mass UFO Sighting Over Jerusalem! September 2 2012 Enhanced"

    That topic is completely un-edited, and that means you believe what you're posting, and that's a problem since you never said that this is only an ad for the entertainment industry and not actually a forum-post.

    If you say to us in the beginning of your post, that the post is meant as entertainment, you probably would rid yourself of 90% of the "haters" immediately.

    I certainly wouldn't bother critisising a fictional show. Ppl already know it ain't for real there.

  • Thirdphaseofmoon always posts anything that is given to him, most of the stuff is fake.... truthfully...

  • Looks fake to me, I would bet money on it.  I have some other of this guys videos and they are blatent fakes...I am sure this is too.

  • Looks Fake to me ...According to the comments on YouTube the vote is it is a FAKE

  • OH YES,

     my FAVORITE!!  blake cousins with third FAKE of moon for god sake, and look!  his stuff is so fake that he must interest you in his RED sports car!!! i'm getting wet just thinking of him...

  • With good use of google adwords and other neat little interconnections one can have between web-pages and published vids and all the popular social networks in the world, you can make several thousand dollars per week. It wouldn't surprise me if "thirdphaseofthemoon" is a millionaire by now.

    Those who are making such vids aren't wasting money, they are investing them, in fools like shama-an, and it WORKS!! They get rich and shama-an gets left with the bill and looks stupid. Thirdphaseofthemoon also looks stupid but he got rich doing it so he doesn't have to care, while shama didn't make a dime and lost his credibility for nothing.  ;)

    Simple mathematics

  • Kinda difficult for me to proove that I have the foreknowledge I have about old ufo-films and the fact that many of them appear as brand new on his site..

    But, here's some "proof" about the reality of the vids you're talking about in this thread


  • There are no people shown in this video, only a camera going back and forth that focuses on a spaceship that is hovering.  It is so obvious this is a fake, plus look at who posted it.  Know anything about him?  He is not credible.

This reply was deleted.

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