May 23

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I have spent many years trying to get to know who I am! Now I think I know who I am as a human person. I have made choices in my life, not all good and not all bad. When it comes down to it I am a good person who trys to take other peoples feelings…
Aug 6, 2013
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Watch how fast this post is pushed down the list by superficial rubbish!The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (April 29 - May 3, 2013)  brought 40+ researchers and government/agency witnesses to Washington DC to testify before six former members of the…
Aug 4, 2013
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We are all one is mentioned everywhere these days and we are on a molecular level but it is been used as a way of getting people used to the NWO control system...if the world turns out anything like the governments plan this will be my last…
Aug 1, 2013
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Otherworldly Photos Capture Mysterious Phenomena in Upper Atmosphere<< Previous | Next >>In the blink of an eye, an enormous bright red light flashes above a thundercloud, spreading energetic branches that extend five times taller than Mount Everest…
Jul 25, 2013

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"In the UK, "our" (not mine, of course) PM, (which stands for Prime Miniature,) Rishi Sunak, has decided, stupidly, to have a general election, a full six months before he needed to....Of course, this pipsqueak has no chance of winning, as the public…"
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"Telepathy · Cosmosis, Intergalactic, ℗ 2000 Transient Records Ltd, Released on: 2007-04-30👏🏻🌞

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When things get bad enough, the world is going to be looking for a savior. Why has the Vatican chosen this precise moment to drop bombshells about UFOs, Aliens and “apparitions”?05/22/2024 // News Editors // 610 Views Tags: aliens, Apparition,…
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Justin89636 replied to Justin89636's discussion Informative Sheldan Nidle and Galactic Federation of Light videos tons of great information about what's going on on our planet and in our galaxy right now and what happened in our past.
"Part 3 here of Adam Abraham's interview with Sheldan Nidle. We get into anti aging to proto youthing, the transition formerly called death in a unified field, a little about the Galactic Federation Of Light, and Extraterrestrial Human origins and…"
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