Sitting at the UFO Disclosure Conference blinking his eyes-must be a reptoid or controlled by reptoid nanotech!

This has got to be disinfo to destroy Disclosure.

Open Minds TV addresses one of it’s own, Antonio Huneeus about being accused of being a Reptilian in disguise. Huneeus was seen sitting beside Steven Greer at the recent Citizens Hearing On Disclosure. They also offer a synopsis and commentary on several of the stories of the day.

Apparently the story is that “anomalous eye movements” displayed by both Huneeus and Greer are indicators that they are:
Aliens, or
Under alien mind control, or
Under government control via nano technology

Published on Jun 14, 2013

Veteran UFO researcher Antonio Huneeus was recently accused of either being a sinister reptilian extraterrestrial, or under the control of extraterrestrials. We give Antonio the opportunity to address these claims. We also discuss some interesting UFO videos and more on this episode of Spacing Out!
Short Vid;

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  • Hi, I've BEEN tortured (REAL) for the past some years.  I can prove it, I scream endlessly on the internet and in notebooks.  I have precognition and telepathy.  I've experienced some form of "kinetic energy" (it is the next level after TERROR).  I also have a form of pyrokinesis, I think.  Not too sure.  Also, my prayers are effective (I "testify", telling people what I prayed for and how that prayer was answered).  I'm "poverty" level - government dependency.  20 year psychiatric history, unlimited diagnosis, about 2 dozen psyche drugs (which are ENORMOUSLY SUSPECT as being THE means for "voice to skull" technology and "remote neural processing", etc., if you're familiar with that stuff).

    Click my page, see all my public psycho babble and ramblings.  Reply if your eye catches something that lights you up like a ...

    well, gee.  I don't know.  What lights you up?  SKY PEOPLE light ME up!  I get super excited, and mega-hyper.


    I call mine "Clicker" but one day I asked to know Clicker's name and I got an ELECTRONIC sound come from my throat out of my mouth.

    I have LOTS going on in me, and I love it.  I'm not scared.  And it said it to me today.  It said, "you're staring right at me and you're not even scared". 

    AHAHAHHAHAHAHA, why should I be?  I OWN you, not the other way around.  You're IN ME, you're part of ME.  We're best friends.  Cuz I'm CRAZY.  And I'll do CRAZY stuff if anyone messes with me.  And that's GOOD.

    Sorta like, I won't mess with you if you don't mess with me.  But if you mess with me, I'M ALL SET AND READY FOR UNHOLY HELL, so what's up?  That's right, shut it.


  • I have noticed that the following enhance the psychic ability of the brain:

    -meditation, especially with focus on certain crystals (moldavite and benitoite (together) are a very good tool for this purpose)

    -involvement with sound, especially "pink noise" (which was analyzed by the C.I.A. at one time for enhancing ESP) and certain binaural beats and rhythms (which can also aid in astro projection)

    -involvement with nature and its' symbols, which may also be defined as ceremonial magic. Note that a Taurus (fixed earth) recibient known as the Buddha discovered bliss while meditating under a tree and putting his fingers in soil (fixed earth) while Venus was rising overhead and in its ruling fixed earth sign of Taurus.


    - material worship (or money addiction) and excessive drug use (both the prescribed kind and recreational kind). But these sure make one feel great!

  •    It makes no difference to me if someone is an "alien", be they reptoid  or other.  "By their fruits ye shall know them".  We all have star genes in our make-up to some extent.  And have probably incarnated in a host of different star systems.  There are "positive ETs" and "negative ETs" much as there are positive acting and negative acting humans.  So what's the big deal?  Under mind control?  Show me one person on this planet who isn't under some degree of mind control/brainwashing/programming.  We are inculcated from birth onward by parental, academic and cultural influences and programming.  We learn and unlearn all through life. 

    • Donald, you took the words right out of my mouth!
  • Thanks Kat.

  • Clay Shaw was a bronze star medal recibient who got off on S&M activities with gay men in the French Quarter. He lied under oath, claiming he never used the alias "Clay Bertrand," when in fact a low level New Orleans police officer typed this name in on the arrest report (when he questioned Clay Shaw about any aliases). This alias was a key component of Jim Garrison's claim that Lee Harvey Oswald was associated with Clay Shaw due to a reported date and use of this alias with Oswald present at the time of its use (and Judge Haggerty refused to allow the cross examination of the police officer who typed in the alias name, calling it inadmissable evidence. Alas, another money junkey alcoholic living in New Orleans (and I can say that about Haggerty because Haggerty was a drinking buddy with my first father, who was a criminal attorney in Orleans Parish. ALL THOSE GUYS WERE DRUNKS, along with some on the prosecuting team)).

    This alias admission may heve been what got Shaw killed in the mid 1970's, but then Shaw was also a heavy smoker.

  • Earth: the "dumping ground" for this galaxy. Scarey thought, especially with government jobs so plentiful. I'm wondering if this reptile thing is more about the state of one's soul and one's being becoming aligned with beings from another dimension (with coin slots for eyes). I don't agree with David Icke on a lot of things, but I like his concept of interaction between this dimension and another dimension, and that this other dimension has advanced entities that control (or try to control) entities in this dimension, similar to the use of protective gloves mounted through a protective glass barrier to allow one to "work with" protected lifeforms (i.e. contaminated soil, or maybe even us).

    If there is a "galaxy rule" that we are to be "protected," this "protection" is getting about as wildly eroded as that of the U.S. Constitution. I know that there are bad apples on every cart, but note how President Eisenhower blasted the military industrial complex in his last speech as U.S. President. Ike was the U.S. Army Commander of Western Europe during WWII,  but he had to work in the realities of post-Roswell reverse engineering via the military. If Ike did make a deal with Zeta aliens in the mid 1950's, there is a possibility that an exchange of advanced military capability for the allowing of the collection of random samples of DNA specimen sources (i.e. human beings and cattle) was what became of this "agreement.".

    I am wondering if these current "free-for-all" days are now numbered with the beginning of the age of Aquarius drawing near.

    Think of Rome during the time-frame of thirty to seventy years after the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazereth. The marble seats at the coliseum reportedly carried a good price for builders.

    • Um, the Coliseum of Rome was even more popular after Jesus passing. 1000's upon 1000's of Christians were throw to the lions for their beliefs.. it lasted a couple of centuries,

      • You are correct. Augustus decreed religious tolerance in Rome in 313 A.D. But all astrological ages end with many "problems of the powerful or beneficiaries of the age" due to leadership scandals and social abuses, and we began to see this madness accelerate within Rome shortly after the deaths of St. John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazereth. The violence addicted madness (very much associated with a love for combat and war, which are abusive traits of Aries ) accelerated within Roman society as the Age of Aries came to an end.

        We are witnessing a similar madness with the end of the current Age of Pisces, and since Pisces has a strong element of belief in a higher source or ideal (which is not always a bad thing) , this idea of believing that pretty pieces of paper have real value is actually based on another idea: the issuers of these pretty paper pieces (a.k.a. money addicts) have better weapons than you and I possess.. And even those with such state of the art weapons are now being challenged at with weapons of time and change, which is really getting thrown around at this time. It was almost similar to lion-eating and gladiator fighting "all of a sudden" becoming a boring spectator sport.

This reply was deleted.

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