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dont know if its legit but its worth a look

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The UFO looks real, but I'm not sure about the aliens.

They keep asking whether this is airplane and so on ~ and they said "hurry up and catch this out ! " , after that, they saw the aliens ~~~ 

Foggy where the ufo flies but nowhere else? ;)

I call fake on this ;)

I think it's fake. The camera is positioned so that the UFO conveniently and suddenly appears in the sight of view (instead of being turned on and focused on the object), and the aliens on the ground are in broad daylight and appear to not be concerned (or don't care) if they are being watched and filmed. Give me a break. These entities are highly evolved with IQ's in the thousands, and are advanced from a psychic perspective to the point that they know everything you're thinking about if you are in close vicinity (according to NASA scientists who supposedly worked with them). The UFO has no lights, no reflection from the sun,and seems to resemble a balloon or computer generated image. I think it's fake.

Thanks for the great link Beato....I just saved it to my desktop, will be checking it daily.

Yes it's real.. Real for the syfy channel! LOL! That was star wars graphics.. Star beings are more aware of anyone watching them

Star Wars graphics are better :P

This is so fake...  you can notice it in the first zoom, the object size doesn't get adjusted correctly as the image gets bigger.

Seems fake to me for sure....Not that I am a great authority, lol, but usually fakes gives themselves away...this one sure did, it is not even a good fake.  Thanks for sharing....I got a kick out of it, and I concur with everyone else's comments. 

The camera jiggles a little, and the movement is evident relative to the trees and power poles going by. But the UFO does not move with the camera, leading me to believe it was a post-shoot add-in. Sorry folks, looks like a fake.

thats really fake!!!!

Is this a short film? One of those short 2 - 5 min films??



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