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Wanted to ask people that dont really know me. Kinda like a shrink. Ok lets first start I met my twin flame at dunks about 2 years ago a little more maybe. I first saw her and it just went wow like wholey cow. we got to gether (gonna give short story) got engaged she wore thin on me I booted her out. got drawn together again she lied to me for 4 months but i knew she was I just have always felt her, knew when she was gonna text would scare her by being on the roof when she was trying to surprise visit me. just have always felt her as my other half. so we got together again but after lying to me for months on end I had trust issues than she lied to me again she tried to hide stuff like sleeping in a bed with a guy. so eventually she left again now she is conytacting me again. I felt her coming. she is 22 and I am 35. could it just not be this lifetime. that we are not suppose to be together she wants to get together sometime and sit and talk. what should I do. It very hard to ask peoples ideas when they have never had this ype of connection with another. she is my exact opposite. she is lazy im hyper Im a sadomasochist it turns her off. could this just be the biggest lesson I have ever had to meet head on. I mean a tiger cant drop hs stripes and just become a lion. any thoughts encourgagment wisdom would be great.

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I would second that, about not having to be in a relationship. Sometimes it is better to be open friends, she is young and has much to learn, people seem to judge a lot how others learn. Some do it the silent way others raise hell around themselves. I was a learning machine at 22, did stuff i can't even think i would off dared doing. You on the other hand are 35, getting into the setlling mode ages. Also the twin flame mistery is kind of tricky, i was in a relationschip with a much older woman, just because we understood eachother and we knew eachother from previous lives, i could of sworn we were twin flames. after having helped eachother for a few years we seperated, and we thanked eachother for the leap forward we achieved and that was that. being a massochist can put you into some challenging situations that you trigger yourself.



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