I had emotional event the past weeks not knowing what was happening....

I was afraid of helping other but I found my self helping me while helping others... so here I am

for the readings, I need the question and names only no pictures needed dont give any insight just the question and in your own risk some background of the issue you face

tsuura the ant will help me on this, she showed up somedays ago as buttercup character JAJAJAJ her voice is just like her jajajaja at least in spanish


so ok fire torpedoes at will crew I can handle chats too, if you want my yahoo chat wich I use, ask it via private I dont know if I can post it here ok?


for now I dont need extra money so is ok I wont charge any, if you want to donate we may arrenge a way but for now I am ok with my librarían part time only job

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  • Hola Lucia!
    My name is Per and I would really like to know why I feel I'm totally stucked in everyway, physicly, mentally and spiritually. It feels like I'm cornered by something, can't get a clear view of of what it can be.
    Appreciate your answere and what you're doing!
    Thanks for being you!
    Love Per
  • Hi my name is Audrina I would like to know will my Natural Healing business be very succesful, I believe I have everything I need to start but just need reassurance its the right path, am I  doing the right thing, I feel like this is my life purpose. Please let me know this and is my third eye close to opening up and whats blocking it from opening. Do my Guides or Angels have anything they want to tell me.  

    Thank You So Much,


  • how lovely to hear :) and for you too Lucia <3 <3

  • Dear Lucia,

    It feels like I`m not going to ascend. An example: 50 dogs are living with me and sometimes I loose my patience and loose my temper. A lot of the dogs should get adopted which is not easy, so there are too many dogs now.  I´m affraid there is no progress, but only set backs and creating more karma.

    Chau amiga y gracias,


  • Hi Lucia,

    Thanks for the kind offer.

    I would like to know what my life purpose is and what is stopping me from moving forward.





  • ok

    the ant who is guiding me is my animal companion

    she will help me get in balance ok?

    I will take my time to respond, today I realized I was feeling the thing of someone who contacted me online he has trouble getting an account here but he saw my mail


    so I will take my time sometimes I pick stuff from people who contacts me later ok?

    Ricky... YOU ARE NORMAL, my dad is worst than you, he was born with a blind eye  and he barely see on the other and he was a succesfull manager of a big uruguayan company and now he is a succesfull consultant


    is hard I myself had important issues with my sight


    c`mon guys dont let you down noone is monster or has bad lives you are ALL normal just different talents


    even a blind guy can be an artist doing a normal life so!!!!!!!


    there is no "greener side on the othe rside" thatis fake, live, enjoy even a piece of bread like I do


  • Hi Beloved Lucia,

    My name is Ricky, I want to know what my mission is and who is my twin flame? I'm still jobless for 2 years already since I arrived from the Middle East. I have also an impaired right eye which was operated a year ago with detached retina. Hoping that my right eye still have the chance to be normal. I don't know if this are all bad luck or karma? Thank you.

    Love and Light. Namaste...

  • Can you tell me my mission?

    Who am I?

  • Tomas, why don't you try with regressive hypnoses. Based on everything I've read so far, I believe it could help you very much. Check these videos if you are interested; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqPNsj1we50, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLjKxZaRYLQ,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nznJ-gfVEqE, and Dolores Cannon, as well as many others. They talk about instantanious healing from illnesses or fobia, after one or several sessions.

  • Hi Lucia! My name is Kevin. Can you tell me anything about my past lives? Thank you so much! :)
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