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I like Kubrick films-but this is weird/horrific;

The fidget spinner causes electromagnetic anomaly?

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The day Pet Rock would use His Own Words to Describe Something, would be the day when it'd be acceptable to use the 'ion-cloud energizer'-apparatus in order to paint a cross over the sky of North America with cirrus-clouds alone, just in order to celebrate his newly found independence. :)

LOL LOL LOL-who'd a thought you could make anyone laugh ao

"Quantum technology and witchcraft" - wonder how they did that.

Some call Trump the god emperor (I'll let you chew on that for awhile).


The 'god emperor' of braindead, bible thumping born again sheeple across the globe.   


more b******* propaganda from the loony left wingers; the slave markets in mosul have shut down and millions of Americans are back to work-arent those  good things stick ?

 Under Trump, gains against ISIS have ‘dramatically accelerated’

Oh, I KNEW you would post something Stick!

Hey they already got a lazy boy recliner named after me it is called the jason recliner lazyboy lol


First Video:  "taking the essence of children to make a clear liquid in order to retain their form" - OMG. 

did you see kubricks face change ? youve heard about pizzagate darkstar?

Regardless of the shapeshifting in question here, thats not Stanley Kubrick in the video, its an obvious fake which was debunked ages ago. It was filmed in May 1999, two months after Kubrick died by T. Patrick Murray who is an actor impersonating Stanley Kubrick, for a 27 minute mockumentary called Shooting Kubrick. At one crucial giveaway moment, the stress inducing interviewer blew it when he refered to the actor in question by using the actors real name, which is Tom.


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