( I wrote this on the shark blog...and I thought it deserved its own blog lol There's alot of wisdom and insight to take out of this.....I hope you guys enjoy it.)

I remember reading something from Archangel Michael once, that I totally agree with....we're sold a false image here on Earth...of what oneness is. We're told, true oneness, is forfeiting our individuality, and moving into a collective. That's been a trick by the dark side, to keep us from true oneness, and have us give up our own independent thought and feelings and form into a mob mind, to make us easy to manipulate. Grays do that, Reptoids do that...because it's easier to control and manipulate a group mind, then individual thinkers. That may seem like oneness...but it's a oneness of mob consciousness, not true inner oneness.

True inner oneness, is moving deeply into your individuality...deep within yourself....and realizing there's no real separation between you and other individuals. They're all part of you. We're all part of each other. It's about seeing each person as an expression of the One, of God. Who only is One, there's no other God but God lol There's no other God for God to merge with into a collective group of gods, God is a lone individual, God is one and only one. We're all part of God, extensions of God, expressions of the One. And by digging deep into your own self, you're own one expression of the One...then you can feel true love, true unity, with other ones, who really are just part of you, your own self.

And I think that's alot of the problem with people. They're not real individuals...so they can't feel a true intimate sense of love and unity with others, from deep within themselves. They can't really have any original creations, or even thoughts. And I notice, that all the true genius types, or master creators, or artists, or self expressers....all the people who we would say are Godly.....are always very individualistic, they're unique and original...they think for themselves, create from an original place....like God does. I mean seriously...think about that...people....you might come to a realization.

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  • You strike a solid point there regarding oneness and individuality... but considering I suspect I might hail from a race of reptiles that in fact celebrates individuality and uses no forms of social engineering to control its people, I wouldn't be so quick to generalize any whole species... let alone a whole type of species, such as grays or reptiles. There are many different kinds of both, just like there are many different kinds of humans. 

  • This whole GCC vs JJ saga is real intriguing.

    JJ I bet you two planned the whole thing prior to inc. I bet you two are soulmates....er soulbuddies .... :D

    • lol Me and GCC go back a few years....but it's okay....I wish him all the best on his journey.

  • I totally agree with you John,I like what you have written.Thanks for this realization.

  • John.  I think the issue that arises for you so often when you speak of god is you are gnostic sort of but dont realise it.  let me elaborate a bit

    You speak of the god you believe in frequently like the bible god, however you also attribute to this god the features more like the gnostic creation force.

    The word "God" implies the biblical monotheistic belief system we have here most commonly represented with jews and christians and muslims.  The force of creation/nature you refer to with braden and wilcox (btw not a good idea to believe these people are scientists, they do not perform scientific grade experiments which is why they are not respected, there are plenty of people in the scientific community doing studies who took the time to get their phds so that their peers would at least listen to them)  the field that causes all this to be, is the gnostic description of the overspirit or prime creator force.  many religions and spiritual belief systems followed the gnostic core until monotheism raised its ugly head for control purposes.

    I really think if you avoided using names related to monotheism like god jehovah lord yhwh allah etc and used terms more related to what you really seem to believe about how this all works, like source prime creator or whatever else, would show people where you really stand on the "god" thing.  clearly you are not a bible thumper, so it seems like you are looking for the universally preferable behaviours present in all beliefs, do not kill do not steal love one another etc, which are in all religions.

    Just something i was thinking about while reading this thread and thinking about other debates i have seen you involved with regarding this material, some of which i have been involved in no doubt lol.  religion and politics are always tough topics to talk about, and they reason both have gotten so out of hand is because people DONT talk about it enough.

    • I agree with you, it is self-evident that people become attached to words so much, that they very rarely question their full meaning & history.

    • I say God because that's what feels more personal to me. I don't like saying The Source, or something like that, because to me, that makes God into a thing....some thing, out there...it makes feel farther away from God, that's why I like God, I don't agree with Einstein that God is impersonal....I think we can have a very personal, intimate, 1 on 1 relationship with God, like a father with his child....by going within us and digging in our hearts. So I think Christianity is right about that basic idea, wrong about most other things though lol

      Again, I take bits of everything and frankenstein them together, I take a bit of Hinduism, who believe in oneness and self realization and reincarnation, and all of that. I take a bit of Buddhism, who believe in self mastery and enlightenment and karma...Hindus believe in karma too, Buddhism and Hinduism have alot of similar teachings. I take a little of the Native American traditions, who believed in the Great Spirit that permeated everything, the balance of nature and the sacredness of life...as well as star people...and things like that. I even take a little of Christianity, with the idea of God being very personal, heart to heart, that you can pray to and that cares about you. And every religion has a code of ethics that are basically the same, and I try to live up to those, but I usually fail lol

      You can take all those things, and amalgamate them into what some people call "new age" ideas. Sure, that's fair. I don't call myself a new ager though, I don't agree with every new age idea. Alot of the new age ideas were taken from things like theosophy...and I agree with alot of theosophical teachings, I believe in ascension and self mastery and...the basic ideas they propose, apparently taught to them by ascended masters. I believe in that. I believe in ascended masters, I believe in God...I believe in the GF. I believe the 2012 ideas, and how we're going through a purification into a new age. I know I'm going through a huge purification, it's been going for years lol I'm sure everyone has, even if they don't really notice it. I believe that.

      Do I know all this for sure...not entirely...I know there's an afterlife...I've seen spirits. I lived in a haunted house once, and there's no way GCC or anyone else, can convince me I didn't experience what I experienced....some people just will never believe until they experience it themselves. I've seen Ufos, so I know they're there....I know there's such thing as the law of attraction, I've seen it work first hand. I also know prayers can be answered, and nothing happens by accident....things happen in your life, because they're meant to happen, to teach us lessons, to evolve. I believe that. I know, what else can it be lol

      See, you can't really prove that scientifically, not yet anyways.....but science is just one part of life, the left brain part of life.....I'm more of a philosopher...I deal with ideas more than facts, I'm a right brain type all the way. And I understand everything is an idea. Everything in human civilization, first existed as an idea, somewhere, fundamentally. And it's the same for nature....the very idea of evolution must come from somewhere. The idea of life itself must come from somewhere. And who else could it come from, but a creator. I'll never understand how people can not reason that....they're just skeptical beyond reason, and only trust what the 5 senses can perceive. Well...if you do that, you'll miss out on alot...most things exist beyond the realm of 3D senses.

      • John, your attachment, which in this instance is to a name, the name "God" is what might be drawing you back into endless arguments. Also the fact that calling God The Source or Prime Creator makes it into a thing is once again your issue. If it is an issue it should be worked on so that it becomes a non-issue.
        You have to remember that The Source has no inherent meaning attached to other than cultural and niche. You history with the phrase should be let go off, until it derives no value any more.
        You can call God anything you want, not only will "he" not care, but will also laugh, because you'd be calling yourself that. :-P

        What points this issue out so well, is you mentioning, couple of weeks back how you did not like the term "harvest" from Law of One. As soon as I see someone not liking something, it means they have a lack of understanding upon it. There is something within them that brings forth an issue, due to some emphasis or connection, perceived or imagined. You have to remember that the consciousness level from where that information comes from, has no inherent polarization upon that word, it just is...(the most useful Earth human, English language word to use), it is neither a negative nor a positive. Harvest (LoO term) = Ascension (New Age term), same damn thing.

        They are just words.

        Some see the word harvest and think the Grim Reaper's coming... again a useful guide for inner work.

        • Sure it's my issue, I understand that. And it's there and I accept it, so I use the word God, because for me, personally, that makes me feel closer to this being, who by whatever name, is the same being. And that's okay, I don't see anything wrong with that. People can use whatever name they want, whatever makes you feel closer and brings it more into your heart. And for me, saying Source, or whatever, just doesn't do that like God does, so I'll continue using the name God.

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