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  • I like the way you word things and I am honored to be your friend, welcome home mate. Adonai

  • Hello, new to ashtar command. Just read your profile and found it moving and beautiful. You are a beautiful writer and it has added to my excitement about today 21/12/2012. Well done you, and good luck for your future here and everywhere.
  • I'm not so sure how to do this comment thing - I hope I'm getting it right.  It is so interesting to me that you mention "quicksand".  While falling asleep, my mind was active with vivid imagery and sound.  I did see someone up to their neck in quicksand.  This morning when I read my mail and saw your comment about quicksand, I had a moment of surprise.  Ever so interesting.  My thoughts on it:

    My first thought it that certainly, those who feel that way are not alone.  A number of people must be sharing the same feelings.  I think back to what I did see in my mind's landscape.  It appeared to be my own son who was necked-up in quicksand.  I panicked - what can I do for him?  Do I reach out?  Share my vision?  Is he awake?  Aha.  What if that explains the quicksand?  He isn't awake.  He needs to level-up.

    How can I help?  If any one of us is able to successfully help any one of many, so feel sunken and sinking - will that benefit the collective, ALL of those who feel the sinking?

    Oh, heavy weights and burdens.  Oh, strife and grief.  Oh, angers and rages.  Oh, fear.

    How can we help each other? 

    I've carried on a bit.  I hope my expression has not been too excessive.  Looking forward to more exchange with you, Starseed.

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  • Hey there S.s Ikse. thanks for reaching out. 

    Exciting times ahead :)

    I infuse my every decision and action with the intention of greater love.

  • Several people have had this problem the last few days.  If you want to reply to someone, go to the top where the white box is (just underneath the post and the number of views), and put "@name of person" you are replying to.  That way, people know you are talking to that person instead of just making a comment.

  • Thanks for your friendship Ikse



  • Hi Ikse! Glad to see you're doing well! :) Thanks for the friend invite here! :) Jacob

  • oh my.  i know all too well how "life happens while you're making other plans."  no need to apologize.  in fact, i'm a little busy these days myself and haven't been on as much as i'd like.  it will be nice to chat some as things settle down.

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Cameron, NC


August 14

About Yourself

I'm 29, and I live in North Carolina. Yes, I grew up here, right in the middle of the blble belt. Growing up, I saw through many cultural misinformations even as a child. I was immediately skeptical of christianity, because the root message being informed to me by those around me was not enlightened at all, and to this day many still in the name of religion spread hate, fear, jealousy, etc. I was the kid who'd ask the questions like "If God is so forgiving, why is he sending me to hell for being myself?" Well you'd also have to understand that I'm gay, and in many ways, I've always been naturally inclined to question the system that has been in place here on Earth for so long (as is part of why I am here) but needless to say, I sought other forms of spirituality later in life... but eventually I've reached the truth that the divine visits all cultures and people and that so many different paths of spiritual evolution as exist in so many different cultures are all valid. Its all about the love, not the doctrine. If your doctrine has no love, I think its time for a new doctrine. ;) Anyways, from here to a galaxy far far away, we're all one family, and that makes sense.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Oh there are simply too many to name. I learn little bits from everyone. People in my physical life, speakers on youtube, people writing articles, everyone has something to contribute to the ultimate consciousness, and that process is ever-ongoing. I learned a lot from my family and from certain friends and mentors in the past, and of course, the gems of wisdom passed down from various public speakers or spiritually ascended individuals helping humanity by sharing their own. My higher self too... whom I'm still learning to work and connect with at this stage of my growth (I'm not good at meditation or things like that, I have so much to learn and welcome any help!)

Starseed Ikse replied to Jason's discussion Pope's decree about to cause mass resignations? This is HUGE NEWS! MAKE IT VIRAL! -AK
"It just makes no sense to me, and I have a hard time believing it... he was appointed by the previous pope, was he not? The were supposedly close... yet since Francis came into position, he's been working quite openly AGAINST the cabal... I'm still…"
Jul 26, 2013
Starseed Ikse replied to Mr.Ed's discussion Benjamin Fulford: Chaos and Panic Spreading Amongst Cabalists, More Heads to Roll Soon
"How do you do that, if I may ask. Do you contact them in meditation or... just ask, and they'll hear you? (The Arcturians, I have no interest in asking the dark friends of the cabal for help, though I'm sure I have implants and healing to address...)"
Jul 19, 2013
Starseed Ikse replied to Mr.Ed's discussion Benjamin Fulford: Chaos and Panic Spreading Amongst Cabalists, More Heads to Roll Soon
"Wow. Crumbling away. Crumbling to dust."
Jul 18, 2013
Starseed Ikse commented on rev.joshua skirvin's blog post Melchizedek’s Weekly Message for July 14 – 21, 2013 ~ Mistakes & Failures are Miracle Stepping Stones to Success ~ via Julie Miller
"None shall stop us, for we stand in the righteous light of the creator, and do his work on Earth. This is a difficult and harrowing trial for all of us (or a very long series of trials I should say!) but he will see us through and see us shine with…"
Jul 17, 2013

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Movella commented on Movella's blog post 77 Health benefits of yoga
"Thanks Dad :) I thought you would like the purple sky! It feels like home.. x"
7 minutes ago
Drekx Omega commented on Movella's blog post 77 Health benefits of yoga
"Great info Movella, my dear daughter.....:-) Also, nice to see a purple sky, which reminds us of Samanet (Sirius B4.)"
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marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"How to raise your frequency and receive DNA upgrades to become who you were meant to be?

1. No fear. Not a spec of fear.
2. Authenticity. 100% truth. No little white lies.
3. Service to others.
4. Love yourself. Especially your faults.

Do this and…"
32 minutes ago
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"The external world is fake and illusory


Nature is God. Nature is real. Feel joy with nature even when being attacked. This keeps you solidly connected to God"
32 minutes ago
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"When you completely clear your mind and focus on nothing but the energy and intent of a person talking, you can see their aura and feel their intention with your intuition.

All the politicians, and people supporting new world order, vaccines and…"
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"while you resist fear porn and wait for that big announcement, your higher self is trying to remind you that all you have to do is disconnect with intention. say no more. declare sovereignty. refuse to be governed anymore. once everyone decides to…"
33 minutes ago
Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
"If they force masks and start up lockdowns again the people need to rise up and say no just like they are for everything else. The deep state would not be able to do a damn thing if we all said no."
36 minutes ago