Well if you don't care about animals lives, don't care about slaughterhouses, don't care about butchers and lastly don't care about stuffing yourself with dead animal meat carrying low vibes as the emotions..the fear instinct rotting the meat you eat as you are what you eat ...THEN LOOK FOR ANOTHER PLANET THAT LOVES BEINGS LIKE YOU AS PLANET EARTH IS GOING FOR PLANT BASED PRODUCTS FAST. 

European Plant-Based Food Sector Skyrockets 49% In Last 2 Years, Finds Study


Really it's happening all over this planet 

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        • The point here is animal killing has to be stopped and the sooner the better as millions are killed daily just to feed some idiots who value their lives but don't give a damn about other living entities lives.
        • Thing is both you and KK should not see this thing as a purely ethical/moral issue. That is to say we have on one end, those who love and on the other end, those who hate. The latter says 'it is right to kill animals'. That is very simplistic!! I say it is not good to kill animals. But I love my cat, though it killed my bird!! My cat is loving and well created/evolved. It is not 'lower than a human' This is NOT ethics!!!!!!

          There is no judgment passed based on what someone eats, be they animals or humans, because what we eat depends on circumstances beyond our control! Once I have raised the 'circumstances' issue, it means the ball is now elsewhere. 'Love', 'morals' etc factor should now be held constant. We are all loving and caring, that is not where we differ. We differ in the opinion pertaining to what is, or what is not possible in this planet. Let not misunderstand each other.
          • Dear R.Lovely, no one here, as I read it, is judging the animals...and I'm not here to judge you or anyone, just to Be Love and radiate it through this thread, this forum, and the world. :) It's usually indifference or cognitive dissonance, more than hate, that allows a culture of abuse and suffering. I'm glad to see this culture shifting, on so many levels, as human consciousness attunes more to what it *could* be, rather than what it has been, in relation to our furry, scaly and feathery friends. We are beings of infinite possibilities.
            With love to you and your cat, Joanna. 😸
            • 'Meat eater' generalizes all, be they jackals, hyenas, lions, baboons, chicken etc! So judging 'meat eaters' judges animals as well. It says 'hey man is better evolved and so is not an animal'. Thus exempting animals from judgement=patronizing them, which is still a judgement!! Once we identify 'meat eating' with 'lower consciousness', we declare animals to be 'lower than us'!!! Who said so?? According to a cheetah he is well created/evollved! His ability to sprint means everything to it as it servs its needs. And who knows the consciousness level of the cat except the cat itself?? Who is a human to judge what animal has 'lesser' or 'more' consciousness?
              • Forget about this judging business let's work on the principles of an eye for an eye ..meaning those who kill animals should suffer the same ...end of all meat eaters
                • This type of 'eye for an eye' will leave everyone blind! A chicken eats insects. So let me eat chicken as well. If someone else kill me for this, then someone else should kill that other guy as well. It goes on and on! I swear, no one has the right to live, not even you!! All our lifes are a grace.
  • I love your post Kalki! In a way we are playing"the cabal" towards the loving, trusting, innocent, hapless animals by butchering them. Can we really dream of planet earth minus cruelty to animals? It feels so good to visualise mother earth free of slaughter houses.
    • No, a cabal and you have the same rights. At least in principle, there are no laws for cabal and some other laws for you. But pple like Kk are advocating isn't an ascension that eradicates suffering of all animals. No no no!! It is perfectly right for a lion to tear any animal he can to pieces! It is right for a python to suffocate other animals etc. You see? We now have different rights for animals and different rights for human. An animal is in total liberty. It has a right to eat whatever its tastebuds dictates. But not so to human!

      This is yet another doctrine that put humans on a special place on earth! He is subject to different moral standards. So the supposed concern for animals proves to be patronizing! It is a type of 'goodness' that betrays some sense of superiority to the very same animals!

      To substantiate this, you will note that Kk routinely insult pple by comparing them to animals!!!! You wonder what happened again! Even most importantly, look at his avatar! An animal is depicted as a vehicle for human to use it as he please, regardless of a 'perhaps' such totures an animal more than a sloughter!
      • Don't get offended my friend, here subject is about the human, being inhuman - not about lions, snakes & avatars nor is it a debate against creation/mother nature.
        • A human being is a god conscious being as they know God does not want you to kill his creation and eat them up. ..a meat eater is closer to a zombie and can no longer be called human.
          They should know : YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT
This reply was deleted.

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