• I read Jesus(Yeshua) own true biography,in his own words,being crucified was supposed to be "special"..he was put on a tree instead with nails imbedded..Pilate didn't want him to be a Martyr..and that Yeshua had 3 souls.,his own and El Moray and St. Germain./ AA Gabriel?.( I'll have to look that up again)
    And he didn't die as Mary (mother)and Mary Magdalene gave him a potion of herbs to awaken him in the cave..Yeshua had a loving family life,a happy long life with his two children and Mary his beloved..he died naturally around the age of 78 and Mary Magdalene passed 3 months after while in France/Italy
  • We must be carefull when interprating cause another historian, Tacitus did say that the founder of Christianity suffered an extreem penalty under Pilate. It is clear that Tacitus disliked Christianity. So he was not biased in their favour. So the idea that jesus did indead die was convincing to the people at around that time. In other words the story of bible has some truth. There was indead an event that looked like crucifixion death and resurrection of Jesus. I have explained it in some details.
    • Wow, unbelievable, The Man was crucified and now even that is taking away from him by ‘vatican’ some ‘remote viewers” people? …

      One can die by sheer power of one’s will, surrendering peacefully to God’s Will. And Jesus being the Son of God, could do it as easy as we breath our air.

      There is a special practice in yoga: Sarvadvarani samyamya. Sarva means “all,” dvarani means “gates” and samyamya means “controlling” or “articulating, or some Sages call it “Dying Consciously”. There more then one way to do this: India, Tibet, China etc that practice it.
      “When the elements are still actively present in a living body, the soul experiences life through the bodily senses, which operate by means of the elements. The process of death involves the dissolution of the senses and elements, which is what the verse in the Bhagavad Gita refers to when it says, “closing the gates.” The gradual withdrawal of each element from each level or chakra to the next is what allows the body to fall away and the soul to move to the top of the head, which is the best exit door (that is why it is advised to never touch the top of a person’s head while they are dying). When the earth element and the sense of smell withdraw and move into the water element, we have no appetite for food, our body feels unbearably heavy, we lose strength and it is difficult to move. When the water element and the sense of taste withdraw into fire, we may become thirsty, but can’t drink, and we lose control of our bodily fluids. When the fire element and the sense of sight withdraw into the air element, we feel cold. And when the air element and the sense of touch withdraw, it becomes harder to breathe, the out-breaths become longer and we feel a slipping away. It is at this point, when the prana is in the heart chakra, that the practitioner must act to consciously push the life-force upward and into the head. This final act of exertion necessary to eject one’s self out of the shell of the body takes all of one’s physical and spiritual strength.

      That is, to do consciously it is an opportunity for self-transformation and even self-realisation.

      ”Dalai Lama says, “Awareness of death is the very bedrock of the path. Until you have developed this awareness, all other practices are useless.”
      • They can say that like his resurrection, his death was miraculously. I will have no much dispute with such. I only dispute with a claim that they know Jesus was killed from how Romans crucified their criminals. They don't know! Some parts of the bible suggest that Jesus died willingly. It says that '...he gave up his spirit..'.Or that no one could take his life and so he layed it down himself etc

        Nice info about eastern and Buddhist ideas on death etc
  • This is very interesting! The folks from Farsight, the remote viewing site, looked into the whole crucifixion, and came up with the same conclusion! That someone else was crucified in his stead.
  • Christians like to play victim game when it comes to persecution for one's faith. But it is actually nothing of the sort. In many cases Christians were actually never killed for their faith. Rather, they were killed for mendling with Roman politics. They kept doing so until they finaly took over the Rome! Then the once persecuted begun to be persecutor! This proofs that earlier on Christians opted to pacifism (turning the other cheeck) not because they were more moral but because they were more powerless, as compared with the pagan rome! Shame on them!

    Papacy never repented, it was defeated. Then once again christians came across as the victims and the pacifists who cannot kill a fly!
  • How convenient, lol ... first they kill everyone, then came the 'church' after came 'All Bibles in the vernacular, in German, French, Italian, English or Flemish language and more. may not be printed, read or kept without (written) permission of the Holy Office of the Roman and General Inquisition. Basically it was forbidden to own or read. Since 1559 there are 30 latin editions of Bible, 10 new testaments editions, it took long time for general public to have Bible after what about 300 years later (editing so much), how much 'truth' is in the book? And now this 'new declarations' ... out of 'blue' ... lol ...
  • I have explained in a blog why Jesus may have not die on the cross. Jesus was not crusified the Roman way. They did a sham crucifixion because they knew that Jesus was innocent of the charges brought against him. Romans did not crucify religious leaders and story tellers just because they grew popular. They did not crucify thieves. They crucified military rebels. Christian story make little sense. Pilato, don't beleive that Jesus was was guilty. The next minute, we are told that he is overseeing on of the most brutal treatment in Roman history. Make sense?

    Jesus case was special, he 'died' just 3 hours after the crucifixion. This can't happen. Mere beatings and nailing cannot kill someone. Someone in Philippines has been crucified 80 times but he didn't die!! The person who was supposed to check to ensure that Jesus have indead died is non other Jesus's friend, Pilate himself. Yet Christians tell us that somehow Pilate had wanted Jesus to die and could penalize someone with death sentence if he let Jesus go. Make sense? What makes more sense is that Pilate's display of commitment to Roman laws was only outward show. He could do anything to save Jesus even after he allowed him to be killed. It is not that the mere unruly growd suddenly made him see Jesus as a criminal.

    Some self proclaimed 'messiahs' at around Jesus's time did indead lead a military campain to attempt to bring in the 'kingdom of God' through human effort. Perhsrps they were trying to imitate the hasmoneans during the Hanukkah wars. So the idea that 'someone claiming to be messiah was crucified by Romans' was in the heads of people. So they might have mixed the story of Jesus with that of other rucified messiahs.
  • So why the hell do you have statues, photos, pendants etc of Jesus on a cross you foolish idiots
    • Because the church wants you to suffer!
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