Alert to all Truth Seekers have you ever wanted to know the underlining Truth to all reality? Do you feel like you are on the cusp of being complete but still one step away? This is now your time. Join me your host Sevan and my guest Willem De Swart for a explosive revelation on a tightly kept secret in regards to Numbers as Archetypes and how our entire existence functions on a sequence that when fully discovered frees you from the bonds of duality and unities you with the circle of the infinite.



Topics discussed:


The Exact way to dissolve the Illusion. Power up and never short circuit again.


The Role of Planet Earth and The High Priestess Warrior Virgin


Misconceptions of the Phi Ratio.


How the five becomes a straight line and of course how to work beyond the confusion.


The true number that symbolizes energy by proven facts.


Geolocation of the Planets - Learn what country represents what Planet (!)


More and More and More this show is guaranteed to blow your mind. You won't want to delay hearing this...


8110232900?profile=originalJAMES EVANS BOMAR - WILLEM De SWART


Willem De Swart is a brilliant Electrical Engineer now living in South Africa working on his ground breaking revelation on the secret to the numbers and a expansive new level of number theory that will bring about total involution.


Show Time: Sunday October 9, 2011 11:00 A.M. CST 2hr

Call in number to speak with the Host:

1 (347) 996-5688



DIRECTIONS - Press play on the widget below during showtime or go directly to the link above. Chat room will be available.


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  • Thank you :)


    Light upon light, the resonant cavity


    The music of the spheres, bubbles and strings, dancing hoops


    We are numbers

  • I feel the 0x0 math is very important to this though not quite sure of the connections, will have to follow his work.
  • can you create the top picture into a 3d model, Plz.  I want to contemplate its degrees of freedom and motion and the current picture isnt very clear about the spatial relations of its parts.


    I am Ra

    Light, Life, and Love to All

  • I´d like to research Gregg Bardon......
  • So exciting  I'll be there. I've been studing Gregg bardon's work and love this topic.

    Numbers are the universal language.

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