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  • Interesting observation! I have checked the division by 7 and found all of them to have 428571.:)
  • Just read the two comments you sent ,and I agree on the present spelling and content. One of the latest meanings that I forgot to mention in the post I just sent is that, the Kaballah is an visual and audio codex for the Merkabah, which is a Inter-Dimensional ship that is alive and can change form and color and brightness. They use these ships to travel from the much higher Dimensions in the spirit realm,down to the lower ones which we are in at this time. I think there is also a Merkabah Mother ship that will be involved in bring us into higher 4D &5D. Aligned with the major vortexes that are now coming alive and was created and planted here long before Atlantis to bring in the Golden Age now in 2013. Adonai

  • Sorry El Ra, but I don't know how to reach him, I took this off of American Maybe you can go there and leave the pic and comment for him, sense thats where he posted it. Is this from the Kabali. I have seen that in the Keys of Enoch. hoped this helped. Adonai
  • Sorry about them dropping you. I don't think its this site, I think its the DC. They often knock me off completely if I am posting or commenting on the DC. Anyway welcome home friend. Adonai

  • Hey Danny! love your Avatar pic lol... my friend.. i hope you are well, haven't heard from you in agesssssss. Let me know. xx

    ((((Feel the vibrations of love))))





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  • dear Adonai EI Ra,today here in the land down under(australia) is a saturday,so i send to you many blessings of light for a very blessed weekend,and a couple of pics,feel free to share them around,love,light,blessings eve.8114251891?profile=original

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  • I'm very glad to meet you Adonai El Ra, it's a honor to work with you.

    I send you my love in a Fuchsia and Gold Wavw, with Diamond chips.

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August 3

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I am Lord Elohim Ra, aka Adonai El Ra, friend of Masamune blade of of Heaven and Earth. I am interested in science, tchnology, computer programming, games, mental powers, and general expansion of understanding.

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Adonai El Ra left a comment for Roaring Lovely
"lookup reciprocal theory."
Jul 15, 2015
Adonai El Ra left a comment for Roaring Lovely
"another tidbit

most numbers divided by 7 have this as a repeating decimal
428571    notice the shift between number values  ( 2 down 6 up 3 down 2 up 6 down 3 up repeat)  now just consider those numbers, 2 triangles of 3 points one up one down…"
Jul 15, 2015
Adonai El Ra left a comment for The Resistance
"not sure yet how but we are destined to work together in regards to Light-understanding.

LLL777 - Light Life Love

funny how so much of past languages when considered from English phonetics and meaning have expounding meaning that fits perfectly."
Jul 7, 2015
Adonai El Ra commented on Will's blog post A Message To Those Who Read Channelings And The Channelers Themselves
"Here is a channeling from my higher self, the truth about peace world wide is simply this, there will be no peace until everyone gets tired of the violence and that will only happen if some major affecting everyone everywhere directly atrocity along…"
Nov 11, 2014

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Ara commented on Holloworld's blog post Where you at now Q-Trump Huh?!!! "Trust the plan"
20 minutes ago
Ara commented on Holloworld's blog post Where you at now Q-Trump Huh?!!! "Trust the plan"
21 minutes ago
Indigenous Alien commented on Albertha's blog post Back to One.
"Again, I log onto this site and right off the bat I find the above. Since I have begun to wake-up, I feel as though I am being led precisely where I need to be, such as pondering "ONENESS" and "UNITY" all day long just to hop online and read the…"
31 minutes ago
Ara left a comment on Comment Wall
"it's good Albertha, vegetables for dinner sounds much better than bugs ... the value of human life decreasing by minute now. And its done so openly, no more secrets nor hiding makes me speechless a little and wonder what's coming next."
50 minutes ago
Holloworld posted a blog post
I really don’t feel like coming here just to give you a “We told you so”, but since no one here is doing it, here it is: WE TOLD YOU SO. It's time to wake up again. They like to toy with your naivety. They've already moved the goalposts to a later…
51 minutes ago
Hellen left a comment on Comment Wall
"I see a video about ''Yellow Meal Worm here. I used to feed the birds when i worked at a bird center but i never tasted these worms and I have the nerve to eat them. My nephew has eaten them while he was living in Vietnam he says they are much…"
2 hours ago
"All this has to come down and people need to find ways to survive it's going be a long bumpy ride for next few years and it will be a dark period for many."
2 hours ago
Albertha left a comment on Comment Wall
"Best start your own permaculture garden!"
3 hours ago