The new beginning

“Farewell, my brave Hobbits. My work is now finished. Here at last, on the shores of the sea… comes the end of our Fellowship. I will not say do not weep, for not all tears are an evil…”

~ Gandalf the White

(For the record, I think Gandalf the Grey is infinitely cooler than Gandalf the White; he’s way more badass. But the above quote seemed fitting.)

I may be completely wrong about tomorrow. If I am, I am. I’ll get over it.

Obviously I don’t think I am at all. I think I’m right.

Ladies and gentlemen; dear readers; friends: if any of my words have reached any of you and made any sort of difference, I’m glad. That was my task in this lifetime. I got sidetracked, and wasted a lot of time being depressed and hating myself, which is annoying, but hopefully I didn’t leave it too late to wake up. Either way, I think I’ll find out pretty soon.

No matter what happens tomorrow – don’t worry. I promise you, everything’s going to be alright. Because time is an illusion – all we are currently experiencing has already happened; and trust me – it turned out fine :)

And please, if anyone is fearful for my sanity – it’s okay. So am I, sometimes. If I’m totally mistaken about all this and nothing happens tomorrow, I will be okay. I’ll take good care of myself, and make full use of the support of my wonderful friends and family, without whom I wouldn’t be here, writing  these words.

But if I’m right – if tomorrow holds what I think it might – I will say this: you chose to be here for the experience.


If you’re wondering what my plans are, considering I think this could be my last night on Earth: I’m going to lie next to my amazing girlfriend and hopefully hear her giggle in her sleep again. Those little moments are what make life worth living.

See you on the other side xxx

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  • i hope things change as well. The direction in which the world is headed . i Feel like there going to end up destroying themselves and anyone in the process. its a bit hard for me but im pushing aside fear and want to accept change with open arms
  • Wonderful Peekay :D I feel this makes people really stop and dig what they themselves appreciate in their lives which are percieved as "small things" while it is those small things that make up that big thing you call "worth living" :) There are also big things in life which you only ever experience once and hold a strong loving memory of. It is better to have these looked back upon, rather than trying to re-live it and fail doing so.


  • What begins has an end.

  • Gandalf the White is based on a group of Maters 1 million light years out that focus on the Earth for the greater good- I was told that it is they who are moving the magnetic north pole slowly towards Russia (magnetic south somewhere in Argentina) and that eventually the Earth will shift with it-how cool is that? Tomorrows another day-ever try serious chakra tuning from an accredited light worker-did wonders for me.

  • Not so. White is for purity, and the white ray of light is the highest and is associated with perfection. The grey shows a dimness or intermediary state where things are "grey" rather then everything being black and white. Black would equally mean mastery, so far as wizards are concerned, but over the dark arts only.

  • Here is a little gift from me to you!


    For whatever happens, Blessed Be and have a wonderful life!

    • Thank you, Eye of Change. I am feeling very blessed. And a bit emotional!

      In a sense, I think, all life is wonderful - because life is full of wonder :)

      Namaste x

      • Yeah i fell very emotional too, it's annoying and nice at the same time -.-

This reply was deleted.

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