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Below is a link to Robert Monroe's Explorer Series Tapes. Basically these are recordings of people that are in a deep meditative state in isolation chambers. Different entities talk through these people about many subjects.

These IMO will give anyone a better grasp on spirituality in general. These are "Real" channelings IMO. I've learned so much through these tapes. Awesome material to say the least. For those that are unfamiliar with Robert Monroe and his life long work, you can go to the Home page and learn about the late Robert Monroe and what his Institute does. Below is the link to the tapes. I hope it helps you as much as it has myself.

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  • Thank you so much for this link. I have learned so much from Robert Monroe and really enjoyed his books. they were some of my first teachers when I was first awakening. I tried the hemi-sync tapes and was touched on the leg by an entity but never got to the point of channeling. This inspires me to try again. I recently skimmed thru "The Ultimate Journey" again looking for hints about the shift but didn't find anything so will listen to these to see what is mentioned. Thanks again appreciate it.

    • You are welcome. You know what puzzles me? Here is some of the best proof of real channeling and some awesome information in this post, yet not many people replied to it. I guess that they are happy with all the fake channels out today?  This is the real deal, I guess it does not provide what they are looking for. Oh well, that's up to them.

  • Thanks for the link..Now this gives new meaning to channeling for me...I will be doing a lot of listening I see...Thanks for this.....infinitely interesting....

    • Also Marique in the later tapes (13 or 14) Miranon talks about the coming "Shift". Keep in mind that these tapes were made in the 80's (I think).....very interesting.

    • You are welcome. I found these a few years back and just started re-listening to them (takes awhile to go through them all). I learned so much from them the second time around actually. The real deal, none of these fakes on there, just facts as you hear them.

      Robert Monroe started having spontaneous OBE's in the 1950's (when they were unheard of). He wrote several books (awesome btw) to explain what he learned during his OBE travels. The Monroe Institute was what spawned out of all his work. The Explorer Series is the only ones that I have listened to, there may be more.

      I feel that anyone that considers themselves even remotely spiritual would benefit from what I consider factual spiritual evidences. The best evidence that I have ever found, short of my own few experiences. Anywho, glad you like it. Let me know your thoughts on this after you listen to these in the future.

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