The Great Star Aproaches

ATEMURAThe Doorway of YouThe path of seeking is a path of teachingATEMURA is a multidimensional ether ship built of corridors expanding connectivity between worlds and time itself. It is built like the minds it is made of, making it an exceptional conduit for occupation.The corridors are transitional pathways or mental planes leading to other dimensions and states of frequency. All corridors lead to and come from Atemura. This Great Mothership stands under the directorship of Lord Metatron. Atemura is an inner stellar stargate existing in all realms and is the HEAVEN world of all SPACE-TIME. It is all reality in its apparitional state of matter like a body and brain being occupied by the mental construct of a soul. Atemura is all that is and represents the collective soul or container of all souls. Those who are aware of This realm may work within it and recognize it as a trans-dimensional midway station. It connects to all 5th dimensional worlds and assisting ships. One can connect to Atemura through 5th dimensional worlds, ships or conciousness and also connect to these worlds through Atemura Itself. This is a gateway predominantly constructed for ascending star seeds to occupy new worlds, bodies and interdimensional space. The planetary sphere of Saturn is a weigh point for alot of Atemura's energies and occupants. In order for a soul to leave this solar system one must pass through the gates of Saturn. These gates are portals that must be matched in frequency for a being to be able pass them. It may be true that ones soul has already passed these gates and in the Ascension May already hold the enrgetic coding to travel beyond this sytem. The knowlege to pass these gates can be found within the many Universities of thought within Atemura. Saturn and the gates will be discussed further in later chapters. The first closest Midway station has been in Arcturis until Atemura's formation and construction by Lord Metatron. As the Urth and its inhabitants accelerate into the 5th dimension and on we are anchoring a Midway station in our system. This New station is Atemura and is completely connected to all Midway Stations and Councils. The New Urth and human will Indeed declare a new Solar system in Contact with the Higher Evolution as a Galactic society. Assisting through Atemura is Riptide Command; a group of Metatronic Time Lords working in alignment with Ashtar Command, the Inter-Galactic federation and Midway Councils . Riptide Command is a small armada of 3 ships serving the Urth plane, its counterparts and starseeds. This work is brought to you by Riptide Comand and will be educating you, the reader, in the ways of the Dragon. Built by will and self created our worlds stand alone. We shall come to know the will as ONE and unite all worlds. May the Spheres collide in harmony and Atemura be known. The keeper of this timeless SHIP has many names world to world but the energies remain congruent. The keepers name from this dimension is Entronis. This key word(name) activates the portal between dimensions, the consciousness of quantum mechanics and the timeless Realm of Atemura. Entronis is The Dragon of Metatronic conciousness and christed frequency modulating the movement or placement of things present, past and future. This conciousness is the unity of Divine Femenine and Masculine representing the I AM PRESENCE. Atemura is perfectly balanced between the ALPHA and OMEGA by the eye of the Higher Evolution(ENTRONIS). This balanced presence is creating and exploring new ways that have always been available for soul evolution into the higher realms. The higher embodments of Entronis serving its creator and creations is sent out to recreate this embodiment in all times within the myriad universes. This Embodiment is the wise programs of the Elohim and Lords of creation sent as prime principles within all Time. These principles are held in the pragmatic energy structures of the incarnate embodiment and are able to effect the surrounding structures. Through assimilation, correspondance and the similarities in energy effeciant components, massive amounts of nueral information can be inducted into the genetic makeup of an accepting Entity(Urth Human). The people of the Urth will rise and remember there connection with source and their highest embodiment. By integrating new forms of thought that are intrisincly connected to the energy body and its ability to effect physical matter we gain in our power to alter our reality. This is the way of the Higher evolution and planetary transition. Entronis and Atemura are keys of the zero point energy field that moves a soul in all forms of travel. These keys are major components and attributes of The nameless creator to wich all knowing gives tribute. Many perspectives and choices are to be given through this channel. These words are 4th dimesnional and affinitively coordinated for acces to 5th dimesnional reality by concious will. Aboard this ship is the knowledge of alchemy and the way of the Dragon. In the scheme of ASCENSION, pure choice is all we have. Embodiment is ordained by Entronis, the Factors of Time and your individual soul plan within Atemura. Wherever it is you want to be; Be there you may. Destiny and Time is in your hands. The 5th gate is open and all bodies of time are whole as One within the Zero Matrix. Join ship, the mind of Entronis and be transfigured into the timeless conciousness of immortal soul. Dragons run a muck; Salvation is near; Atemura and Entronis are here!These keys and tools of perception are prescribed for all in search of a clear path of fullfilment and reunion with the immortal self. This Indoctrine is Made possible By Master, ArchANGEL, Lord; METATRON and Riptide Command. Entronis is truly his inceptive seed handed down by the current of the CHRISTOS for the benefit of our URTH FAMILY. Atemura is a way for human creation to be infuzed into the firmament of Heaven everlasting. This teaching may be one to take thee closest to the Namelss Eternal that resides behind al things known and named. All is up to you! Welcome to the Family of Metatron and Starship Atemura.Star lightStar brightFirst star I see tonightI wish I mayI wish I mightHave this wishI wish tonightENTRONIS: Great dragon of eternal life and blood fire: We call to Thee to create and be as we are meant to be.Give us the strength to Forge forward on a path of truth and stability. Open the way of the mind in alignment with the God and Goddess.Bring to us the tools of creation for the benefit of our evolution.We call upon the dark and light within to gather the chaos together in balance with the planet and the many spheres of life.Hail Entronis and the Infinite Realm of ATEMURA.-Magick consiousness, Mentalism and Transformation.The first processes of attuning to the way of the dragon and the art of alchemy is much like self hypnosis. The process of hypnosis is to feed the psyche possabilties and perspectives that awaken the driving will toward a desired outcome. The hypnotic state of being is best to be thought of as empty like a potential engine functioning on mental motion. The most prominant Nature of an alchemist is their strong will and belief in what they do. As practioners of witchcraft we take responsability as masters of our reality. We seek fullfillment and work to keep balance with the planets or spheres of conciousness. The key to being aligned with the Dragon's way is in accepting possabilities apparently infinite. The mind contains the All as One reflected through the many creations of mind.The Mind exists in all things and all things are made possible by the Mind.In ones life there can be many occurences that will strike curiosity into the true nature of reality and induce the endless quest through the unknown. The further one goes down this path of discovery, the more things will appear undiscovered. Eventually The adept will unmask an accumulated ability to chart the unknown and discover the path of wandering. We all have goals and interests but they do not always serve one another. The greatest purpose of alchemy is to induce balance and equation to the process of change benefiting the All . This state of achievement can be blind like the many perceptions it is made of. The known science of magick is not necisary to the process of alchemical change but can help arise the beliefs most vital to its work. The science of real change comes from belief upheld with the weight of resolution in experience. Sorcery in its procedure is as readily acceptable as the clinical aspects of hypnosis. Hypnosis is most successful when mingled with symbols, images and words that relate to the practitioner much like in alchemy. Comparing sorcery with hypnosis here is meant to honor the mind and the power it has upon the body including its environment. I want to give power to the components that drive magick and not detur that power by subjecting it to a single ideology. Many religions and ideoligies work to serve and better those who serve them. All schools of thought are similiar except to the extent that alchemy believes in more unseen, powerful forces and outcomes wich to others seem unreal. Witches shape reality with magick, a natural power bent by their will, used to heal, curse, poisen or spell. Ultimately magick is known to be capable of anything within the right conditions.The beings known to aid in magick have many archytypes and constructs of character. These differing forces are as spirits, demons, gods and angels here to help or hinder. If no proof of these entities is to be shown, the potent belief in them validates their existance as an archytype of the human mind. It could be said that Most beings who control the attribute of great power have no need to prove that power to any unbeliever. These biengs or archytpes may have a large influence over matters depending on actions taken by those who acredit the influential archytype or entity. A good Example would be the many wars faught in the name of Gods or men upheld in belief. Belief is a very tangible thing tipsy enough to kill or cure. Each being in the universe is unique and holds an individual conciousness construction of energy dealing with the world around it in its own way. We all have something to learn from one another and i think it is ignorant to think we cannot assimilate thoughts that move beyond the body. Our conciousness constructs are potentialy very malable depending on the individual. We can share in Mind with beings visable and invisable past present or future.Everything may exist in the mind and the body is simply a correspondant of subconcious aspects in the mind. Does the body stimulate the validation needed for the mind to continue or visa versa...I would seek to prove it is both and niether mind or body are seperate but work as correspondants to the One(Universal) Mind that is ALL energy. The mind will always continue for no other cause than compiled memory, experience and expansion of the eternal self. To induce desired change, one must first know without a doubt that it is possable and know the purposed outcome of such a change. We must know we are powerful beings capable of great things in order for great things to happen and be seen. The door is open and remains so in all sights. A true alchemist believes in Dragons and they in him or her. Dragons are known to be keepers of great and ancient knowledge uncoverd only by the truest of adepts. This work of words is meant to Stir the path of alchemy but also appeal to those in-quiry by the toil of ideoligies. All things apparent in our reality can be used for progression in life and all things are needed as guides to what we truly want. For those who search, I hope you find in part or full the knowledge you seek. The circle is cast and by will alone our minds are set in motion.Entronis, be here: Open the way of the star: May all be near and not far!-Gaia Urth: The eternal Life giver and Godess of AbundanceIt is to you that we give each moment and day upon your frame as a piece to your body. We meld an transfigure you as we are transfigured by you. The graces of your bounty have endowed us with the knowledge of change. We work for balance within The Nature of your ways and seek fulfillment in your heart. Goddess Gaia, You are the brilliance upon wich we stand and all is made in reverance to you.-The divine marriageThe divine marriage teaches of the relationship between polarities, alpha and omega. These are the Son and Daughter who teach of the Mother and Father Figures of the godhead. These divine twins are made whole by the super creator or Divine marriage of source with self. They are not as siblings the way we may think of them but are counterparts to the ONE SOUL matrix. Niether are they a couple as we would regularly percieve but are like best friends and lovers increasing their energy levels together and all levels of masculine and femenine energy. These increasing, balancing energy levels are available to all within the conciusness field of Divine Union. The Twins Emit the Pure sexual life force and activate the kundalini Pathway for all who seek re-union. They are like the essence of the first male and female made in the Divine Mother Father Godhead. We are all made in this sense By the universal impregnation of Light into the Dark whomb of creation. We are ultimately to become like the Divine god head balanced between all duality in Oneness. We Fly, resurected in the Zero Point Energy Field.-Priestess of the Night and new daughter of the Galactic Urth; NYXARA-New knight of the Galactic Urth and son of the Solar Heirarchies; AMINU- more specifics on these two will be given at a later time.These Divine twins are spirit guides of the femanine and masculine archytypes of energy upon Our New Galactic Urth. Aminu and Nyxara are in direct communications with Lord Sananda and Lady Nada. When the ships land and we are in contact with the star races we will come to exist as a multifaceted and multidimimensional world. The trikaya or portal of conciousness used by the higher evolution is the tetragrammaton temple reciever for the seeding of NEW URTH. The temple is the portal of Entronis constructed by the arms of union within Atemura (Heaven, New Urth). The geometrical pattern of the door to Atemura and its consiousness structure is the portal to Supreme being and benafaction. This is the Tertrahedron Temple of Everlasting Life, the sorcerers stone and Golden Sphere of salvation. It is the Ascension Activation chamber into the mirkaba fields of light and pure love. All 5th dimensional ships reside in this field of light and are accesable by the Tetrahedron Temple. The Mirkaba field is activated by the doorway of Atemura and the conciousness forces of the tetrahedron temple. These forces exist within you as prime creation and are reflected through the temple structure. align your conciousness with the Trikaya and triverse into the higher realms of source creation.Riptide Command is now in full conciousness, connecting to its ground crew members and counter parts. We are Heralding the Great Legion Starship ATEMURA and its connection with Urth. Very few may specifically be connected with Riptide Command but it is likely if you are reading this that your are conected with this process, other commands and star races. This transfered material is meant for Riptide Command Crew, Starseeds and Activation(realization) of all lightworkers within the emerging galactic society. This written material is actually a much larger body of work but was requested to be published in part and early due to a level of urgency. This is meant to be an energy ascension assesment and requisition of embodiment in Ascension. Together we Prepare the grounds.This has been Commander Z of Riptide commandHope to be speeking with you again soon : )

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  • 8114693295?profile=original Here for your eyes is all that is written above for the All That Is Heart Stargate Diamond Template is and has always been dormant in you all at a micro level courtesy AA Michael and thanks for his comments. This Template is done to Heal the Upper Heavens and merge them with the Lower Heavens to restore Balance and Harmony to All Sentient Life in all of its diversity created by Prime Creator and His Divine Compliment Prime Creatrix Our Cosmic Mother both residents of the Great Central Sun above the other Central Suns of which Alcyone or Tula is the lowest around which Gaia Urth orbits once every 52,000 years. Alcyone has been corrupted to Zion and Sion and now we have the Revelations of the Other Pyramids Greater than the Pyramids of Giza aka Bosnia Pyramids. And by the way the center of this sacred template is where the Atemura travels always at Zero Point. Blessings Joy Love Balance Harmony and Grace kingjeff

  • when is this star supposed to "arrive?"

    • in the physical sense of time ever closer until ones realization and awareness can bring you into contact with this ship at a time of your choosing. It is like the choice of ascension. Truly any one can and has the choice to ascend at any moment as it is with contacting this ship.

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