Ah so last night I actually had an interesting dream, normally when I sleep my mind naturally astral projects in some way so a dream every now and then is very relaxing. As the title would suggest this dream was about vampires. It started off with me, a regular college student, sitting in a coffee shop studying for a test of some sort. I believe that I was aware of vampires existing in our world, or rather everyone knew this. They were hunted down and killed without mercy. There was a whole organization dedicated to hunting vampires and it was economically supplied by the government.

While I was studying this girl with glasses and long blonde hair sat next to me. We exchanged small talk until she went away. After finishing up my business at the coffee shop I began to walk home. I realized I was being stalked, my mind told me it was most likely by that blonde girl. I didn't deduce she was a vampire, I actually hoped she had a silly crush on me at the most because that I could at least deal with quickly.

I suddenly noticed everyone in the street I was walking on was suddenly gone and I was the only one there. I guess my mind didn't have the RAM to boot people walking next to me. Before I knew it the blonde girl was on top of me clawing at my face, or attempting to. I think I protected myself adequately enough. Someone got the girl off of me and threw her into a nearby window which seemed to effectively knock her out. It was an old man. He was really healthy for his age, his body looked like it had gone through a lot of training to get like that, but his eyes still gave me the feeling like he could probably pass for a nice grandpa. We exchanged the following conversation.

"I could have handled that on my own."

"No you couldn't."

"You're probably right. Why is there a vampire in broad daylight?"

"You didn't know vampires have the means to walk in the sun now? I guess that gives us an advantage."

From the conversation I was able to infer that he was also a vampire. Which made me wonder why he isn't killing me right now, but I stopped questioning it too much and decided to be grateful. The old man explained to me that he was hunting vampires because he owned the city's vampire district and had setup specific rules for them to follow. The blonde girl and many others have disobeyed his rules so in order for him to maintain peace he has to subdue them.

The rest of the dream I think I ran into him once more and decided to join him. I witnessed a group of humans all being turned into vampires by one person, it was a ridiculous sight. I hope this dream doesn't end up being some kind of past life memory, but that usually isn't the case.

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  • That Is interesting.....I have had dreams where I am fighting something and someone was there helping me or I was facing off in what seemed to the accumulation of some sort of training. Which could have been your dream but maybe not......when I have a dream about vampires or zombies i usually try to think who is after my energy Or after me.....

    Also there is something in your life that you cannot handle and in which u Need help??
  • dear RainbowStar,have a think about this dictation i am going to add in this comment,if you had a pet whowas part of your family for many years and was dearly loved within the family circle,and then passed over after 17 years of life spent with the family because your pet dog had arthritis,and old age,displayed huge SunFlowers on the small plot that you had arranged in your garden for your beloved pet,well that is exactly what happened to our loved dog when she passed to spirit,SunFlowers just grew out of nowwhere only in the small plot for 6 months,it was a display of total love from our beloved pet letting us know she is well and alive,and carries the love we had for her into the land of Spirit.8114448473?profile=original

  • You should try to pay a visit to the keeper of lies. Remember it's name if you want to find him. It's kind of a great experience, because he speaks from a perspective which is beyond good and evil. Which means that he would explain why there is this struggle between light and darkness going on. But you can only ask one question, for which he will ask a little sacrifice in exchange. It might depend on the depth behind the knowledge you're after and the quality of your essence. Your evolutionary level in other words.

    You'll know it's the right place, 'cause it's located inside a huge city, devoid of emotions, inhabited old skyscrapers on the horizon, in the middle of the desert. The sun is always up on the sky.

    He's usually there, on a stool, while looking on old news papers. Learn to read auras, you will know it's the keeper of lies, because it feels like nothingness. He isn't light nor darkness. He must be some of those "only conscious" entities, no light body, without a soul.

    He might ask you to help him turn around the pages, since he has a magnifying glass and an old pistol instead of hands. The keeper of lies describes itself as an "expectator" "Someone who shows to people what they're afraid to see about themselves"

    He told me about Creation and Prime Creator in short terms, it works like an interaction of opposite forces, and the friction between them is necessary in order to sustain such "Creation" which equals to "source division" into life sparks, since otherwise the positive force of attraction within the light source would end up pulling everything into fusion state once again. So darkness was needed, as the ego-centric core, even within angels, which is turned off. as a root, to keep a minimal field and degree of individuality, while keeping information, known as Light, safe from Ego-centric disruption. The Ego-centric core disrupts the Light reception filaments on the Cordial-bulb known as "Heart chakra" So creating fear, instinct, which lowers the degree of perception and consciousness into lesser frequencies.

    It gave me to understand that it was an artificial creation to some degree.

    The keeper said that there wasn't anything bad going on with this Creation. Everything within Creation was an spark from the same source. Both, light and darkness, positive and negative frequencies, electromagnetic configurations within the same source of life. Such configurations were ruled by our planets' magnetic fields, in conjunction with the Wheel cycles, which each living creature was born at.

    So this huge electromagnetic fields interact with the pranic flow within the Kundalini, charging each chakra in different patterns, according to which time, the Wheel calendar, is set at the child's birth. And so life experiences were actually, to some degree, a counter-action between positive and negative charges. As the mechanism behind the decision-making, free will. Which explained why as a child, I had to deal with so much negative people. My positive charge was fairly advanced.

    But I already knew all this.

    "I just told you what you already knew. But sometimes fear doesn't let you see who you're..." He said to me.

    So I asked him about her. The only person that was there... 

    He bluntly said to me "What if she's evil?" He started to show me every dream from of all the people who had told me about her. I was seeing their dreams, even those which they wouldn't speak of. There was destruction and suffering in each one of them.

    "Does it matter? She gave me hope when I was destroyed"

    "Look at you, you have been struggling for years, just for her. In darkness, fighting against yourself"

    "Are you willing to suffer your entire life, just because of her?" "You're walking against destiny, you're making your own pattern of free will, and you're gonna suffer because of you" "Would you destroy every life you have at hand, just because of her?"

    I answered that I wouldn't, but  I was willing to destroy mine in order to bring her back into light.

    "You know there is someone waiting for you. You have a twin flame. Most life beings don't have one" He said to me.

    "There was nobody for me, when I was on the ground, except for her"

    "You're selfish"

    "No, this life made that way"

    "It's impossible to argue with you, you always have to win" He said without any emotion.

    "Of course I have to win, I have been losing over and over again, my entire life" I answered.

    I woke up. I started to write down everything that happened on my astral journal. Worst of all, I know he's right. My ego-centric core is so fed up on negativity, because of my past. That I'm now two different persons. One day I feel like pure Light, the next day I feel like pure darkness. It's because of the size of my ego-centric core, it has grown to the point where it equals my Cordial-core size, my heart. The light reception field equals the light disruption field. Ligth, darkness, light, darkness and so on.

    Yes, a great experience.

    • This was nice to read, but may I ask what compelled you to post it here?

      It's not that I don't want you to post it, I like it. I'm just asking, why not save it for a blog? I'm sure plenty of people would love to read these.

      Although you should start by giving your definition of such things as twin flames and astral journal, as these things differ from person to person so it's best they try to interpret it how you would interpret it and how they would interpret it.

  • It certainly shows that the last few years of total focus on vampire movies and themes in media and news, have had its effects on even spiritual peoples subconscious reality. ;)

    Personally, I hold the belief that "vampires" are nothing but a psychological metaphor to describe all the things that can act as gravity-wells strong enough to actively affect living beings. :)

    • Vampires are probably real. So are most of the monsters out there. I doubt they're as barbaric as media makes them out to be, because that's simply for entertainment purposes. In fact, in all the partial projections I've experienced involving some kind of vampiric clan, they've done nothing but try to protect me.

  • Lower realms of consciousness are filled with parasites. Like the ones behind this reality you're "living" on Beware if you wanna take a walk during your sleep. They are illusionists. They don't look like humans, not even humanoids, but they're quite skilled at shape-shifting.

    Another point. You don't need any training to project yourself, just manifest your will to do an astral projection once you fall sleep, and then just close your eyes as always, and it happens.

    I just returned from an astral projection, a few minutes ago. You can notice it was an astral experience, especially a negative one, because you wake up suddenly, trying to breath, like if you were under water. You can also see your body in the bed. It's like...

    "Wait a minute, I'm trying to get off my bed, but my body is still there..."

    You also feel like you're a light projection, trying to match with your own heart as you come back. Basically blending in your projection within your body. Unless it's a sudden come back, which feels like you're falling from great heights.

    It was a lower realm this time... I was inside a really bright room, chilling with two "friends" of mine.This parasites are able to shape-shift into people you know, so, be smart while dealing with them.

    They were making yokes, smiling the whole time. It was like "hey, what a great time" I didn't feel like there was anything wrong, after a few minutes, when they started to do their thing. I started to feel sleepy, tired all of the sudden. I tried to to get off my chair. It was hard to hear what they were talking about, it started to get all blurry.

    One of them put his hand over my shoulder, while smiling "You're not gonna believe what happened to me the other day" "Yeah I was talking with this..."

    "No" I answered "There is something wrong here" I said, I was falling sleep, while they were both looking at me.

    Better you don't fall sleep within an illusion in the lower realms, because you're gonna wake up really tired, they suck you dry from your emotions. They do exactly as this world system does with you now. They're both parasites.

    While leaving my chair behind, I took a look all around me. There wasn't anybody in the room anymore, even though I felt like it was filled with them. I wasn't entirely sure of course. They made me believe "I needed to pick up my (things) before leaving" So I started to look around for my things. Suddenly the room was full of possessions from other "people" "What a mess"

    "Wait, what am I doing? I have all that I need already. Time to leave" I said to myself. I was going to the door, when suddenly, there was a suspiciously beautiful girl on the door, waiting for me. She said to me "You don't have anything at all, stay with me, come here"

    I pushed her against the wall, knocking this "girl" into the ground. "Leave alone" I said while grinding my teeth. Then she exchanged faces, now she was hairless, with a messed up face. Like a victim from fire, but her mouth was on his right eye position, one of her eyes was where it's supposed to be the mouth and so on. She smiled towards me "You cannot leave"

    "Let me help you" I said, I walked towards her "who needs whom?" I said. I put my hand over her chest. I didn't say anything this time, I just was taking what's rightfully mine. My emotional energy, the most powerful source of creation, which is why both, the light family and the dark ones, are here. Since both of them lack emotions.

    I woke up, feeling the distended heart palpitation, which normaly happens. Full on life force this time, just after a mere hour of sleeping. What do you think it means to be tired inside this so-called reality? What happened inside this projection is the same that happens every day on this "reality" we're "living" on. While you're here you are constantly being sucked dry from your emotions. Otherwise you wouldn't need to sleep ever.

    Some funny facts, they're always trying too keep me pleased inside this illusions, both of them, the fear is their last resource, as with the parasites within this reality. But it never works with me. Even though I'm talking with you now, which means that I have to wake up from this "reality" now.

    Remember something, the family of light feeds on love, as the dark family feeds on fear. Pleiadians said that Prime creator nourish him/herself with your love, wrong. Prime Creator is the source of both, light and dark, which means he/she is feeding on Fear and Love, across this entire dimension. What does that mean? That both their agents, Light family, and dark family, are after your emotions. Because they both come from the same source, if Prime Creator is a giant multidimensional Parasite, then their sons... well.

    Damn it, full circle again. I have to find her, I really need her. It's gonna happen. My heart won't let me take either side, since they're both the same thing. It's constantly telling me I have to go after PC, after both families. So it was truth after all. This dimension is his/her entire dream realm. Then the family of light goes out again, seeding potential preys for the dark ones to take over. Like it happened with this world. So each time I guide someone either into light or darkness, I'm feeding emotions to Prime Creator.

    But they keep feeding souls to Prime Creator, the last time I saw him/her, was the size of an entire dimension. It's currently sitting on the 13th dimension. Which is getting shorter for his/her size, which is the reason why the family of light  is trying to merge this many lesser planes all together into a new dimensional disk, so they can create another exactly as this one, allowing Prime Creator to blend with the 12th, which would be still 13th. after this current merging creates a new one. No, something happened... after.

    Either side, it's the same. They're both the same thing. But I've beheaded the bull, I remember after all, which is why they have gone back in time. The bull is already dead in present time. It seems like my family is here because of that. Otherwise prime creator is gonna merge him/herself with every living being on existence, starting from here again. A huge hive-dream as with this planet, but on every dimension. This may explain why the family of light and darkness are both emotionless beings now. They had being teared apart by prime creator. It might be too late for them now, as with the dark ones. They're both prime creator "sons" now.

    Oh my... It has been always she who kept me away from embracing either side, even if they had tried to imporsonate her. It falls apart after a single day, it always falls apart. It seems like we are here for a hell of ride. So after all it's gonna be the third family who saves the day. Which is the reason why I'm here. Since I was born, I have being looking for Lucifer. It might be her after all. It won't leave fall into either side. I Love You, wherever you are

    But I have to look inside of me. Which makes sense given this reality is another dream created by the parasite. Another world seeded by the family of light, for darkness to take over.

    "Yeah, lets put this fragile environment here, inside the "free will zone" where nobody can protect it, full of innocent life... Yes, let's do it, it sounds totally reasonable to me. Let's put this jewell here, inside this dark alley, It sure will be all fine"

    Oh, you old parasite, you never change, even if you're already dead.

    • That's a pretty big tangent you made there despite the fact that what I was experiencing was a dream and I mentioned astral projection maybe like once.

      Also for the record, I'm not sure how I can back it up but I'm pretty sure the hierarchy of 'dimensions' or 'planes' don't exist, but are some kind of illusion created by either someone trying to make a clever joke, or one of the 3 billion organizations hellbent on controlling humanity through the facade of peace.

  • A friend of mine claims to have made contact with a vampire. He did not harm him, but he kept on disappearing for long periods of time. And he never seemed to have aged since he was a kid.

  • Thanks for sharing :D love reading dream journals, I'm very impressed by your talent to remember and recall the dream back into words. For me if I remember it in my head, I have an unexplainably hard time putting all the images into a linear story that makes sense lol xD.

    Speaking of strange dreams, yesterday I had a dream about some sort of armageddon happening. There was a meteor shower with fiery boulders the size of a half man, it started to rain everywhere and it felt hopeless to escape. I didn't get a direct hit from them but I felt the heat as they nearly brushed my body. It felt so real and I couldn't remember any time in real life where I had been exposed to those kind of images and it's rare for me to make those things up normally.

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