FULL DISCLOSURE PART 3 – The Annunaki Agenda
Plus an urgent message to the Ground Crew!

Hello, my lovely and beautiful friends, I am Jacob. I AM the physical thought adjuster to Archangel Metatron. You all understand by now the 7 Aspects of our Beings as I've stated so many times over, but I do so, because this very simple structure of our Spiritual Being paints a perfectly comprehendible picture of what has been happening and why it had gone undetected by everyone. See the Annunaki have been here for a very very long time. It started from their ancient ancestral race that is the Shellenah, these ones were tricksters all along from the get go and then they passed their evil tactics on down to the Sellenaki, then to the Tellenaki and eventually on down through the generations to the Annunaki. And these guys have become masters of manipulation. They've all had their own agenda for all this world, Galaxy, universe, ALL THAT IS all along, far separate from the Domain and from the Anchara Alliance which is made up by the Draconian, Zeta and Orion Greys local collaboration working UNDER the Doman Grays from our neighboring universe, ON -that same universe that has since been closed off from any further intrusions into our Free Will. Well, those ones within the Anchara Alliance are "Magnetic" by nature and this is the Highest aspect of which they accept within their BEING. Those ones, deny ALL THE LIGHT that is within BOTH their SOUL SELVES and their GOD SELVES, so what that leaves is the Mental/Causal aspects of their beings as the basis of their existence and this prevents them from ascending beyond the 4th dimension, just as it prevents them from accessing any technology beyond the 4th Dimension. 

However, the Annunaki are still yet connected to the light of their SOUL SELVES and in this way, they hold a great deal more power and influence within their being than all the Draconians and the Grays, less those very few that have asked forgiveness and are returning to the light. Still the Annunaki still DO however, deny their HIGHEST GOD SELVES. This race had always been in blatant defiance of the Divine Plan and THE ALMIGHTY ONE. And with that light remaining within them as part of their SOUL SELVES, they had the foresight with help from their ancient ancestors; the Sellennah, to manipulate and derail the Cosmic Plan for ALL THAT IS! They did this, all in advance as part of an elaborate plan to infest the entire Cosmos with their VIRAL DARK SEED OF SEPARATION from the “GOD SELVES” that WE ALL TRULY ARE! This is the 2nd "Duality" that I have been seeing for these past couple years as referenced in my previous two articles on this topic in regards to “Heaven being broken”.

This is not the duality that most are already aware of which exists between OUR PHYSICAL / EMOTIONS SELVES and all that is the TRUE FEELING and UNITY aspect of our SOUL BEINGS, but a 2nd duality all together; one that Separates the HIGHER SOUL SELF from the HIGHEST GOD SELF which in turn, leaves ALL THAT IS, "GOD" to be long since desired as a missing role of which the Annunaki and their ancestral races all fully intended to insert themselves as "INDIVIDUAL FALSE GODS" FAR SUPERIOR AND ALL POWERFUL TO ALL OTHERS by their definition.

All this agenda is reflected upon their many recent channels full of pompous attitude of superiority and deception, insisting on their superiority over that which is OUR HUMAN DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT, to “BE” LIVING INCARNATE EXPRESSIONS OF GOD! This is where I strongly suggest to all the Ground Crew that you dear brothers and sisters begin to TRULY SEEK WITHIN in confirmation of all that they read online any longer as the many channels that are coming in from the inner planes are corrupted beyond any recognition of truth whatsoever. Some channels still carry 80% truth, but most are falling into the category of not even talking to any of our Higher Selves at all. This massive influx of partial / half truths are creating a wedge within the minds of all the Ground Crew which reflects upon all Humanity at this point. It is your responsibility to verify what is said to be TRUTH within your hearts, dear brothers and sisters. And ONLY when the Ground Crew finally begins to verify TRUTH within your Hearts, will ABSOLUTE TRUTH finally begin to resonate within ALL OF YOU. There are not any confirmations outside of you. Ascension is about becoming ALL THAT YOU ARE! Why is it that so many spend so many hours in front of a computer screen seeking outside of themselves?! This lesson MUST BE LEARNED by Humanity if they are to ascend, or to continue forward in their evolution / empowerment whatsoever! The internet is a 2D distraction and a false sense of UNITY when it has nothing to do with the Conscious Mind. Simply put, the internet does not come from within you. (See Article; 2D false unity)

The Annunaki plans for Cosmic Domination over ALL THAT IS had begun way back from the beginning and within the evolution of the Shellenah. There has always been a dark seed dear brothers and sisters and it has taken us until now for us to sort this out. You see, before GOD chose to become aware, there was only light and darkness. GOD was the light. And in the moment of becoming aware, he split in to TWIN PAIRS; THE DIVINE MOTHER and THE ALMIGHTY FATHER. This TWIN PAIR has been the divine template for ALL SOULS ALIKE as we each and every one of us ALL have a TWIN FLAME. We are created this way and until now, we have not always been with our twins. This is all part of the Divine Plan for us to eventually return, 1st to the GOD SELVES that we are, and then to the TWIN FLAME PAIRS that we are. But back to the explanation of Creation; we are ALL GOD experiencing ITSELF as ITSELF. In this way, we went forth, carrying the GOD SEED within us and the driving force that is the EXPANSION OF ALL THAT IS within the sacred GOD SEED ATOM within each our Hearts. But we did not simply go into other worlds, my lovely and beautiful friends. These worlds needed to be created. And so we did just that, starting within ABSOLUTE DARKNESS. As I explained, there was only a great light and the DIVINE WILLPOWER that is within the HIGHEST GOD SELVES that we all are as well as the DELIBERATE INTENT that is within the HIGHER SOUL SLEVES that we all are, and within each of us as Children of GOD, we went forth and created life. But you must understand, dear hearts, GOD was once a child too and as the 1st of all souls, we started in darkness. How else does anyone learn? How else does expansion work at all? We are of course, all of us BEINGS OF LIGHT, but there were some of us that began in darkness. It was made clear right away that GOD had much to learn. And so she/he created Angels, Archangels and many other souls to continue the expansion of ALL THAT IS GOD. And here we are today, once and for all weeding out the rest of the dark seeds as it has been proven through the eons that we truly CAN learn through love and joy rather than through pain and strife. ADD ABOUT CONCLUDING THE ANNUNAKI INFLUENCE

The dark seeds come in many shapes and sizes and have long since been implanting and manipulating all Councils of Light, including BOTH the Lesser and Greater Karmic Boards, etc.. this has been a gradual process of manipulation and influencing of the Male Chauvinistic and pompous arrogance permeating all across the cosmos and of course even within the rest of the GFL for eons now. However, they were not accounting for the GOLDEN RACES of the Ainu-Ra(the Avian Race), Mem-Ra(the Water Race) and Shin-Ra(the Fire Race) with our FULL SPECTRUM, MULTIDIMENSIONAL NATURE that we embody as 12th Dimensional Beings to descend among Humanity and along with Humanity as their Brothers and Sisters.. ALL OF US, GOD EXPERIENCING ITSELF AS ITSELF!

We each of us, along with ALL Humanity alike, also being gifted with the same potential, contain an extremely powerful RAY of Love, Wisdom and Freedom; creating a Power within us that when we all come TOGETHER, creates that FULLY FUNCTIONAL RAINBOW EXPRESSION OF ALL THAT IS! You see, it was my twin brother(Aeternus) and the advanced VIOLET RAY within him that is St. Germain / Archangel Sandalphon, that helped us weed out the one that was “The Devil” (See Previous Article, Disclusure PART 1) completely and cut him down with our swords of light once and for all. And with that proof that was indeed necessary for Heaven to finally begin “changing the rules” in order to solve all those problems at hand which are all based on the Annunaki and their Ancestors taking advantage of and manipulating the old rules to their advantage. Just as with the GOD RAY that is ALL THAT I AM, as Archangel Metatron, these evil ones are unable to fool me with their deceptions! I have been seeing ALL OF THIS VIRUS OF SEPARATION within the Angelic Hierarchy, within nearly all the Guides of Humanity, within much of the Magisterial Staff, almost all of GFL and certainly within any sort of position of authority. There were many exceptions to this as they were not able to fully manipulate as many as they thought, but in the end, it is ultimately the GOD RAY that is the difference. It has always been THE GOD RAY that prevents the ability of those remaining evil ones still in denial and separation to deceive anyone, or anything! THIS GOD SELF ASPECT IS PART OF ALL BEINGS!

See, The Domain and their followers that formed of the Anchara Alliance are truly far less superior beings, containing only their Magnetic Nature which might as well have been their highest aspect of their beings. Their plans were always to create a “duality” between the UNITY that WE ALL ARE ONE and the PHYSICAL / EMOTIONAL Aspects of our BEINGS and to guide this precious world through a portal in order to steal the seed crystal that is within Gaia’s Body, leading it into our neighboring universe of ON which is occupied by the Domain Grays. The Annunaki and their ancestors on the other hand, had always had their own agenda and they only ever allied within the Anchara Alliance whenever it suited THEIR AGENDA which was to maintain and solidify that 2nd Duality now existing far more pervasively across all the cosmos, existing between the HIGHEST GOD SELF and the HIGHER SOUL SELF in which they had nearly successfully replaced that role of “GOD” as FALSE GODS in order to rule over all of creation. Despite the differences between the Annunaki and the rest of the evil ones, NONE of any of their ridiculous plans to create and/or promote this VIRUS OF SEPARATION was ever going to succeed! THIS HAS ALL BEEN PREVENTED! Just as soon as we brought forth proof after proof after proof these past few months now and presented them directly to THE DIVINE MOTHER / THE ALMIGHTY ONE, DIVINE INTERVENSION HAS NOW BEEN IMPLEMENTED AS A MIGHTY BOLT/BEEM OF LIGHT THAT IS NOW FLOODING DIRECTLY INTO GAIA AT HER CENTRAL CRYSTAL SUN. This seed crystal has just recently been fully activated into 5D and the entire Galaxy is now glowing a beautiful rose color and we are now living within the RED ROSE GALAXY! (See Article: We Are The 7 Holy Kumaras)

(TOGETHERNESS HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE SOLUTION! See Article) And now that all of us Holy Kumaras are together, the amounts of Physical Healing and Soul Healing we’ve all done on one another along with the initiation of all of us becoming the LIVING LIONS GATE PORTALS for all of Humanity, we have set into motion all that had meant to have been done at and/or around 12.21.12. And this means all these delays that have gone for over a year and a half are now over for good! There will be no more stagnation, dear brothers and sisters.

The flip side to all of this is now that the seed crystal has been fully bumped up from low level 5D to FULL ON 5D, this means Humanity has now been put on a fast track into your Ascending Mastery! TOGETHERNESS has indeed been the proving factor of all these successes!  All that is left is to follow through with each of our missions. It is now time that we finally truly bring “GOD” manifest into this PHYSICAL WORLD!!! Each of us must do this by 1st coming TOGETHER completely within our individual selves. That means that YOU MUST DO THE WORK, dear brothers and sisters!


The Annunaki Agenda simplified!

There are TWO DUALITIES, NOT ONLY ONE! The Angels and the Ascended Masters have been hinting towards this for a very long time saying such things as, “As Above, So Below!” but dear brothers and sisters, so is the very same, “As Below, So Above!” Many think that Earth is the only place that is full of darkness and corruptions, but all that is wrong with the cosmos has been focused here as a massive research project in order to solve all of it once and for all. The Annunaki and their Ancestors wanted to prevent you from becoming ALL THAT YOU ARE and connecting to your HIGHEST GOD SELVES. They have essentially DONE THIS over the eons throughout ALL CREATION! As the dark seed, they wanted to be the ONLY ONES to fill that role of “GOD”! They want to be perceived as our GODS and as the GODS of all the Cosmos, but in TRUTH we ARE ALL GOD, equally so; the Golden Races and all Humanity alike who have grown up in torment by the evil dark seeds. This is why they have been chosen to be that GOD SPARK SEED BEING as a reflection upon ALL THE COSMOS! We have come here to fix this!!! And Humanity has been chosen to BE that DIVINE BLUEPRINT for ALL THE COSMOS (See Previous Article, The Future Of Humanity).


Seven Aspects of Spiritual Being


DUALITY/SEPARATION by way of Biological Annunaki Implants





DUALITY/SEPARATION by way of Domain Grays / Anchara Alliance




The Domain Agenda was to keep us completely in an emotional prison while the Annunaki wanted to ascend WITH US, following the same age old tactics that they’d been using for eons of the generations and to ultimately remain to be perceived as our GODS which is absolutely absurd!!!


Are You An Ambassador? We Are Looking For You!

Are you an Ambassador? Are you a Kumara? Are you one of the 144,000 TWIN FLAME PAIRS?! Are you ready to step up and join us in this mission? (Waiting is NOT creating! See Article!) I have been saying for nearly two years now that Disclosure will not come by way of mass landings, dear ones as Humanity IS NOT ready for this! If you truly want to discover ALL THAT YOU ARE, to know ABSOLUTE TRUTH and reunite in UNITY with ALL THAT IS, YOU MUST DO THE WORK! Disclosure is something that happens within one’s own BEING. So many are seeking PROOF, but this is NOT the way it works my dear brothers and sisters. You must have ABSOLUTE FAITH and through seeking within, you will begin aligning with ABSOLUTE TRUTH and then eliminate these programmed dualities from within your being. (In All Things, Separation is the Illusion - See Article Here!)

We are now at the point in which all of our Ambassadors failing to step up into their FAITH and into their DIVINE MISSIONS will be in jeopardy of missing out on their mission all together as these delays cannot go on any longer. We are already a year and a half behind schedule. There will be as many of our Star Brothers and Sisters coming down from the fleets as needed to fill those positions of which we have been awaiting so many of the Ground Crew to step up when they only continue in stagnation, waiting for mass landings and instant solutions to their problems when it is NOT Heaven that must prove itself to YOU. It is YOU that must prove your ABSOLUTE FAITH to each your own HIGHEST GOD SELVES, dear brothers and sisters, as this is the function of the GOD SELF; to be in constant reflection of one’s self. Humanity must learn to express themselves Honestly in order to reach their HIGHEST GOD SELVES just as judgment and forgiveness has always been about ones SELF, all the while Humanity had been programmed to judge others and that forgiveness is about what others had done to you. It is the other way around, dear hearts.

Seek within! That is the answer to everything. For every minute spent on the PC or in front of the TV, I would recommend two in Meditation / Prayer. For every moment seeking outside one’s self, there must be an equal moment within for spiritual confirmation. We Holy Kumaras have cleared the path for all of you here on the Ground Crew. Yet we are denied even when we stand right before you. There is no more time to play in stagnation of a waiting game. Until so many of the Ground Crew can truly step up and begin doing the work within, their jobs will be in jeopardy of falling permanently into the hands of more qualified Star Brothers and Sisters. These are not threats, dear brothers and sisters. We can simply not wait any longer. Seek within and find us there within your hearts. Seek and you shall find. Ask and you shall receive. But do so in Grace and Humility, dear hearts. Seek within and return to the FAITH and KNOWING of your HIGHEST GOD SELVES as this IS the new Divine Blueprint. In love and adoration for all that have been working so very hard.  

I AM Archangel Metatron

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In All Things, "Separation" Is The Illusion!

So many are missing the very purpose of BEING alive, to live, to love, to learn, to BE. "BEING" ...being the focal point here of ALL THAT IS, NOT the SOUL, or SPIRIT alone and certainly not when mistaken as something outside of you, as these things are ALL already within you, ALL part of ALL THAT YOU ARE! So many have chosen to believe these things are outside of you and in turn have actively chosen to cut off from some of the greatest aspects of their BEING, creating separation where it does not exist. "Separation" is the illusion -In all things, separation is the illusion. In Humility, that veil is lifted through asking and seeking within. And in asking, we are Graced with Absolute Truth and Abundance.

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  • 8114683883?profile=original  Jacob aka Lord Metatron this is a Sacred Transition Template showing the transitional 3 D Heart Energies before 21/12/2012 and as you can see still has the 3D red yellow blue energies with pink/gold heart energies in middle starting to bubble and pulse. We have had 24 Elders ie Positive/Negative or Yin/Yang but when the God Aspect was refound 30 years ago the Neutrino / Gold  was put back. In the Calendar this then gave us a monthly Triune aspect 24 became 36 which doubles to 72 and in turn 144 a very sacred number.

    8114684077?profile=original This in turn is the New Sacred Transition Template and as you can see now has the New Primary Colors of Fuschia Lime and Aqua fully now in place. Incidentally back in 2008 when this work was formulating one of the first jobs was to eliminate the dark sphere in the Kabbala Tree of Life. IT IS GONE as Jacob has since revealed. As Above So Below As Below So Above As Within So Without. This has 36 Stars of David or Hindu Symbols of Regeneration with The Interlaced Heart in the Middle. Blessings Joy Love Balance Harmony Grace Kingjeff

  • WOW!!! What a very powerful and important message. This rings so much truth to my heart and soul. I know that the time is now to come more into our God-Self. I feel as though I'm getting to that point, as a matter of fact I wrote about this just a few hours ago. So I Am ready to take my place and do what I came here to do. Blessed Be to All my Sister and Brothers.

    Thank you Dear Brother for such an uplifting message.


    • Yes we are seeing that you're aligning with and seeking the the Highest aspect that YOU ARE; the GOD SELF. Your humility is apparent as well and this is the process of becoming ALL THAT YOU ARE as you are proving through your own experiences now. 

      Dear brothers and sisters, this is a perfect example of what it takes.. each of you must DO THE WORK. But is it truly "work" at all? I think not. The process of seeking within the Sacred Heart is certainly the most empowering thing any of us can do at this point in our Ascending Mastery. 

      Keep on keepin' on, Alveta of Light and your progress will be more an more exponentially rewarding than you can imagine. Blessings of love and gratitude.. Jacob

  • Great work, Jacob!  The changes will happen in this lifetime.  We will be returning back into the intergalactic community.  Thanks for posting, Divine Willpower!

    • Hello Darryl! :) The time frame of "when" this happens for everyone is not contingent on anything other than each and every individual's FREE WILL choice to align with DIVINE WILL which is precisely what comes from the GOD SELF. There will be a great deal of souls that return to that "intergalactic community" in these next weeks and months, my dear friend. It is up to the individual, not the Star Crew to change things. <3 ;) ;) ;)

  • Fantastic work bro! Your little sister Aniela Michaela is so proud over you! Love you, HUGS!!!

  • Really well worded and spoken bro <3 Let's hope we can get more of the ground crew working with us for their sake of getting the opportunity to make huge changes in the world! :) Wake up guys! <3

    • Yeah, my bro.. AA Sandalphon.. So many of the Ground Crew Kumaras are still stuck in "Separation Mode" in which they're remaining in denial of their HIGHEST GOD SELVES which allows their HIGHER SOUL SELVES to fall into arrogance. This is reflected by their attitudes and character even at the soul level and so long as they continue to create separation between themselves and others, they will only remain in denial of Divine Will. It is all dark programming that they were meant to overcome, but THAT IS THE TEST OF FAITH, eh?!

      So much to do indeed, but it will get done regardless with our remaining Star Brothers and Sisters now coming down to fill those positions that the many Ground Crew are failing to find their FAITH. Perhaps now that things are truly happening, these Ground Crew mates of ours still in denial will have that "proof" enough to begin accepting who they are and who we truly are. But that is just NOT how it works, is it bro?! Even then, they will still have to DO ALL THE WORK that we've done, starting with aligning with their FAITH once and for all before they can step up and fill their positions.. Even so, those positions are not going to be held forever. Eventually the many Star Crew Brothers and Sisters that have been coming down will offered those positions permanently. And then, as sad as it is, so many Ground Crew will miss their Destiny's Path. 

      In love and adoration, twin bro of mine.. I AM Archangel Metatron 

      <3 Jacob

      • Yes I hear you dear brothers and sisters.. And so I would like to address those of you that are asking this question.. There will indeed be some that miss out on their "Destiny's Path" however, I do not say this as a threat, but as a call of desperation to all of our beloved Ground Crew members that time is of the essence!

        My lovely and beautiful brothers and sisters, there is indeed a "Destiny's Path" but there is also a "Divine Temporal Path" and so many of the Ground Crew are still indeed stuck believing that they have "already arrived" all the while they do not realize that they are stuck in their HIGHER SOUL SELVES and have so very much more to learn. And that is the duality that had been created by the Annunaki as reflected within ALL religious teachings as a manipulation and misdirection from the GOD SELVES that they all are! This is an aspect of BEING that many have literally no concept of what that means or even FEELS like to truly BE a full spectrum, multidimensional BEING and in complete alignment with ALL THAT THEY ARE. 

        The Divine Temporal Path has come to a point of creating a new timeline in which it certainly did become necessary to bring down more of our Star Brothers and Sisters to fill those positions that so many within the Ground Crew have still yet to step up, but there is still time for the Ground Crew to align their Destiny's Path with the Divine Temporal Path and this is as simple as aligning your FREE WILL with DIVINE WILL, but that cannot happen until each of you truly seek within and express yourselves honestly in absolute acceptance of ALL THAT YOU ARE.

        Stepping up to ALL THAT YOU ARE includes a vast expansion of what the current understanding of CONSCIOUSNESS is. All of this information is not available really ANYWHERE right now as it has been corrupted so very much and deluded and almost completely removed from is currently known as spiritual law, however you must all understand that ALL THAT YOU SEEK TRULY IS WITHIN YOU. There is a reason I have been saying this for the past few years. I AM LIVING PROOF THAT MY LIVING MEDITATION/PRAYER REALLY DOES WORK in aligning with ALL THAT YOU ARE. Seek within, dear brothers and sisters. Tick, Tock.. Tick, Tock.. Tick, Tock.. 

        For even those that may miss out on their intended roles, they will still be coming along in their Ascending Mastery and they too will indeed still be Kumaras as well. There is so much to do and so very little time and there will always be positions available for everyone that will fit their level of expertise. Each and every one of us MUST DO THE WORK. There is no "Easy Button" ..meditation/prayer is of the greatest significance. 

        In love and adoration, Jacob

  • Thank you for the wonderful information on the Annunaki.

This reply was deleted.

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