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Thank You from Ben-Arion*

I want to thank all members for this quick transition to the "new" ashtar command website.
I must say it has been alot of fun, even if I was surprised at first. New and fresh energy is
coming in, and ofcourse some will not agree with that, but this is totally individual,
Quality is better than quantity, thats the new energy of Ashtar Command, We were 4500+ members and now we are about 1100, so if you havent invited your friends, do that here.

The path to self realization is unique for us all and if we can see that and share that
on Ashtar Command, we have come far in our Learning.
Negativity will always be a part of this world/Dimension, it cant just be removed - and we have to realize who we are, the core of our self and understand that no One can remove "Peace" from you.

People are negative because they dont know any better, and its a great cleansing in Feelings, the energy Is Hightened, Stronger Light is being channeled into this World.
People have to release their pain and Stress. And it may result in Deep fear, negativity and
depression. So dont JUDGE them, love them.

You are Peace, we share on Ashtar Command because we Love that, not to
be the best teacher and give eachother Advices how to change. Instead giving eachother support where
we are at the moment and allowing that. Yes, it may come people to the website that not know who they are
and they seek outer evidence. And they will not FIND any EVIDENCE whatsoever, because Awakening is about
understanding that "WE CREATE REALITY" as we go. REALITY is not fixed and limited. What you know now
is the only thing you have to know. All else will be given to you, when you are ready.
I embrace all negativity with love and wish them A good Journey to Self awareness.

We are IMAGINATION, I cant say this to many times, There are no REAL answers in creation, the world
you see today will be gone in one million years, but love will continue to MOVE US. Wherever we are.
So dont get caught up in PERSONAL DRAMA, it will dissapear. You will eventually reach a point when you
just Detach yourself from Drama, you will not even notice it anymore. Instead you will just forgive.
You chosse your thoughts, no one else.

People have their way of communication, people say alot but Do little practice,
When you begin meditating you will get to know your feelings. And you will be able to communicate
with others in a better way.
Some people have a difficult time to communicate, i have seen that in the chat...
So the Chat may be closed from time to time, because the Focus will be on The Great library of
Light Ashtar Command offers. You can always email each other.

We have come to a point where we have to BE the LOVE intead of reading books and channelings, but they are great tools
to make us remember who we are. My fist Book that maked me remember was "Conversations with God". I was about 14 years old.
When I began to remember why I was here.

Yes, CALL ME A REBELL OR A WARRIOR, because i AM THAT. Im here to BE LOVE.
Not in any particular way, just being ME, simple and clear in my communication.

As you have noticed, the new WWW address is
& will hopefully be working soon.

Lion Of Light
Ashtar Command

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Dearest Ben,


Please read the message from A.A.Michael, it is so beautiful and ful of Hope..
Tomorrow it begins...7 weeks long~~~

Thanks 100 for your Power and Love to All
I'm grateful for my Power in 2009

Much Love
Count me in.

~ We are in This Together~

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Dear Commander,
I fully realise what you say, but some 4 Billion Earthlings have no knowledge about computers yet, they still live
between the first and second Dimension,many without access to basic needs such as clean water, eatable food
and electricity, where I am, it is not so long ago, that Politicians dumped computers in boxes to hill-tribe people
and they did not even have the electricity to power them, nor the knowledge how to use them! after years the computers
ended up in a recycling company owned by the very people that had them dumped!! I can give many more examples!!
Planet Earth is in dire need of Intergalactic Council Intervention!!
With sincere respect
Thank you Ben-Arion - gentle but strong - as always.

Love i love this post
Starting over is always a good thing. Those who should be here will find us waiting for them! Sending UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, tolerance and peace to all!
Thank you so much for your beautiful words. Magical times are happening right now and I enjoy it. I feel my love inside and I spread it out. Planet earth is so great. I am lucky that my contract, to be a part of this planet, has became real. I feel the higher energy from this side also. Lets make a lot of fun and light up the darker place where ever we can.

Love and light,

The reason why I keep coming back here is the same reason why i feel comfortable at this place...
Some people here are friends for life, some feel like family, some i only meet here once or twice and then each goes his/her way. And some I don't even met her.
It doens't matter.
As you say yourself, Ben, we all have our own unique path to follow.

Blessings :-)
I am also a Rebel and a warrior, non-conformist, but true and honest as all should be.
We are the wayshowers and cannot be stopped.
Bless you Ben for your consistant effort and peaceful nature.
May all mankind know the Love we know. May they share in the fullness of life in this dimension, with true peace and happiness in their hearts.
I am certain that day will come. Cosmic events are unfolding as pre-cursors to the coming of the new age of man.
Hold strong for the time of our final destiny is very near.
Thank you God for allowing us to be present here at this time.
Joy, peace and harmony for all men and women is literally around the corner.
Light and Love
Dear Ben,
So glad ashtar command is back.
love is everything ,
Thanks, good friend, for the uplifting remarks. Today, the energy of the world is in fear and so am I - off and on. I don't stay there, but I surely feel it. It seems that the light is bringing up all the creepy stuff we all carry in the shadows of our mind - somewhere in the cobwebs there is some more old stuff waiting to be cast out. Not fun. Who really likes to houseclean old attics?? Mine's pretty dusty!!

Fortunately for all of us the vibration of Love is strong and getting stronger - it takes a lot of love to keep us alive - I mean truly alive, not the usual half-life we see so often around us in some people. Staying focused on love is what I attempt every day - I'm beginnning to think that the "stuff" and the drama of this reality base is the very challenge I came here to face - learning forgiveness and compassion is challenging me to the very core every day.

Thank you again for reminding me that I'm where I belong, doing what I need to do and it's all okay.

Blessings, Deborah B



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