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I am an artist/painter of oils,acryllics, water colors and prisma pencil. I am a vegetarian, as I believe firmly that All life forms deserve the same right to life that humans do. On a Soulic level, I am a Pleiadian from a peaceful world near the star Merope, in the Pleiades. It is my intent to help others awaken to who they really are, and to help this collective consciousness move out of fear and into a Love frequency.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

There have been many teachers on and off this world, but will name a few: P'taah, Leonardo da Vinci, Archangel Ariel, Adama, Master Mary Magdalene, Jeshua Ben Joseph (the Christ), My Guides, Ashraya Tumet, Soltec.

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  • Greetings Victoria ~ Thanks for acception my friendship :)  It looks like you have done some beautiful Artwork :)

    It's lovely!



    Take care and feel good :) 

  • Happy Birthday
  • Hello dear sista,thanks for your loving message,wish you also love and light!
  • Enjoy and embrace your weekend my dear friend!
  • Thanks for the message! Hugs.
  • Thank u very much dear Victoria, that's my honor to meet u. You may ask me
    whatever u like about my country, if u wanna come to my country never hesitate about that. I can help u as I know.

    Be in Love and Lights

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  • Jij ook een geweldig weekend! met licht en liefde Nathaly

  • Hello Victoria great to meet you Your paint is the most beautiful Pleiades St ar Cluster I've ever seen :) very alive...
    I guess meaning of Meisha is ''alive'' isnt it? Unfortunately I haven't seen the movie yet I couldn't go because of my job more :( but I will go soon if I find time...
    The light within me honors the light within you
    Love and Blessings
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Victoria Munson-Engelkes posted a video
Wonderfull how such a unknown, shy person can sing so wonderfull that it makes you cry.Let us believe in ourselves, and our possibilities !!Thank You, Paul !
Nov 2, 2020
Victoria Munson-Engelkes left a comment for Delilah7777
"Hi Delilah!
Nice to have you as a Friend, and joining the ever-increasing Family of Light!
Wishing you Love and Joy on Valentine's Day,
Feb 14, 2011
Victoria Munson-Engelkes commented on Þotu Stjarna's video
"Beautiful video clip...... he is definately a shining Soul."
Nov 16, 2010
Victoria Munson-Engelkes commented on Paula's blog post BREAKING NEWS ALERT - Strange troop movements, and the Rich Leaving America in Mass!
". Comment by Victoria Munson-Engelkes just now Delete Comment Comment by Victoria Munson-Engelkes just now Delete Comment Be careful with this kind of broadcasting......The US Government has planned to create a FAKE ALLIEN INVASION in allignment…"
Nov 6, 2010

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"What? some trees grow in 3 years! Fossil fuel develope for billions of years, and humans are exhausting them in centuries!"
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