Hey everybody, I got a question. If you knew you were an old soul starseed with your last reincarnation here on earth and you feel your life's mission is complete, would you kill yourself? Is it wrong to want to leave the earth before your vessel expires knowing that you don't have any purpose? Also, does having a last reincarnation here on earth mean you will be reincarnated into the higher light dimensions or just reincarnating into another 3d planet? I would like to know the truth cause I really can't take this crap anymore. I feel like an old lady, i'm burnt out already and i'm only 25 years old. Any knowledge you can share would be greatly appreciated :-). Love and Light to everyone!

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  • Dear friend,

    I am really old and sometimes I had been thinking of own "termination" because of hard and ardous life.So,I put the target in front of me - 21.12.12.And managed to survive...Later the great disappontment,and now what? I decided I will continue just for   me myself. And, if my heart would break it wasnt suicide.Think that way - it helps.

  • Two points some of the replies I have read have brought up:

    First, if this entry is old or out of date or not for a valid member etc. Ask yourself in that case why are you here reading it. There you will find the meaning of this event. Remember there is no such thing as a coincidence and no such thing as a meaningless event or "accident". These are incorrect and illogical concepts.

    Ponder this when you consider what the meaning is of your interaction with this post.

    Secondly I read a lot of people talking about "should do" and a sense of obligation for not leaving. There is NO obligation except what your own higher self deems. I would like to invite people to recognise the baggage of the religious guilt around suicide, and draw your attention once more to Teal's video. There is no time, there is no death. Suicide is simply overtly choosing the moment of crossing over, as opposed to waiting for it. it is not a crime or against nature.

    We all choose the time of our own passing, does anyone disagree with me on that? Therefore all death is suicide in a way, and it is most disrespectful to refer to that choice as something wrong or against nature.

    The challenge is to extend love and acceptance to all creatures and that includes your enemies, it includes Reptilians and Sirians, and it includes those who choose any journey, however hard it is for you to imagine being in their shoes.

    Love and peace to all my friends and enemies in this time of war.

    • sigh, no we do not choose the time of our passing,  also to say that every coincidence is planned IS illogical, not the other way around.

      • I won't get drawn into this, but suffice it simply to reiterate what I actually said which is that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Logic has nothing to do with it. If you see a "coincidence", that's because you are unable to see the essential meaning in the events you are viewing. That's not to criticise you. I, or anyone else cannot see all the meaning of everything.

        When you precede your comment with "sigh" you are assuming yourself to be the teacher here. I have to tell you as politely as I can that there is no teacher who cannot learn and no student who cannot teach. So reminds you this student.

  • Who cares whether it's yr last incarnation, what are u doing focusing just on that one thing... why don't u live the life u really want then, why wait till now..xxx
  • apparently you are knew and new at this, 

    imagine a wise old tree who has done everything from seed to growth to making seed, it's at the end of it's life

    and it wants to consider death. Death comes and death says: you are done wise elder, do you really wish to die?

    Eldertree: Yes, I am old, tired, have nothing left to give and I believe my spiritual path is done. I am at last nothing.

    Death: I would gladly end your suffering for it is my job, but did you consider the younger saplings you could impart 

    loving wisdom to? What of the kind soul who has no home to live under but that of the love of a wise elder tree. What of 


    the rich nutrients you provide to Great Mother Earth and energy to Eternal Father Universe?

    A slight happiness encumbers our tree friend: Your point is?

    Death: The great rivers pass by without care and recognition and purpose. They simply flow loving the fishes and spirits

    and trees they nurture. Also when there journey is "done", they become part of the greater ocean only to become part

    of the greater rivers.

    Tree: Point!

    Death: Point is life goes on. The oceans are always there because they will always be needed.We exist to heal

    and shine light in the dark to lost souls like lighthouses to sailors and ships. Even when there are no more sailing ships, 

    we must remain vigilant so that some impulsive, young sailor will always be safe because lighthouse lightworkers are there. 

    "Wise" tree: I wish to live for I have purpose again.

    death: you always have purpose. you are unchanging.! I am leaving now, I have a world to cleanse. See you soon.

    At that parting Death left, Eldertree lived on for eons till by the will of GreatThunderSpirit that he finally rested.

    The Beginning.

  • So long as you live, you effect others just by being here, so if you are in the positive, the job does not end until the fat lady sings. Hang in there, I wanted to hang it up when young, but the game goes on and I am in my twilight years according to the young, it's all attitude.
  • Well, there is no one truth. There are many truths, like cells in a body, that make a whole. 

    First of all, the way you expressed yourself sounds like you believe that once the 21st of Dec passed, that your mission is done here. Well, from what I personally know, your job actually just started, really started. The Shift itself will last years from now, and this is only the beginning. It doesn't just happen swiftly and that's it, all is well. We are talking about the changing of a reality, not for one person, but for an entire global collective. This is hard work and patience. By killing yourself, you would be cutting your mission short. Also, this spiritual mission isn't like some job you would get on Earth: ''I got here, did my job and now I'm out of here since I'm done''. No, it isn't like that at all. To help the planet you must become the shift yourself. Show by example. And when you truly have reached the peaks of your Ascention, you wouldn't even waste a flash thought on killing yourself, much less consider it as an option.

    Also, just because you may be a Starseed, that doesn't make you above all others who aren't. It doesn't make it alright for you to kill yourself and not suffer some consequences as a result of that, like all other people would. Starseeds are no more special than a human. We all have our own paths, our own potential, our own abilities, and if awakened, we all behold great spiritual abilities and power, no matter if we are human or starseeds. Being a starseed doesn't exempt you from sufferying consequences that result from hasty, silly decisions. Sorry if I sounded a bit stern, didn't mean to. :D

    The shift is still happening, so, if you are here to help with it, then, become the shift, the beacon of light that people will see, learn from and follow if they choose so. And to become just that, it will take years of hard work.


  • Hi Mat Baron, i belive that it you commit suicide before you have "finished the game" you simply will have to start over, even if your spirit is something immortal does not mean that you should not appreciate this life you have been given in flesh.
    Life is a beautiful gift it is tough many times but without these lessons you would not grow in spirit, there is a reason why you asked to encarnate in this plane and i belive that throwing the towel is not a way out.
    You are not alone in feelin tired and wanting to give up on this world but we are the change and i belive you have much more strenght and will in you than you choose to belive!

    The goal is not to reincarnate in another 3d world but to finish this race as winners and move on to another dimension another reality so that we can finally keep evolving and not get stuck in this limbo.

    I know you will take the right desision in all for the answer is already inside of you <3 Keep your head up dear.

    Bless your eyes and may your dreams come true.

    Love & Ligth <3

  • I totally relate to this. I feel the same a lot of the time. I spend as much time sleeping as I possibly can. I would ask you, are you absolutely SURE that your mission is complete? One of the things that keeps me going, is the thought that I have nothing to lose. I'm done. In the words of Ghost Dog: "I've seen all I need to see." But with this comes great power, and fearlessness that few have. As it is written in Hagakure (also quoted in Ghost Dog): A samurai must see himself as already dead. I recommend you watch Ghost Dog, and I also recommend you watch this video of Teal's. Please PM me or just meet me on 4th. Note my name is pronounced Ar-yan. If you want to talk more about being in this position, and perhaps we can compare, and maybe give each other strength to continue working on 3rd a little longer. Something unique may even come of it. Of course, there are no coincidences. Consider this too, and consider that you are still here, and would not be thinking about this decision if your higher self wanted you to leave. What your higher self wants is for you to think about it, which you are doing. It is a very important time for seeking out perspective. Remember that if you have decided to leave, you are empowered now to do amazing things before you go. No laws can bind you, no consequences threaten you. If only everyone could see this! In the process of doing those powerful things, you may find yourself in a position that makes everything worthwhile and makes you grateful that you stayed. I would add one final thought. You can change your mind anytime if you decide to stay, but you cannot change your mind if you have left. Make sure you have painted every last bit of timber before you launch the boat. Complete everything. Then you will not need to ask this question any more.

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