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I have said a lot above. I have had lucid dreams all my adult life and predicted my own future many times. I am aware of at least two past lives (if past is the right word), both of which emerged because of memories of how I died which was traumatic in both cases. I have had precognition all my life, to the extent that I now often come into circumstances with almost a shrug and a nod of "aha, yep, here we are." Not showing off or complacent, in fact I do not tell people about this ability, or if I do I limit it to precognitive dreams, so as to let them into the water at the shallow end, so to speak. Some of my supernatural experiences are simply unbelievable if I tell them so I prefer not to. But they have helped me see the essential illusion of time, and knowing the future has made otherwise difficult decisions thankfully easy for me.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Well, I have watched a lot on the internet to help me, mainly Pleiadians such as Alaje. I have watched some of David Icke's teachings just for their historical content, though I agree with others that he is polarised as a lightsider, so IO use him for information only. Obviously Matrix V and Val Valerian's writings inspired me to find out more, though I am a slow reader, having a very short attention span. Incidentally, as a dog born at night, I am mainly nocturnal, a guardian of those who sleep. How appropriate! So many are asleep. I activated my starseed a few months ago and things have been snowballing for me since then. prior to that I spent many many nights using Monroe's binaural audio tracks to enhance my sleeping activity. I think that was one of the best tools. Teal (the spiritual catalyst dot com) is a great teacher and a very advanced being. I am inspired in science also by Amit Goswami and John Hagelin. Among humans of this era, I am inspired by the anonymous Tank Man. I learned my Sirian name Arjan (Ar-yan) very recently through a rote given me on 4th density.

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  • Your presence is much needed on this site brother. Try to stay out of the petty dramas. Many people are still processing their beliefs and disciplining their ego mind.

    I read about your adventures, and I wish to extend to you a warm welcome. It's is amazing to me how some people can have their awakening happen in a span of weeks.

    While others spend their whole life and still don't experience nearly as much as those who have a crash course awakening. Welcome and I hope to see you around. Most of the front page topics here are tosh, but there are some very nice groups and less popular topics, which have more substance in them ;)

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