May 9

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I am 56,teacher,graduated from The University.I have been lioving for some time up to now in Spain.I was very happy there but out of the blue my brother forced me to be back to Poland and now I am there,in the land of ultra-unfriendly catholics with grey/chem-trailed skies above/- unhappy.I am interested all about spirytual mateers,my development and travels -far beyond everything..

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

First were books,later shamans,lamas and...internet channellings.

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  • It's a Blessing to be friends here... Thank you...

  • Hari Om!

    You are welcome.

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  • Hari Om! Myself too glad to be your friend.

  • Hello Dechen. Thank You for being my Friend.

    The Force is always with you.

    Love n Light :)


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dechen posted a discussion
tahnk you einstain.I did what you advised,changed my address in settings,and ..never got the link with verification the address..
Oct 18, 2014
dechen posted a discussion
 I had to close my old address and open the new one.The old one doesn't exist and I cannot get messages from here and be in touch with my friends.I tried hard to do it in my profile,but never got a verification link.With the other pages where I have…
Oct 16, 2014
dechen commented on amparo alvarez's blog post Archangel Michael: BECOMING A SOUL- INFUSED PERSONALITY
"Thank you Goldenmind.It is the last piece of information I neded to put up the puzzle.I am grateful for this."
Oct 1, 2014
dechen posted a blog post
  A man died.His dog died too.At the moment a man soul together with a dog soul reached the doors with the inscription on : " Paradise.Dogs not allowed."The man passed the doors and went on and on , to the void. After some time, he saw the other…
Sep 8, 2014

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"Yes rich, you are akin to a nursery toddler, placed among erudite students at a university....Out of your depth, to be sure...."
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"I never use air conditioning in my home, which was so well built and designed, by Victorian architects, builders and workmen, that in summer, it's cool and very nice to live in...In winter, I do need the gas central heating and electricity, to keep…"
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"Hi Drekx! Your right I'm the most childish member on this site and my age is zero and so far I've enjoyed our conversations based on silence together goodbye my unfriend."
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"I mean Greta Thunberg actually OUT lol Doing something, to try and stop the pollution lol The environmental destruction, she's putting herself out there lol And what are YOU doing, jack diddly SQUAT lol That's wtf you doing lol

She's out, putting…"
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"You couldn't ESCAPE the heat lol This summer, and if you actually got out of your air conditioned houses and went outside lol You'd feel that.

I mean you can literally feel it, yet ppl, ohhh it's a myth lol Global warming is a myth lol We can…"
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"Yea shame on you, and your mom lol Your MOM mfers, and tell her I'll see her tonight lol And get my pancakes ready lol

I mean is the fact we've had like the hottest summer on record lol All over the world, records were broken lol In 2023, I mean is…"
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"AINT THAT RIGHT, you 2 IQ mfers lol You FOX News mfers lol Parrot them FOX News points lol

No courage to face the truth lol No courage to change, even like going electric lol No courage to improve. Do the same shit every frickin day, while taking…"
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