You have to be a right idiot a zombie if you think animals have no right to live

You have to be a right idiot a zombie if you eat flesh

change your ways or get lost from planet earth ...simply SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT 

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  • Hello! If we used cloning technology to clone meat from animals without killing them than both sides of the argument would be satisfied with the results.Just as doing something electronically or paperless would save rainforests from being clearcut in order to use that paper and the prophet Rael mentioned in one of his speeches that he is against using paper for toilet paper.I wholeheartedly agree that a substitute needs to be found to save what is left of the natural world namely green forests and rainforests anyway say yes to cloned meat and no to killing animals for that meat it is the only humane way we can deal with this issue that being said goodbye!
    • How about the population of cows, goats etc. If we don't kill them, where will we take them?

      Why is it difficult to accept that, as in all the predators, the role of human predator is to naturally keep the population of some animals in check? Why are we trying to understand a human being differently from a lion, a chicken or a snake in this matter?
  • Lol! And you didn't realize that these people saying '...livestock farming produces greenhouse gases and contributes to global warming....' are tacitly suggesting that we kill all livestock animals to save the planet? Do you seriously think that it is human eating meat that makes cows shit cowdungs? This argument is moot! If animals polutes environment, then eating the animals is a good thing as it reduces their population, just like predation does it in general. How hilarious it is for the 'vegetarians' to turn this argument on the heads of 'meat eaters'!!
    • Check out Ahimsa Milk …were cows are loved till the day they leave their body ..chanting and Kirtan music / songs are played to them …happy cows give good energy and vibes milk.
      They leave their bodies in peace ..slaughter free
    • What the 'vegetarians' are arguing is that if we stop eating cows, then cowdungs will reduce, hence greenhouse emissions will reduce! What an upside down understanding of ecosystem!! The cowdungs will only reduce, if alongside shunning meat, we also gun down the livestock and leave them to rot. The 'environmentalist' are actually saying that eating livestock as in natural food chain, is not enough because it does not kill them at a sufficiently faster rate! We need to kill more animals than meet eating does, so they say!!

      Then vegetarianism is stupid enough to take this as an argument for 'the rights of animals to live'!!!😆
      • KK's lack of logical thinking and basic knowledge is most noteworthy. I don't know what education he received, but it's not working very Then combine that with a fanatical zeal and it presents a most discordent energy...Indeed, he assumes the role of mouthpiece for the elite WEF agenda, of human depopulation...He does not even realise this...His hatred for meat eaters has blinded him, to glamours and illusions...

        And he continually conflates meat eaters with drug addicts, alcoholics and smokers....
        Albeit, meat eating is his slightly bigger "sin."

        He truly gives a bad name to moderate vegans and vegetarians, who seek that lifestyle, yet do not judge others....

        I'm for choice, not hatred........WAKE UP KALKI.......!!

        And next time I visit the pub with my family I'll make a point of enjoying a juicy steak with a pint of lager....Well, before these lunatics ban it all....
        • KK was an ACC champion when the prevailing dogma was that 'spiritual pple should not think', or 'should not use logics'. That time, he had managed to attract a clique of fools! If you kept pressing on a statement, regardless of how absurd it is, or how much it is criticized, then you looked like an hero from the point of view of the clique! But gone are those days!! ACC is now full of reasonable pple!😆
          • Zimra jountro zau...!! " Sirian for "reciprocated sentiments, stalwart spirit."
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