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Sacred Circuitry (BASHAR)...The symbols have their origin from Sirians...HIGHLY RECOMMEND....5*****

Who is Bashar?

Bashar is a being of extraterrestrial origin (Essassani race), a friend from the future who has spoken for the past 26 years through channel, Darryl Anka, bringing through a wave of new information that clearly explains in detail how the universe works and how each person creates the reality they experience. Over the years, thousands of individuals have had the opportunity to apply these principles and see if they really work to change their lives and create the reality that they desire.

Overwhelmingly the response we receive is "This works!" Some of the feedback our listeners have shared include:

- Enhanced creativity & abundance
- Mental & emotional clarity
- Improved health
- Enhanced love relationships
- Expanded psychic ability
- Increased self love & self acceptance
- Greater self-empowerment


Bashar has given us a gift. A system based on 15 symbols. You can find more details in the video. PLEASE WATCH IT ENTIRELY! as you will be taught how to use them.

A quick brief: The symbols have their origin from Sirians. There are more than this first 15 but only this are accessible for us at this point. Bashar explains that they are all we need for now. 

We should mediate on each of them in order 1 minute each (15 min totally) three days in a row, each day the same. After this we can use them how we want but no more than 15 min a day. PLEASE SEE THE MOVIE FOR MORE EXPLANATIONS.

You can also download the symbols by saving this image:

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Not sure what u guys are talking about here, but I feel these symbols are helping me and I believe they are helping others... isn't that what matters here?! oh, and they are free to use, though they (or Bashar for that matter) may not resonate with every individual!! On the initial response about Bashar.. it didn't resonate with me, but each to his/her own.. we should all b free to speak our minds... this is a forum, which allows for all this wonderful back and forth dialogue!!! I watched both in their entirety and it was worth it!!!

Love and enlightenment

luv bashar too, wise n witty =)

loving those symbols.  I can really feel the meaning behind them.  Thanks for sharing Krishna Kalki :)

I love Bashar! I have been listening to him on you tube but never saw this one. Thanks Krishna Kali!

Bashar is amazing :)



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