Relaxation Orgasm

Hello everyone,

for many years I've been able to relax my arms, legs, head, back and groin to the point where I get an odd/pleasurable feeling. This feeling feels like: being tickled from the inside, an orgasm, or the initial drop when riding a roller coaster. The feeling is much stronger in the legs and groin area. The feeling can be so strong that I can only do it for a second or two until I can't do it any longer, then the muscles will tense effectively stopping the feeling (in the legs/groin). I basically try and make the body part go limp, and surrender control over it. I can control the intensity through concentration, and this feeling can be produced within less than a second.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with something like this, and any knowledge of its nature.

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  • Thanks guys, I have been researching Tantra and have three books on the topic (Buddhist Tantra, Hindu Tantra, and Tantric/Shaktic Yoga). In addition, I have another book on Kundalini Yoga (a type of tantra yoga), and three books by Gopi Krishna. I've been building a personal book collection of mysticism and Kundalini books. I've risen my kundalini before, by using similar relaxing method I mentioned in the OP.

    @Light of Wisdom

    It's a very simple phenomena. I think of a body part I wish to relax, I relax it, and consciously "let go" of the body part. I can't really explain the "let go" part, it's like surrendering your conscious control of said body part. You have to fiddle with it. The OP is actually very adequate explanation. 

    I'm really curious about other people's experience with this phenomena. I'm not looking for information on how to use sexual energy. I'm primarily concerned with what I have described.

    • Thanks Motova, for bringing up this topic. I think you describe the feeling very well: "being tickled from the inside, an orgasm, or the initial drop when riding a roller coaster." In my experience, the feeling can be cultivated to such a degree as to induce convulsive waves of bliss that move through the entire body, not unlike a sexual orgasm.

      When the energy is allowed to build up in the spine (and not focused on sexual release), the vibration, especially between the shoulder blades and heart areas, becomes like a magnet that draws more and more energy until the bodily field builds up to allow an energetic release. Sometimes the spine arches backwards uncontrollably to channel the ecstatic energy, or the body may twist and contort... and this can go on and on, sometimes for hours. It seems the bodily capacity to hold and cultivate this energy is endless.

      The energy can also be modulated to varying intensity as a way to explore different areas of the body (chakras) and how the energy moves while holding different postures or asanas. The bliss energy naturally draws the attention inwards and so meditation becomes a deeply satisfying and effective way to focus our intentions and prayers.

      The Bliss energy seems to be conscious and it knows how to move in the body. It will grow in intensity when we focus upon its initial subtlety. For me this has been most important: to play with the finest subtlety of its inward dance. The magnet of the spine then builds very quickly. There is no "technique" or tradition that I practice, although certain information that I've gleaned from my readings of tantra and kundalini have helped me to understand this incredible and mysterious energy. 

      In my "play" with this vibration, I oftentimes use certain twists of the spine (any will do) to initially "lock" the energy and bliss in a certain area until it builds up to such a degree that the body naturally allows a "release" to occur. This can be very subtle or it can be convulsive, depending on how long I "hold" the energy.

      Thanks again, Motova, for posting on this subject!

  • Xidom:  Sounds like you respect women.

  • Darn you should not have written that post - it makes me curious... as I've had some experiences lately that are out of this world.... It too left me going, wait a minute, how do I know all this...this isn't written anywhere I've read.

    And subsequently in study of Tantra.

    Anyway seen this?

  • That's good. Me too, for all of last year, I basically perfected the art of stillness...and complete relaxation. And it's important to know how to do that, because when you're relaxed and still, that's when things become more think and feel more clearly, you're more in tune with what's within you, and's like the inner world and outer world merge together. I don't know about this orgasm feeling, I only have orgasms having sex lol But I do know how important relaxation and stillness is...and I've been getting away from that lately...I should get back into it.

  • Two great authors on sex energy work and kundalini raising are Grand Master Mantak Chia and Wilhelm Reich and Orgone energy.

    • Yes good recommendations. Motova you should look these guys up, they've done terrific work in this area.

  • This thread wasn't made to talk about orgasms. It was made to discuss the nature of the pleasurable feeling produced by relaxing the body.

    Thanks. :)

    • Maybe if you changed the heading or made it more detailed, people would think more in responding rather than jumping reactionarily into what gets them off quickest. :)

  • can I watch? :P

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