Crownsville, MD


March 28

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I'm not sure how I should describe myself, but I suppose the closest thing would be a Gnostic Darkworker.

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Jesus Christ from the Gnostic Gospels, George Carlin, and Damian Rockefeller.

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  • My Dear Toxic hehehe...All light workers do have there little bit of darkness or there shadows.. Yes I am of the light but I will admit I have my naughty side and yes I do like my naughty side because it balances me out..Yes I do look dark but that's me being naughty in my sexi way:o) But the light also shows you the beauty in me in every way way inside and out!!:o) I hope all is well with you and I'll talk to u soon *~Samantha~*

  • Thank you for adding me to your friend list Toxicdreamer..

    Love and Light


  • I may look dark but am of the light. But the mysterious part you are SO correct hehehe. I hope all is well for you! Take care and be well:o)


  • Thank you for the friend invite.


  • aww thank you blushes. sorry for the late reply . i don't come on here often as i used to. hope you are well? 

  • SOAR with the opening portal energies!  Malama pono kau'a, TD  =))


  • Thank you for your friend request and I'm very happy to accept you as a new friend.

    I'm very new and I'm learning all new things to do especially when its learning something about my computer and the universe.

    Being an Elder Hu-man it takes longer to learn so it sinks in the brain so to speak.

  • I'll gladly be your friend, thanks for the request, amigo.

  • Aloha e mahalo nui loa for your e komo mai!  =))

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ToxicDreamer posted a discussion
I have gone through all the steps to make the first wave of ascension and it started with cleansing all the negative emotions, negative attachments, and negative judgements from myself then I became filled with a light energy that activated my…
Sep 27, 2015
ToxicDreamer replied to Yessica's discussion 3/11 (Japan's Earthquake in 2011 ) was Japan's 9/11
"many people say that the earthquake and tsunami was caused by HAARP, and that it was meant to damage Japan's nuclear power plants as a means to human depopulation. along with the gun-style nuclear bombs Israel put in Fukushima's 3rd nuclear reactor."
Sep 18, 2012
ToxicDreamer posted a discussion
it seems like there are national parks and wildlife reserves all over the world, but what's their purpose? I keep hearing people say that any Agenda that is pro-wildlife, and supports preserving nature is Anti-human, and focuses on controlling and…
Sep 18, 2012
ToxicDreamer replied to 36ryu0vb4f4n0's discussion What Does Overcoming Duality Mean?
"overcoming duality means overcoming seeing opposite things as separate, mainly good and evil. they're not separate things, they're actually 2 sides of the same thing. :P"
Sep 18, 2012

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AlternateEarth left a comment on Comment Wall
"was it Marie Antoinette who said -'let the eat cake' and then the gendarme helped the mobs storm the Bastille?"
10 minutes ago
AlternateEarth left a comment on Comment Wall
23 minutes ago
AlternateEarth replied to AlternateEarth's discussion EXCLUSIVE: Globalist Leaders Moving To Bunkers Ahead Of World Collapse
"Why are billionaires buying bunkers?
Bunkers Built by Billionaires to Survive An Apocalypse: Cost ...
Aiming to protect themselves from potential threats including civil unrest, cyberattacks, nuclear bombing, power grid failure and drastic…"
25 minutes ago
AlternateEarth replied to AlternateEarth's discussion EXCLUSIVE: Globalist Leaders Moving To Bunkers Ahead Of World Collapse
"People on Hawaii are already saying they are going to storm Zuckerberg's $600 mill bunker if the collapse happens"
26 minutes ago
AlternateEarth left a comment on Comment Wall
"The 'Sith' demons incarnate will eventually have to pay for all the suffering they have caused-I understand that Hell and The Pit are considered superstition -beliefs driven into our subconscious from our Christian upbringing-my experiences and…"
28 minutes ago
Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Old hag Nancy is back and has now opened a call position in a cyber security firm. More evidence of a cyber attack incoming probably during the presidential election. https://rumble.com/v4fwhee-ep-3292b-pelosi-opens-call-position-in-c..."
10 hours ago
Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Nice job farmers standing up to the Dark Cabal. Meanwhile 30 yes 30 new countries set to join up with BRICS sometime this year. The destruction of the cabal and their corrupt system is happening and pretty quickly to.…"
10 hours ago
Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
"President Bukele of El Salvador standing up to the so called elites at CPAC. I like how El Salvador is also standing up to the central banks as mentioned on the X22 report the other night. https://youtu.be/oxo92I-akL0?si=cXT1LvbiAVgk488M"
12 hours ago