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      I've only recently (within few yrs) come to the understanding of reincarnation as a reality.  It's a tough hurdle for someone with a religious background with the old judeo-christian paradigm of "eternal life" and its opposite "eternal isolation".  I still believe  in the concepts, at least in a metaphorical sense, just vaguely suspicious of where these derive from and why.  To the point, this information from Tanaath is relevant and helpful for those who are ready for it.  I think she has some extremely important ideas that are worthy of consideration.  I've found in my research that our current duality paradigm is meant to serve our's and other's soul growth, and mainly serves this purpose.  I don't understand the reason for discarding this duality paradigm as it seems to be the only tool we possess for our personal evolution.  Is this why we want to do away with it, or write it off as a clever deception to garner soul energy?  This video should leave you with the question of whether we're simply caught in a "soul recycling" trap, and what higher purpose this serves, if any.  Interesting thoughts to consider. 

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Actually, I was just commenting on the video.  The speaker said that duality (Light/Dark) should/could exist without "evil".  I'm still pondering about the reincarnation paradigm.  I think it's true, just tremendously complicated.



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