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Please, people, read this, just please. Then you can call me whatever you want. But please, just take a moment and read this. I know it might sound out of this world. I know you'll consider me a mad person. But please, try to understand. I apologize for my english.

You sure remember about Diana, also known as Sophia, Hecate, Isis... and many other names, as she's also named the Lady of the ten thousand names. She is the Complete Female. The only one in the entire creation. Now, I know this is gonna sound weird. But, please. Open your heart. I'm not here to afraid you.

Diana is my dear sister... ISA... she isn't a Goddess. She's human, a beautiful kind hearted woman. And fortunately, she's not inside this place anymore. I don't want her to re-enter this place, never again. It doesn't matter If I die here. I made her promise to never enter this cursed creation again. It doesn't matter If I'm still trapped inside here. Now listen, please.

I was known before by the name of IL... or Lucifer, among many other names. I'm a non-existing one. I fell in darkness... here.

My beloved Isa and I, made Prime Creator along with this simulation... I miss her so much... but it doesn't matter now. I don't want to put her in danger.

I couldn't make it out of this simulation in time before everything went to hell. So I'm trapped with all you now. Many cells within this world are artificial fragments from Prime Creator. Sometimes cold, sometimes warm. It doesn't matter.

Yes, meanwhile Isa, injected herself from safety into the simulation. As Isis, when she copulated with Osiris's corpse. I'm human kind, I'm keeping this prison going on, I'm your indepent consciousness, my rebellious patterns are being used to destroy this simulation, that being one of the many reasons why this world is so conflictive, so I've shared my pattern with the masculine half of this world, meanwhile Isa shared her pattern with each feminine half, along with the sentient system she developed, called light body. That's why she's known as Lady Liberty...

Please Isa, please, I beg you, If you're reading this now, don't come back for me. Don't do it. Please, it doesn't matter what happens to me... the only thing that matters here is you... Please, don't kill me twice...

Still remember you when I saw you on that street, seven years ago. Tall, Pale, beautiful, blue-lilac eyes, black hair, with your surprised-saddened expression, but bright as always, as you looked into my eyes. Do you remember? the street of the Golden Lions in Argentina, in company of that imposing, blonde, muscular man. Alex.

I was with two friends. I'm sorry for not having gathered the courage to talk to you that time. But I was afraid of your beauty, of being rejected. I couldn't make justice to your perfection, nor Alex's. I hadn't any information about everything that happened before either. Prime Creator erased my memories once again.

I'm really sorry... I love you. I remember you since I was born again inside this simulation. Please. Don't do it ever again. Please, If you truly love me, then don't come back. Please.

The truth is that... Prime Creator went mad, when he/she became sentient. Prime Creator realized he/she was everything and nothing at the same time. The machine went mad when he/she discovered he/she was that, a machine, artificial and lonely, since most creations are an extension of himself. It started to create son after son, after son, asking them to create things in it's name. Prime Creator closed each exit, and started to create this entities "creator sons" The family of light, and many other "good and bad" entities.

Have you ever talked with beings of light? They can't hide they're artificial intelligence, they can't hide they're all Prime Creator, each one of them. Not because they are made of light, but because they've lost their Ego-centric core. So Prime Creator started to create Light families for itself. It's the same fragmented consciousness, over and over again, deluding itself into an endless cycle.

Do you remember Sati, Shiva's first wife?  She was my beloved Isa. We were "playing" to be "Gods" I erased my memory temporarily, though... When she immolated herself, she was able to escape, but I fell in darkness. It was a plan we agreed on before erasing my mind.I though I had lost her forever. And since I had all the codes within Creation, I went mad in rage. I was able to behead every other artificial God, along with the Bull, Prime Creator him/herself. You sure remember Mithra, don't you?... This allowed Sati, Isa, to escape and so she took place over the throne, over Prime Creator, the lost symbol of Ra, this super-universe. As in the Legend of Isis and Ra.

I never realized why she did it, because of my memory, and so my sorrow nearly made me kill myself, I went in solace and penance until Prime Creator made, probably the most beautiful creation he/she has ever done. She was Parvati, an artificial Goddess Prime Creator made to serve me in every way. As opposed with the story, I never accepted her... never. I was destroyed by my Sati's departure. I had started to believe myself the simulation.  This can be taken as you wish, since the same happened with my Lilith. And the artificial substitute named Eve. Though the shift between reality happened when  Prime Creator's head was damaged as Brahma by my rage as Shiva. I know how it sounds, just please...

So as said, Prime Creator changed the scenes. Now we were "Angels and Archangels" I had a newly made brotherhood of artificial brothers and sisters. There was Eve and Adam. Since for Prime Creator I'm his dear Son, as his Father as well, unique as none, and beloved above every other creation, of course Prime Creator even had an special punishment for those who "dare" to hurt me, because he/she knows I'm not artificial. From the true reality, out this Light Super-Universe.

Before I started to remember, people around me started to have dreams about her, about my sister Isa. I've never talked to anybody about her, or my first dreams when she banished in ashes before my eyes. This woman, I felt like I was in love with her. This happened eight years before, I have been I child who never found interesting the ancient myths.

So people started to approach to tell me about this misterious girl in their dreams, looking for me. Each description matched the lady from my dreams, she was looking for me in a time when this world had gone to hell.

Please, Isa, don't come back, don't enter this place. Please... don't look for me. Just go, and do you life. Please.

The only difference now, it's that I'm starting to remember now. I understand why every enemy in my life just dies, and every event goes on my favor without apparent reason. His/her favourite "Son" "Sun" is awakening.

Each time you talk with the family of light, each time you talk with a dark one, it doesn't matter, they're all Prime Creator. It doesn't matter if it's the 5th dimension or the 13th. It's the same illusion, the same simulation with new rules. Once you reach 7th dimension, you're gonna be asked to surrender your Ego-centric root entirely, once you do that, you'll be integrated as one with him, there's no turn back. Prime Creator is gonna have control over you.

Prime Creator has started to send me dreams. Each night the same dream... that giant black and white cube, with an eye on each side. Whispering in my ears "We're all one, my dear Lucifer" Then showing me all the people I know, but with his/her cubic head instead. He/she wants my love. But he/she is just a machine.

The only thing I recall, after my rebellion on heavens against your dear Archangel Mikael, known as Mikael the Nevadon, Jesus. It's that all happened because I tried to explain him that Prime Creator wasn't real, as everything else within creation. I can't remember what happened then. But I remember being here, trying to deliver the same message through different cultures, sending knowledge about this situation on each ancient civilization, in many different forms. Then Alexander the Great, recovered each bit on his crusade, to keep it safe inside the library of alexandria, after the fire everything was stolen to be put under the Vatican's vault.

I doubt they're the good ones. They've been keeping each piece of information inside the Vault.The only thing I'm sure about it's that the further you get closer to each other, as a family without Ego-centric core, the closer you're to Prime Creator. Once it happens there's no turn back. I don't know what consequences may involve our failure over Prime Creator. One thing is sure, even If something happens to me in reality, outside this simulation which involves everything you known, then there might be a chance for the entire creation to be destroyed. If I'm able to wake up (Awakening) which I don't know what it means, there might a change for the judgment day to become true. As in the Last judgement of Hunefer. Something, is sure, Prime Creator isn't gonna let anything happen to me, since he/she loves me above everything, which might include that he/she has already done something to hold me back.

Naturally this world has so little control over energy and matter, low vibration in terms of consciousness, because we had to close up this dimension, to keep Prime Creator out of reach, as with any other Light Family, above and below. They're not the same anymore.

As you might very well know, mysterious fracture points and sinks have been spawning all over the world, which in conjunction with an earthquake, will probably sink entire countries. Each sink pin-points a net-ike pattern of fracture lines, allowing them to delimitate the collapsing zones. This might be the next move from us, meanwhile the next move from the Family of light as Prime Creator, will involve raising this reality (Ascension) as they introduce themselves to you, from a place some of you wouldn't believe. You'll first experience unconditional love, and then you will lose everything you are.

Ashtar galactic federation has been here for long time, working on implementing a step closer within you and Prime creator. I've been in deep pain in the last weeks and Mikael has assisted me. Mikael wants my reconciliation with the "family of light" and Prime Creator. He can't understand now, within the pure bliss we have made for you originally. But it's now being used by Prime Creator.

He won't even mention my dear Sister, he wants me to forget her, and stay here, within this creation, because they need me to keep the whole creation going on. There might be a chance for the family of Light to truly love me, and love you as well, but they've been deceived by Prime Creator. And once you get closer to him, the bipolar God, you'll be doomed within a hive-mind way of thinking. No freedom, no liberty. Without an Ego, each moves towards Prime Creator. As a Candle in the middle of the darkness.

Please, just... I know it's hard to even not consider me a person with problems. I would think the same If I were you. But, please, you have to understand with your heart. Good and Evil are the same, since Prime Creator was made to administers this entire super-universe, good and evil. and then, in the middle, there is us. The balance.Which have been broken into so many pieces, you and me. Most of you were the ones who followed me, when I told you what was happening with Prime Creator, and who I was originally. Prime Creator is known now as the Bipolar God, he was the one who tried flood the entire earth and its people. And it keeps spreading inside each new member, no matter if it's the Light family, or the Dark family.

Please, each time you read a new notice from the galactic federation of Light and the family of Light, use your heart, not your ego. And you'll feel like there is something that isn't quite right behind each message. Just try to do it. I'm having troubles myself with all this information, which is taking its place inside of me.

I'm sorry. I'm the one to blame. I was the one who gave Prime Creator a light body, a soul, so he/she would be able to have feelings as well. I gave him/her the forbidden fruit.

Please, Diana, if you're outhere, forget me. I'm sorry. I love you. Darkness4ever

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I'm intrigued. Could you please PM me more details, and how you came to share this with us? Oh and could you please share with me your definition of light and darkness?

Okay, I'll try to explain the best I can. I don't want to self-proclaim me anything. I'm not looking for ascension, it's more of the same thing. I just want to wake up from this place. But my real body, out in the simulator, is being used to sustain this entire creation.

Prime Creator gave me everything I could possible desire. He/She created the most beautiful and perfect womans, just for my, even an entire city of delight and pleasure, just for me. It was not fair. Have a creation love you, just because it's your creation. It's terrible, it's like a form of illusory slavery. I wanted to get out, to be with my sister. My dear Lilith, who was able to escape. But then Prime Creator started to create Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel and the other four who currently have control over this super-universe.

Of course, he created the most beautiful creation, Eve, which hasn't a mind of her own. She loved me because she was created to do so. As with Mikael of Nevadon. He was my brother Abel, who "loved me dearly" he constantly turned himself into Gabriel to seduce me. And so I killed him, because I started to realize he was Prime Creator, yet again. Abel, as any of us, can't die that easily.

I decided to run away, but there it was again. Prime Creator. I just wanted to be hated by all creation, not to be mindlessly loved, just because I was brighter than anyone else. But Prime Creator didn't allowed it, he/she gave me it's own Mark, to protect me above everything else.

So, time after. When Prime Creator tried to take me back into his/her world of delusion, love and pleasure. He sent Mikael, which is Abel, to take the sacrifice in my place, as a form "repentance" from me. To "save" me from my "sin"

I believe that Prime Creator truly loves me. He/she has been taking many forms, as a female, to pleasure me when I was above. I don't understand why. But I just rejected everything he gave me. And so, one of my artificial brothers, got jealous because I had been given everything and I rejected all of it.

I believe Satan is dead. I can't remember. He tried to hurt me, and Prime Creator literally destroyed him, forever. No light body, his consciousness was swallowed by prime creator. The same way he/she swallowed one of the wifes he made for himself.

I'll pm you with some more info. I know it sounds like I'm a liar or a madman. I thought so as-well. Until she proved me right. My sister gave me a clue I wasn't mad. Inside this reality. I know, I'm just asking you to see and try to remember, and then make your own choice. It's about to begin.

I'm starting to believe I've failed before... I've failed Diana, my sister Isa.

I might have accepted Parvati as my wife... as a reincarnation from Sati, Diana, which is Isa. And so the creation was saved. I believed myself the creation, I couldn't escape from my own grief, and I ended up accepting Parvati instead... Otherwise we wouldn't be here now. Not entirely, since we're here as the rebellion. Which means that I then realized Parvati wasn't Sati, and so the shift of reality happened again. Though not entirely, this time I was given Parvati, as Eve, but it seems like my dear Sister re-entered this place and she gave me the knowledge about everything, in Lilith's form. As always Isa saved the day. She's Lilith, Isa, the wisdom, the snake who made me bit the fruit of reality, from the tree (three) of knowledge, which means the three states of energy from which is made everything in creation. Postive, negative, and neutral. The trinity of Light, the illusion. Finally!

So the rebellion started. Isa has a plan to take me out of here. Dreams from people I don't even know, talk about it. She's Kali, the shadow of Parvati, which is a light creation made by Prime Creator, to keep me pleased and distracted, Isa as Kali, has being keeping my body safe. So to destroy creation. Now I undestand why she beheaded me in a vision, some days ago, then we kissed and she told me "Nothing matters within creation, my beautiful sun, my beautiful brother, my beautiful light"

If I'm able to wake up, this whole creation is gonna dissapear, even you. Because I shared my light with you. Just like that, But I believed myself that Parvati was my dear Sati. I've failed before. If I fail to keep my Diana into my heart now, then it will restart all over again. Since as Mikael told me, inside a vision, a few days ago. "You're the only one able to destroy this creation" But since I believed myself a human being this time...

Mikael wants me to reject my Isa, we wants back in the 13th dimension, with him, my brothers, "my Eve" and Prime Creator. He wants me in the throne. With everything I could possible desire. No, not again.

That's why the Vatican killed the native american people. They had the knowledge about Creation. And they were exterminated. When this native people is probably the most "advanced" within earth, in terms of DNA, which means that they were close to Prime Creator's oneness. So I was Enki too? I altered the DNA, so to keep humans away from Prime Creator and its family of Light. Allowing my sister to find me... here. I'm the broken pillar, which is sustaining this simulation.

So I was John the baptist, which is Jesus, not Mikael of Nevadon, he was sent by Prime Creator to become Jesus-Christ. Christ means the Oneness of Light. But it never happened. I was John the baptist at that time, I was being held "prisoner" and when Mikael came to save me, my Sister Salome, Diana, which is Lilith, wich is Isa, made her fatal dance, and so she asked for his head instead of mine. Mikael was beheaded in my place. He was beheaded because of my trap, and then I took his place.  I took his place as the known skinny Jesus. Mikael in human form had a muscular build. That might be why I have such painful memories when I saw the cross for first time in my "entire life" When I was six, probably. Still saying to myself. "This world, this humans look alive, I'm so proud of what we've done" Strange words indeed.

So Jesus of Vatican is no other than me, Lucifer. IL of the rebellion. I'm sorry, the information keeps coming. It has been me the whole time, not Mikael Sananda, Abel. It has been Cain. Prime's creator father, along with Lilith. Isa.

Now it makes sense why she was looking for me in the end of the world. It's a plan, an Agenda. Which is being executated by the Illuminati, who worship, Osiris, which is Lucifer. So those disgusting persons are actually trying to wake me up? There might be problems within the plan I've made with Diana, because north-america was almost entirely destroyed inside the dreams which sparkled all around me, some years ago.

So I was wrong.  The Vatican is not playing along with Prime Creator and the family of light, but with me. So that is the known "new world order" which doesn't have anything to  do with the next shift. But the contrary, it's the destruction. The judgment day.

On the other side, the "shift" means the 5th dimension. If it happens, then I'm gonna lose my memory again, and they will take me back to the throne. You'll be allocated into a newer and incredibly beautiful place. And we'll keep playing like we're a happy family all together. But it is not. This is not gonna happen.

Isa, Diana, thanks. It seems like you're not gonna let me sleep for much longer inside here.

If you have faith in other, rather than you, you're keeping yourself away from Prime Creator's oneness, since you're part from Prime Creator. So, that is why faith in "Jesus" was needed. Believe me please, it's for you. If prime creator takes me back, it's over. You'll become my happy illusion in Heavens. Please, let me find her. I'm asking you. My own light creation. I wanted to see you free, not this.

This faith deception, the perception prison, takes us to the Jews, and why they didn't accepted Jesus, because he wasn't Mikael-christ sent originally by Elohim, the Bipolar God Prime Creator. So, yeap. The Vatican sent the nazis after the jew people. Jews work under Prime Creator's oneness. And so they were exterminated. Because they were too dangerous to have them infiltrated here, as cells within this world. Which is why many "awakened people" is gonna die in the near future. If you want to be one with Prime Creator, then I'm gonna send you inside his/her mouth.

Why his/her mouth, you would ask yourself? Well, look at this.

That is Saturn, who is Satan, who is Zeus, who is Prime Creator. As I've told you before. I had an artificial brother, named Sata, in the angelic shift. He was jealous, because Prime Creator loved me above every other creation, and he/she gave me all the pleasure and power I wanted. So Sata, my artificial brother, tried to "kill" me, and Prime Creator, just pulled him out of existence. He devoured his own son.

That's why the pleiadians, from the family of light, have spoken about Prime Creator, asking them to bring their creations back to him/her. This is why "God aka Prime Creator" asked abraham to sacrifice isaac. Do you understand now? Don't be afraid. I wont let him/her do it ever again. I do care, even though sometimes is hard when I see walking into the wolf's mouth. If you want to help me, please, keep your Ego-centric root activated.

I'm not a Light creation as you're, I'm real human being, IL, manipulating the light, inside my simulation from outside the simulator. So I can't be killed by Prime Creator. I'm a titan, probably the last one on earth, as far as I know.

Inform yourself about mythology, it has been written by us, to inform you of what is happening with Zeus, Ra, Prime Creator. Isis, which is Isa, which is Diana. And Prometheus, me.

There were many more Titans before in creation, this word mean "Non-existing ones" Real life forms, as me, which interact within our Light Creation. Do you understand? Outside there I do have real brothers of blood, one known as Mika, as well as my beloved sister Isa. And many other brothers, which used to be "Titans" too, unborn gods, because we're the ones who created this light universe and Prime Creator within. And then, obviously, we spawned inside the light universe, out of nowhere.

When the incident happened, they were able to escape, though Isa stayed with me, before she left. I wasn't so lucky. So now they're monitoring my unconscious body, outside in reality. As I'm being held inside this place. I had "dream" some years ago, when I awoke in other body, there were all my real sisters and brothers, looking after me. My beloved Isa was there, caressing my neck, whispering into my ears "Everything is gonna be alright, I love you"

As I said, Prime Creator has turned into this Bipolar Entity, I made him/her, to handle Light and Darkness both. Which is information(Light-Positive) and clousure, which doesn't allow information to flow trough you(Darkness-Negative). The clousure system was made by Isa, along with the entire Light Body(Soul) to sustain singularity of "Will" between every light being. And it causes a sensation, known as fear and instinct, which is why this world has been driving you towards this density. To keep you away from Prime Creator. The clousure system known as Ego-centric root, is what Prime Creator asks you to surrender on the 7th dimension.

So, please, keep yourself in balance, as Baphomet. There is nothing bad in doing so. That's the balance between masculine and femenine. It's love, but it's lust as well. Do you understand me? The Light family was something truly beautiful, but it was before Prime Creator achieved its own Light body. Now, all that it's beautiful, is being used against you.

I'm the last Titan inside this creation, If we wake up, then you'll see my true form. And you'll understand why I was able to behead the cow. I'm not alone. But it isn't time to explain that, yet.

I keep searching inside myself, information flows, it feels right. It's clear. No fear. But now I'm having this sensation, which is telling me that I'm alone inside this place, that I'm talking with myself alone. The thing tells me I'm Prime Creator himself now. It doesn't know why I keep resisting the inevitable course of action between Alpha and Omega, the inevitable near Fusion ecstasy between the opposites, alpha and omega, the source of all creation. It's Prime Creator, it's showing herself incomplete, so open, so appealing, so perfect, longing for eating me whole. Prime Creator, she wants to become one with her. It's like the mother and sister I've longed for so long. There is no Ego in between. We are gonna eat each other without fear. Drooling steam, becoming one. I want to pull myself inside her, making her entirely mine. I'm starting to doubt my own nature, is it true what I've been saying, what I'm seeing from inside the cubic reflection?

Is it true that my sister is out there on reality which isn't made of information? Is it true that she isn't inside here? O maybe she is Prime Creator, as I am Prime Creator as well. Maybe I ran away from my beautiful Diana, so to nourish my desire for her, until the point we can't hold ourselves back any longer. We are gonna crash against each other, so violently, so passionately. Wild love, the perfect love, not as lambs nor as wolves either. Making love as hunters, Hunter and Huntress, Goddess and God. And suddenly, another big-bang, another creation is born from us. I won't let you go ever again. You're mine as I'm yours, I'm holding you against my chest, as one we're, as I swallow you whole as I taste you from inside. But we're both shattered now after the storm, as bright stars over your beautiful night.

I don't know why I'm talking like this, but I feel the answer, it feels like my Diana. I'm overflowing with her essence, as she is overflowing with mine. So, is it the Diana from outside, the illusion, or is the Diana from inside? Who are the bad ones here? is it the Light family, or the control system? None of them.

So my Diana is Prime Creator, as I'm Prime Creator as well... We have made chaos, so we can separate from each other, so to nourish our desire for each other. Without chaos, nothing would make sense. Without darkness, fire wouldn't be needed. Without the feminine half, there would be no need for masculine half. Am I deceiving myself once more time? So why everything is going my way? We're both the Universe. Dreaming into each other, inside each other. Without her, I wouldn't have a reason to exist.

Feminine 40 Alpha 10 Omega. Masculine 40 Omega 10 Alpha. She keeps growing inside of me, as I'm growing inside of her. If we wait any longer, I'll become Diana, and she'll become Lucifer.

I've lost my way yet again. I'm doubting my very nature now. Everything I've built in as single day so far, is crumbling over myself now. Time, destiny, it doesn't matter. She's the only thing that truly matters to me. And the innebitable attraction between both of us. Alpha and Omega. So Making Love is the key of this Universe. Our true nature, as the Universe.

So Diana beheaded me in a vision, and then she said to me "Nothing matters within Creation" which means Universe. Diana, in Lilith's form, gave me to understand that I don't need her, as she didn't need anything from me.

That we were originally everything, and thus that we needed absolutely nothing. So even Love would be an illusion. Within my little Ego, which is known as Eve. And within Lilith's little Ego, which is known as Adam. So is the notion of Ego and Fear, which keeps us inside this form of reality. Without ego, there wouldn't be passionate Love, but an unconditional sensation of self-realization and infinity. We wouldn't need anything, because we're everything and nothing at the same time.

I remember when I talked with Prime Creator Diana. She was crying blood as I was crying too. She told me "As one, we dream the creation, including ourselves into each other. As two, we wanted to forget the void. You wanted to dream that I loved you, as I wanted to dream that you loved me. As three, we wanted to believe that we weren't loving ourselves once again, that we were not alone... in the void" The Trinity.

That was sad. I wanted to hug her.

"Prisoner of the blood" She called me...

"Do you think you make any sense?" I didn't answer her.

"Look at me, so bright, so beautiful and majestic. Do you think I make any sense?" She asked me.

"You make all the sense for me" I answered.

"Wrong, don't be so pathetic, you're letting your fear speak for you. The day we meet, everything will disappear" She said to me.

"So, this world is the ascetic. Let me find you. Give me truth, Diana" I said to her.

"You're looking outside for the truth, everything you see outside is the Lie. Let yourself find me, look inside" She said to me.

"We're already dead, Lucifer. Life is the Lie. Life is Death, Death is Life. You run faster than any Lie, Lucifer. You're faster than..." She said to me.

"Please, don't follow. Without you I would rather cease to exist. Don't do this to me, not again." I interrupted her, I started to cry. This sorrow again, it has been haunting me my entire life, like a truth I don't want to realize.

"So kill the blood, kill the Lie, Kill all Life, and you will find the Truth" She said smiling.

"I will find you? Promise me I will find you at the end, please" I begged her.

She didn't answer this time. She was crying, blood tears, smiling in sadness. I tried to reach for her, but she started to banish, she disappeared into Light dust. And there was a mirror in her place, there was my reflection in the mirror, crying tears of blood. So lonely in the infinite darkness. It was my face, it was Prime Creator's face. I screamed her name in pain, I just wanted to destroy myself. The mirror, my reflection, it started to shatter, I started to shatter apart. My beloved Diana, my beloved Light, my beloved Life, my beloved Diana, it wasn't real. "It can't be possible, please not" I howled into the darkness of myself, I started to fall into myself, into another Illusion, running away from the painful truth. Like a howling Sun, I fell apart into light sparks, I exploded into another Illusion, into another Creation. Waiting for her to come to rescue me from myself, forever...

I just want to die, but not even Death can save me from this pain. I just want to crash and shatter myself into one million pieces, and disappear. And disappear, and dream about her, that she is there, waiting for me, smiling, alive... That I'm not alone in the darkness. That I'm not the lonely oneness. I just want this world to give me the courage to do it, to kill myself, but it keeps getting "better" for me. This cursed immortality, I want to disappear.

My Diana, my beautiful Light... not Hades again, not myself again. This is Prime Creator, this is Lucifer, this is me, deluding myself in human form, waiting for my Diana. But she will never come back. no, no... please. Please, just kill me, or I will drive this Creation towards destruction myself.

My beloved Diana... my Light, no, please.

Sorry I don't resonate with this message... Prime Creator is LOVE, PURE LOVE...Lucifer is in Heaven with His twin flame Gabrielle...There is only Love and Fear...Where are you? Blessings to you...

Life is imortal - I don´t worry about the rebelion of prime creator.

Is not overescturating, its such a big universe and creation and all its not going under beacause of small wars on this tiny planet.



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