I came accross this and decided to plop it up in here.. and well, its just gone 10pm here in Berlin.. so I have less than 2 hours before 21st Dec ..


Hope you get some thing good out of it..


Love to you..



Pleiadian Collective Answers “What Will Happen on December 21, 2012?”

Wendy Kennedy channels the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective in response to the question voted on by the viewers of Conscious Life News:

What will happen on December 21st, 2012?

Ah yes, hello dears. This is the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, and as always it is a pleasure and an honor to have the opportunity to connect. What we would like to discuss with you is 2012. December 21st, 2012 to be specific, as we were asked to give our perspective on what would transpire as you reach that time. And to be perfectly honest with you… we don’t know.

And there are several reasons for this answer. One is because this just simply has not been done before, where you have gone along for a ride, you as conscious beings have gone along for the ride with a planet that is undergoing the ascension process. You’ve had one or the other, but never the two together, so it’s a bit of an unknown quantity. It’s a bit of anew experience. In addition to that, as we give you probable realities, which version of the truth are we going to share with you? Because you are constantly moving back and forth between timelines. But you limited perception, as it’s processed through the 3D mind, says that you’re only on one version of reality. But as you alter your frequencies, you are moving yourself back and forth to different now moments that are in alignment with your new frequency. Each now moment is based upon an agreed upon set of circumstances. And as you change those agreed upon set of circumstances, as you make leaps in consciousness, you put yourself on another timeline, or you put yourself on a different now moment.

So when you ask us… which version do we share with you? We have to kind of gauge where your vibration is and pick a version that is in alignment with where you are in this moment. And there is so much potential for growth, that you can change your vibration dramatically and thus put yourself on a very different timeline.

Pleiades Star Cluster

The Pleiades Star Cluster

Having said that, let us say that for most of you, the major changes that you think are coming, that you are expecting, are not gig to happen until the days and hours before you are ready to shift your consciousness to a higher state on a permanent basis. So in other words, what will happen is you will hold a higher level of consciousness at constant rate, and thus as a result you will also alter your physical structure. Now, it will seem to you as you are having a series of cascading “aha” moments. That’s how we would frame it because you’re not going to reveal all the secrets to yourself until you’re ready to step out of the game because that would blow the illusion of the game. So don’t be discouraged because many of you are looking for something that, well frankly, seems very different from your current reality. And one, it’s not completely and wholly different; the major difference in 3D and 5D is that you have an awareness that your are a divine being, and you also have a multidimensional perspective. You can look at other timelines, see what a choice would mean, how it would be created, generated in form, and then decide to step into or align yourself with that frequency.

The other thing with 5D is that you do not experience time, not as you experience it here. In the higher realms we know that time is simply a marker. Now, there are multiple versions of the planet that, as we have said to you before, are coexisting one on top of another. That is still true to some extent, but the timelines are separating. Some versions have a very distinct 3D version and a completely different 5D version. Others, the 3D version and the 5D version are still close together because the agreed upon set of circumstances of the collective are rather similar. And so there is no need for the separation, or the pulling apart of those two version. Now, what you experience is going to depend on your frequency. So if you’re vibrating in a low resonance, if you are holding fear, and you are not conscious of the fact that you are creating and generating your own reality, that your reality is a reflection of you as a vibrational being, what you perceive is that your worst nightmares have come to life. You don’t understand that they’re there as a reflection so that you may integrate. For those of you who are waking up, who are aware and taking responsibility for all of your creation, you’re going to have a very different experience.

Now, depending on which version of the now moment you’re on, you may be on a version where life is rather chaotic, but your life is not chaotic. So there can be a lot going on in the world, but your personal life and what you experience is not in resonance with that. You can crate more peace, more joy, as opposed to turmoil. Or depending on your frequency, you may put yourself on a timeline where you see mass consciousness progressing, that you see mass consciousness as making changes, that the world is getting healthier because you yourselves are getting healthier. Remember Mother Earth is a reflection of you as a collective of you as well, so when Mother Earth is ill it is because those upon her are not in balance and they are not acting in balance with her. The only way that you are gong to have a healthy planet is to start taking care of yourselves, to integrate some of these lower belief systems. Because you can clean up your world in a matter of breaths. But the challenge there is in the belief that that is possible and shifting your perspective of time and of the interconnectedness of all. You may experience a lot more turmoil between now and 2012.

Many ask us as well about the pole shifts. We will say this to you, we do not perceive you as experiencing the pole shift this go around the same way simply because you will be in a different vibrational range at that point, and you are not going to experience it in the 3D way. So there’s no need for you all to worry about having a pole shift. What is getting activated and triggered is the memory of cataclysmic events that is stored in the DNA, and that is also being accessed through records within your own energetic field based off of other lifetimes that you are trying to integrate. So if you find yourself getting worried about all of this, about the conditions of the planet, remember as you worry about it, that is an expression of fear. What you pulse out, you get back. The planet reflects that. So you’ve got to start seeing her as whole and complete and balanced, and start perceiving yourselves in the very same way, and form will start to follow.

So we hope that helps you dear ones. We’re around, watching, waiting, and sending many well wishes.


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  • thanks devi .. I had a good day .. I had no expectations .. so I still feel good ..

    love as always to you ..


  • Thank you .. The Kat Came Back .. you are most welcome .. any chance I can call you by a shorter name .. lol .. just kidding .. 

    Love forever my sister ..8115183068?profile=original

  • I just wondering :) since I started reading channelings last year there was a strong certainty in these channelings that indeed we would have had undeniable changes before the 21st December to prepare for the big Ascension day. 
    But I stopped to follow this train and started to live from my own logic about things and being in the NOW; and what I discovered is that no one can actually tell what is going to happen, by no means on a specific date. And I believe that instantaneous events such as "Mass-ascension" calibrated to a date isn't just the way nature works is it?

    I just have to wonder.. What was the purpose of the channelings tricking us into believing this day would be a BIG day for mass-ascension where allready disclosure had taken place "guaranteed" ? I don't feel dissapointed one bit - thankfully because I jumped off that train and started to go over to ME as the driver in my reality, not anyone else telling what to expect of the future. And if I hadn't done that I would be devastated probably and would feel humilliated by these channelings, but I'm not.. I'm so happy I'm still here and able to evolve in my own pace, and no date that lurks in the back of my head and putting unnecessary pressure on me to "prepare" or something..

    These channelings have lately seemed to realize that they would drop followers the closer we got to the 21st and just started to re-form everything that they had previously literally promised the readers. Now saying that this is the marker of a New-age coming and that change will come gradual, this made more logic sense in the first place, why not say this then from the first place and just hinting that these big changes "may" happen depending on what we as a collective decide to do? But INSTEAD there were promises made 100%, not to talk about Sheldan Nidle's timeline for 2012, which was supposed to start allready in this spring 2012.

    I would feel embarassed if I was them, not knowing better than to mislead and trick people to put stock into a date that didn't hold what they were promising. If they now were so wise 5th Dimensional beings that loved us unconditionally, wouldn't they foresee that what they did would be a mistake? And formulate their messages to more focus on our own creator within and help us get in touch with our sacred place within instead of talking about outer changes when no one really knew that change would come from within?

    And remember, these are a SMALL amount of the worlds population that these channelings reached out to. There are still I would guess 90% of the worlds population that are still being unaware of their spiritual nature, and therefore also unaware that this 21st of December would bring the idea of a "mass-ascension" where you needed to heal yourself and "prepare".. so what would happen to these unaware of this? It DON'T make sense to me..

    Gradual change is what I believe and that is often what nature has prooven, or are there any gigantic leaps in evolution? I don't know. But this day certainly didn't "mass-ascend" the Earth and people into the fifth dimension, and IF it did, that amount would be really low and a lonely place for the people that took this opportunity..

    These are just my thougts about this day and I feel happier then ever to have a clean-slate future to look forward to and hopefully no "deadlines" or dates and promises to lure us away from discovering our selves inside in our hearts and keep us passive and waiting. This day have prooven that there are channelers that shouldn't have much credibility left. I will only listen to those that urge us to take responsibility, that we are the creators of our reality, and when we are ready and mature as a collective, THEN we can be introduced to being part of a galactic family.

    Lot's of love to you all and I hope you enjoy your chrismas with family and friends like I will. <3

    Namaste everyone!

    • Some good points Ogdoo. The non events of today have really made me think about alot of things, namely what will happen from here now that all the channelings have been proven as frauds. I wonder when and/or if the earth is going to ascend to the fifth dimention at all... and how this will happen. There is no question in my mind that the 5th dimention  exists, but the question is how is this world going to get there?

      • My personal opinion is it doesn't matter which dimension we are in. What matters is that we find ourselves and our purpose and strive to make this world a better place for ourselves and everyone else - if that is what we like to see ofcourse. There are people that want the opposite and they have the free will to do everything THEY can do make it so :). Well, if 3D of 5D, it's just a label, we don't know what it is like until we get there by our NOW moments, so let's focus on one day each and make an effort to make the best out of it while embracing our true divinity. One thing that is for sure is that we have all hopefully learned a lesson that it is dangerous to live our life according to outside sources and therefore lose the drive to do anything yourself and just wait for new updates.. I hope that everyone learned that the only thing you can rely on 100% is yourself. The best guide for you undoubtedly is your Higher Self, because it literally is you in the future in a higher density/dimension.


  • patience ;)

  • isnt one of the selling points of the new age that everyones reality is their own? that everyones beliefs are true because it is their own experience? and now you try to say that me experiencing something exactly the way the instructions have told you, is now some sort of a problem.

    this is why humanity doesnt continue to evolve, because people try to use things to serve them on one hand and use it to break apart on another.

    again, do i seem like someone who wants to play games? or play at all here?

    • the lame duck response of "why are you here" is getting pretty old

  • you presented it like "one tells people off all the time this should be his avatar"

    of which you should take note how many times others have posted the finger to me or told me off. 

    it was a sad attempt at an attack, you got caught and have to look like a good L&L'er so need to backtrack and make it look like you were trying to be funny.

  • do i seem like the type of person who would shy away from having the bird as my avatar if i so wished.

    when i wish to tell someone off i do so. 

    contrary to popular belief around here, i am trying to help people not get sucked in by the snakeoil salemen but many of you seem intent and devoted to NOT seeking truth in any way at all and just latching onto whatever sounds too good to be true because it is.

This reply was deleted.

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