Physical Symptoms of Ascension

My body just is not behaving the same lately, and I strongly sense it is because of incoming energies. I woke up at four this morning, and felt so agitated. I did yoga and meditation to calm myself but then ended up feeling so in touch with this sense of cosmic conciousness, I cried.

Today, I was so exhausted, again, which I have been lately, a lot. My emotional state is one of expectation as if some event is on the horizon. I have these aches I have never had, and ringing in my ears at night that sounds like it changes frequency a lot. I do not get sick, it is just my disposition, so I do not see doctors. I am quite certain this is from the ascension. I can accept that this is a unique and rare time, so events and even reactions may be also.

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  • Indigo - it must be so, I have not slept beyond 3yrs/day in the past few weeks.

    check out post on science of symptoms for ringing in the ears and ..................


  • i seem to be feeling the same symptoms as well! its so crazy how well your body tells you what is going on when you truly listen. lately ive been feeling very paranoid in my own home/room. which is odd for me because im very comfortable there. certain energies have been filing my house in different places. at first i ran from them and stayed away from my house... but i soon realized that embracing what i felt just insured me that it was there. i allowed that energy do send my a signal. listening to your body is probably the best thing you could do. being exhausted could mean that whatever planet that was in ornit at the time of this is what drained your energy. maybe certain peoples energies did that as well. im glad im not the only one that noticed these things. :) peace, light, and love to you. In lak'ech
  • Happens to me mostly in the corner of the left eye. How about you?. Renard's book is very entertaining. Turned me on to a Course in Miracles which I did 2 years ago.


    Love, B

  • Really interesting, thank you, Sarah.  I will definately try to get my hands on some.  I am also looking into getting something called 5HRT, I think it will help alot.  Will let you know how it works out.  And thank you for the well wishes for my friends cat, I know some people think animals are less than humans but I know animals have individual personalities and feelings like we do and deserve our love and respect.  Ha ha I've yet to meet a lightworker who didn't love animals, funny eh?

    And I understand totally about the "grumpies" lol.  I think it has something to do with the solar flares but I could be wrong.  I've had problems all my life with energy parasites who take and take and give negativity in return... to sensitives it can be so draining... and I went through a phase where I tried to fill up my spiritual battery with negative energies as well, but it's like chinese food, you eat and then you're hungry ten minutes later lol. 

    Nowadays when someone is stressing me out (or my kids ha ha) I picture a bubble of violet energy around them, transforming and cleansing them of lower energies.  I breathe very deeply and slowly and blow out a pink mist of transforming Love energy... maybe just taking the time to breathe is helping calm me down.  I'm the kind of person that sets the energy in a room- if I am unhappy then EVERYONE is unhappy, so I try to control my emotions and set others at ease. 

    Good luck, as strange as this journey is becoming, I wouldn't change it for anything, we are so lucky to be alive at this time.  I like your thoughtful posts, thanks for sharing :)

  • isn't just awsome what we notice lately.8110120469?profile=original
    • its weird how that happens. i tend to be sleepier when the moon isnt full. right now i feel awake, centered, happy, just content. is it possible to be connected cosmically better when the moon is full?
    • Oh Gosh you are totally right.  The moon has been doing a number on me for at least a year, it's surreal.  I wonder if it's to do with being a woman, or being a Lightworker.  Do men feel the moon wax and wane?  At times it makes me feel the same pain I felt in labour... back pain pulling, moodiness, cramps, heaviness in your lowest chakra, tiredness.  Grounding helps with the energy overload, pulling it in through your crown and down through your feet. 

      • Yes men do feel the wax and wane of the moon, although it has nothing to do with being male or female. The moon effects all bodies of water and because the human body is 70% water it is naturally effected by the moon. Have a look at hospital and police statistics, you'll see that both are busier during the full moon cycle than at any other time.
  • All your comments have been really helpful for me, and I just wanted to thankyou all!! =) LOVE SOULZ
  • Thank you Sarah.  Funny thing, I looked up your advice and it turns out the same medication can be used on animals with no side effects.  A close friend has a cat who is dying, I wanted to help but didn't know how until now.  Another wonderful coincidence, thank you so much. 

    And I find that eating meat comes in cycles, sometimes just the thought makes me nauseous, but if I don't eat it at other times I become very weak.  The last few days I can't stop eating though, I've put on a few pounds lol, funny how fast you can gain weight eh?  Aw well, keeps me warm in winter.  Have a great week, hope all of you are enjoying life. 

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