1. Strength

2. Determination


If you lack any of these 2 things, you will not go or ascend anywhere, be it 5th or 500th dimension... Most New Agers will not ascend.. However that doesn't mean they shouldn't keep hoping for a better tomorrow.. Spread goodness and love throughout the planet whoever you might be :0

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  • You shouldn't be giving advice , you don't sound qualified !
    • LOL @ having to be qualified to spread the Truth

      Brian u my friend are an Epic Fail ;0

  • Every one will have the option to ascend it only takes an eye opening exsperience every one is equal so to think you will ascend and others wont is a pesonal block that will lead no where becuase when time comes only the greedy materealistic people who would rather die and be rich and or better than others, than change and leave that all behind will not ascend but for every one who realizes we are all one and no one is better or more capable of any thing than any one else than you achive enlightenment just as crist, buddha. gandhi, john lennon and martin luthar king all said, (may they rest in peice) and that is true enlightenment (Perfection/Christhood). Much Love to all of you


  • I'll just leave this here.


    - The ‘perfect’ are the Elect. They belong in the Upper Aeons.

    - The Elect are ‘the perfect race’ descended from ‘the perfect man’: “the unwavering race of the perfect Man” (Apocryphon of John) “the offspring of the perfect race” (Apocryphon of John)
    - One can ‘become perfect’: - “He who will remember these and give glory always will become perfect” (Three Steles of the Great Seth)

     - By reflecting upon itself, the One created the first hypostases or extensions of itself. These appeared around the One as its ‘images’ or ‘reflections’ in the mirror of the watery light (the Greek word eikon means both image and reflection). Thus, the aeons were created as a watery light that ‘mirrors’ the One to itself:

    “For it is he (the One) who looks at himself in his light which surrounds him, namely the spring of the water of life. And it is he who gives to all the aeons and in every way, (and) who gazes upon his image which he sees in the spring of the Spirit. It is he who puts his desire in his water-light which is in the spring of the pure light-water which surrounds him. And his thought (i.e. thinking - Nous) performed a deed and she (i.e. thought - Ennoia) came forth, namely she who had appeared before him (as an image) in the shine of his light. (...She) came forth from his mind (Nous). (...) This is the first thought, his image.” (Apocryphon of John) In the same manner, the Father and Mother then bring forth the Son.
    - The philosophical schema also underlies the creation of the aeons in the Gospel of the Egyptians and Trimorphic Protennoia. It is an auditive schema, where the aeons are the silence.
    - By reflecting upon itself, the One created the first hypostases or extensions of itself. These appeared around the One as its ‘names’ in the silence: “All the spaces are his (the Father’s) emanations. They have known that they came forth from him, like children who are from a grown man. They knew that they had not yet received form, nor yet received a name, each one of which the Father begets. (...) But the Father is perfect, knowing every space within him. If he wishes, he manifests whomever he wishes, by giving him form and giving him a name, and he gives a name to him, and brings it about that those come into existence.” (Gospel of Truth)


    Barbelo = Male thought = Forethought

    Sophia= Female thought = Afterthought

    Ennoia = The Fathers thought = A thought thinknig it's self


    Epinoia = Whole thought = Imagination


    Pleroma = The fullness or perfection.


    "she came forth from his mind "Nous"


    Oh,  let me add we are all angels and demons depending on what side of pleroma we're on.


    Sophia is a greek word for wisdom . Sophia set in motion the material world. Her mother is Barbelo who is the male thought. "The father"

    Epinoia " Imagination or whole thought" was hidden within Adam's body. Epinoia secretly gave Adam the knowledgeof how he was created and tought Adam how to ascend back to Pleroma the true home of the light.




  • Watched the video Darlok


    Together with Strength and Determination we can expose and beat the demon's who have taken over this world and ruled it for the past 5000 years.  


    That's my take on it.



    • Not quite Karen..  What good is saving the world when you cannot save yourself from death?  First you need to rescue & free yourself from the bonds that keep u trapped in this limited state of being.  When you are able to do this you will become immortal and rule over men, angels & gods w/o fear.  You will be incorruptible, pure & perfect ;0    

      The fight is not against other human beings..  It is against the inner demons that inhabit our minds/bodies... They keep us imprisoned as slaves!  Everyone is weary and tired of being manipulated by these pitiless entities because they are responsible for all that is wrong in the world, and it is also they that lead us to our deaths.

      However when a person becomes completely fed up with with their bullshit (this may take lifetimes or many years) but when a person reaches the breaking point and says enough is enough! he/she then will explode with rage and begin to fight back! Of Course the God within will help you in this battle and show you who you are fighting against...Do not be alarmed when this occurs because many fears will come from within to confront you. And although you might fail many times at the attempts to subdue these fears, each time you will know a little bit more about yourself, and be more prepared for next time.

      Anyway i'm getting a head of myself here and being somewhat indirect LOL..> But yeah, I forgot to mention that anger which stems from the bottom of your soul is also important and required!  Anger brings out your strength; your strength along with your determination in return liberates you from the self.  From Demons/Evil Angels/Satan-Devil/Ego which are/is your opponent and pollutes your mind.

      I'm exhausted ;0


      Btw Karen, the world has been like this for eons of time; I'm not exactly sure how long but definitely more than 5000 years!..It's just that Once in awhile throughout these dark periods of time (I believe they are called Kali Yugas) a part of God incarnated into a human body to restore order...  These events has been documented throughout the ages...

      We all have the capacity to bring down God into us (or re awaken him from within us) whichever you feel like resonates with you... And everyone is special in their own way... but yeah..


      Anyyyyway.. cya

      • That is our reason for being human isn't it Darlok, to free ourselves from this material existence so we can find our perfect selves?   It is like we are little mice on a wheel just going round and round for many lives doing the same thing over and over and over again never quite knowing why.


        Yes what I meant to say was the demons that have inhabited our bodies and the bodies of those who rule. Understand that the fight is not against other humans.  I know humans have the ability to love and show empathy, reason and understanding, the demons who rule the bodies of those in power have none of these qualities.  If they did the world would not be in the terrible state that it is in.  


        I have seen with my own two eyes demons manifest themselves in people many years ago it was quite unbelievable and at the time I didn't know what on earth I was seeing, what I know now is that it wasn't something of this earth that I saw, it was other dimension demons that had taken hold of two people that I knew - now I understand alot more.


        You could be right about the more than 5000 years, although I think that is a pretty good estimate, the Vedas know the Absolute Truth and the Bhagavad Gita explains that we are indeed in the time of Kali Yuga.  As with all ancient scripts though they have been subjected to plagiarism over time by the very entities that rule now - they have taken bits and pieces and thrown them into a pot and pulled bits and pieces out and made new religions - then forced the religion onto people knowing they never have a chance of finding the real truth through these religions because they are not giving people the whole picture.  


        • It isn't good to merge our energies with everyone. Think about how many Demons out there, that ppl have manifested over time, and then when there Chakra energies are open, it creates something. Playing around with other ppl's Demons, can be really bad. When ppl say, they get attacked by Demons, I wonder what kind of energy they have manifested, or what kind of energy they are hanging around. It's one thing to talk with ppl, but to merge your energies with everyone, and say were all one, can be really dangerous. In other words, fighting off your own demons is one thing lol, but to fight off other ppl's Demons is another story lol :0) 

          Guess our Dimensions, isn't going to be like other ppl Dimensions. 

          Bless the Nite,


          • Loving this discussion guys fair play. However when it comes to merging of energies the law of attraction steps in and like attracting like will always be what happens. If you are working hard on self and have raised your vibration significantly you will only attract the same as what you are putting out. Dark will try and lower your vibration and if not through directly you through those you know and love they can mess with. This is what I have witnessed and have seen with my eyes. Not so much now but during a phase when I learnt how it worked and how the dark operate. If you are above them though in vibration they can not lift to interfere with your energetics. This is why the saying is always 'Rise above it'.
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