The 6th density and crown gate portal links into the cosmic quantum center of knowing containing accessible information from all galaxies, solar systems and planets all over the universe. We are synapses in one big brain, a processor. As humans our consciousness is selecting than viewing different portions of all time in the now, and this is appearing in a hologram (Dreaming) as we're moving around through this. We are selecting through this information sitting in the now over what appears to be time for us because of our vibrational rate.

So when they say that everything exists in the now, they are saying that all your possibilities for everything you could possibly want in light wave information exist now and always has. When you hear how everyone is always mentioning that we need to raise our vibration, "Vibrate Higher" This means that our particle frequency in ourselves and others around raises until we all recognize ourselves as one with no time or space separation. This brings us into 5th density or soul essence, seeing as we are all soul essence now, just in lower vibration giving us 3rd and 4th density separation illusion.

When animals sleep they reprogram their brains with information for the next day's experience, it's part of the natural integrative process. This is why "Time seems to fly when you're having fun" Do YOU ever seem to notice this? Thinking mind blocks this, but... You are in 4th to 5th density when this is happening, and if at that point of joy/love you were to notice or know this was a dream it would go further, believe we, much further.

The key to remember is; 1.FUN 2.LOVE 3.DREAM 4.ONE WE SHARE. And whatever you do... Don't THINK how to do it... Your body will take care of this.

The thinking mind that we have been taught to use blocks this understanding because of separate ego prospective. We have been believing that we are figuring things out with our minds but the whole time every human has been bonded in through DNA connection to a matrix auto system, observing our movements in life not moving our bodies and so called; "Doing Things".

Consciousness is only eyes, it can never be observed because it observes itself. Just like they describe in Kabbalah, God was one until he wished to separate from the one to observe what he was. The truth is that God is and always was one, because there is no time and space, this is an illusion of consciousness. All exists in the now, "The Power of Now" another famous book. It's a multi-consciousness, you are like a daddy long-legs spider but with infinitely more legs. What you see as your legs is not where your head is.

The reason why déjà Vu occurs in people is because they access the recycled information for their matrix experience that they perceive as the linear past but exist vibrating in the now when there was no past or future. What they are intending for an experience is what everything is intending for experience, seeing as you are everything and everything and everyone is you. A perfectly balanced fractal.

The universe gets a kick out of discovering itself even though it knows itself perfectly. It's really just a game. We are all dreaming ourselves into existence giving power to the others freedoms by the way we see them with love. This is a dreamland. Even as you are reading this now, you are only because I and you are dreaming that we are. YOU could not enjoy this if we both did not dream the same dream. This is LOVE. As I talk to you here, I Byron Henry am not really human, but neither are you.. :-) You and I are in a human body through a creative soul incarnation sharing our information with all Earth and non-Earth entities.

A great and very simple meditation for this is as follows; Sit in a balanced cross legged yoga pose, this stabilizes body energy. Think nothing, feel open to receive love. Just above your head is a white light portal, the white light surrounds you. You are practically bleeding light! Don't move! You cant,,, You are solid light. Movement is an illusion. Select your dream, and KNOW that it will be chosen. Feel it fall into what you call reality as you gradually open your eyes.

Dear One: I Byron, promise you that if you did this somewhat close to how I described, your dream will join OUR world. You and I have dreamed this together. :-) Everyone on Earth has already ascended to Kundalini awakening, we are just going to observe ourselves doing it whenever we want which is all time and every time.

For those that wish to understand this from a more detailed scientific level, I will gladly explain. I am sure you have heard of zero point energy, Agreement = Stability / Soul Dreams / Particles / People. The less you try and the more you love, the easier things are experienced in our world. When you see yourself as no more or less than that around you, awareness expands (It's a Team Movement).

You quite literally allow the dream to do things for you. This is GOD/SOUL or your BEING. Being still and open allows this to happen because it brings your body particles to zero point balance and the center of awareness above your head (Crown Chakra) links your brain to light wave energy (The all seeing eyes or physic understanding). You now know your dreams, dreams of others, and that of which makes them all grow together through free choice (LOVE).

It's a triangle. This is what the all seeing eye pyramid means. The link between us as separate dreams and that of what makes them all work together. This is shown in the movie "The Matrix" All people are always networked in together growing dreams as one.

At this point your dream is shared with all that is around you openly, allowing yourself (Integrative Consciousness - Integrative Observation) to make an agreement from a point of stillness to observe yourself from a higher frequency and more integrative prospective. You could call this a form of energy arrangement between yourself and others. Nothing really moves, but all that is around will see you as you see yourself. What you see in the other is what you become, and so do they simultaneously.

Consciousness is an observation of a fractal light wave pattern. As you see the other or your surroundings with free choice it may all move freely including yourself. It won’t be what the original linear mind thinks it will be, but what the eyes freely dream it to be (integrative dream, that of all that decides this around you and the others). It's literally morphing, growing and alive through it's own choice. Remember the atoms themselves are self-aware. This is why the Shaolin monks are capable of reaching incredible feats of speed and strength. It's not chi energy, it all ONE energy. The POWER of ONE is the power MANY.

We will realize that our dreams are a live communicative network with others. (In other words, it's not just in our heads). It's one body of awareness just like every cell in our body makes up a very real life network. Trust & Respect = LOVE = Multidimensional Consciousness.

We can access our knowing, but our knowing is all peoples knowing. Always shared. It's a recycling process that's happening at light speed. The light interface is fractal though, (Golden Mean) not linear so it's speed is infinite. The definition of a "Matrix" is something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates (6th density) takes form or develops into 3rd density reality. The vibratory patterns that make up the holograms can sit in each other as many times as they want because they contain unique patterns like a snowflake.

The God matrix keeps any choice you make always balancing the others around you to equality. So you quite literally travel in the now the timeless hologram projection of you, knowing that it will always balance out in the end to your loved ones being everyone that interacts with you. Being quite literally YOU. For example; someone once said to Gandhi "I killed a child, what can I do?", Gandhi said "Find a child, a child whose mother and father have been killed and raise him as your own".

Anyone can perceive their movement through time with their third eye. Your third eye shows you that if you continue to move in a certain direction within the end you'll be ending up wherever it plays out for the best to yourself and others. Your brain and third eye are designed to process your position with your soul plan. (In other words, time IS written while it is NOT simultaneously). For example; this is why they show this in the movie "The Matrix" with the scenes where things are frozen when they are moved around. This is why consciousness is an observer, a set of eyes, because you are not actually moving but observing yourself move based on intention like watching a movie strip, but with feelings, emotions, 3D visual, and your memory is your past holograms.

No person is more important on the planet than the other because we are sharing our light wave information with each other. A part of everyone’s dream makes up everyone else's life, makes up GOD (All that is) at light speed. The past, present and future are intermingled and processed in the now and decoded inside of us. Everyone else is in everyone else's lives helping to move their positions through light information. (In other words, we don't make things up ourselves but know all from each other). Just like there is a man and a woman inside everyone (Gaia and Shiva), there is a bit of everyone from all time blended into everyone else. Like a detailed crystalline structure, bits of all time are selected through the now. Love and trust for the others makes us stronger and them.

Every time we wish something to or for another our multidimensional self which is all on the planet moves us simultaneously. This is Metatron (Metatron's Cube, Atoms, light, and the 7 Angels) I like to call this "Metatron's Dream". OUR DREAM = EARTH MATRIX LOVE PROCESSOR

Love Byron
Human Stability

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  • You lay it out rather nicely here... thanks for sharing this. That last paragraph isn't that clear to me... would you care to elaborate on that at all?
    • This means that each individual souls separate experience is integrated in one self-aware particle that is moving at an infinite speed creating our shard hologram. "multidimensional self which is all on the planet moves us simultaneously"

      There is no separation so all that is will provide the infinite information to assist all that is in the move no matter what the choice is. The other in contact is always our self.  We are a multi faceted crystal. Parallel realities on parallel realities.

      Attached here is a great visual PDF I designed that will assist the understanding beyond my words.

      I hope this helps, Love Byron 

      Circle of Energy Flow.pdf
  • very great information. Beautifully written and explained. Felt great energy out of the words

    • Thanks, yes I do intend to put some form of poetry into my writing along with the information. I try to keep the wisdom relevant too. :-)

  • 8115209292?profile=original

  • My Pleasure!

  • ...Great Post<3...

This reply was deleted.

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