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"As I was born on the planet Venus in another dimension and came to your planet as a young child, I was able to retain the knowledge and information that I had gathered as a soul through many incarnations and life times. I can keep this information intact, and what I teach people is actually what I KNOW and not what I've read about or what I've heard, but what I have experienced through many different life cycles on Earth and in other dimensions."

Omnec Onec,

Omnec Onec with three of her children in the Jerry Springer Show, USA, 1993

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She seems sincere!

Here's some interesting pictures of the surface of Venus...

~XOX~ : )


Ha! The top pics are just TOO funny!

Only one question...why would she go on the Jerry Springer show lol xD

Yea I figured that lol I watched the video, and it's not the same Jerry Springer show we know as the Jerry Springer show lol It's more like Geraldo. He used to have on guests like this, not so out of this world, but pretty controversial guests like race supremacists, incest people, satanists. I remember seeing one episode called, "Exposing Satan's Underground" where he had on former satanists, and satanic ritual abuse victims, and they were discussing the huge satanic problem in the country and how it was covered up by authorities. Unreal, but true. It's funny though, after was never heard from again, and the satanic problem continued to stay underground.

It's weird though, because Jerry himself, clearly, is a very pure honest good man, and very's ironic how he would be host to the most dirty, impure, ignorant people out there lol

Pure honest good men do not profit off others pain and suffering.

Well look, my mom used to watch the Jerry Springer show all the time when I was a kid, so I was exposed to it, and I watched alot of it too, actually lol And...the people choose to go on there. They're not forced on there, they call the show and ask to go on, to air their dirty laundry. Why people do that, I don't know, but they do lol And most of them don't seem to have any qualms about exposing themselves with all their guts and glory, in front of a national audience. They really don't lol They'll prance around and, to use a street term, "act a fool", in fact, having an audience there only seemed to make them act like more of a fool.

And the Jerry Springer show was the top rated talk show for years. It's not so popular now, but still alot of people watch it. And as long as the ratings are high, they'll keep airing it, because the company needs to make their money. As long as people call up and decide to go on the show, they'll be in business.

And again, when you listen to Jerry away from the show, he's actually very smart and a good decent human being, very pure, very humble. He used to be mayor of Cincinnati. And when he was hosting America's Got Talent, you saw him, cheering, crying even when people did good and there were heart warming moments, he's not some bad guy, come on. It's just a shame such a good man has to be associated with such a debase show.

AGAIN, decent human beings do not profit off the misfortunes and suffering of others.

As for the show I have a friend who went on it, the show is staged.

Well how is it staged. And I know the producers kind of egg them on, and encourage them to not hold back, and to even fight, but to say the show is just staged, is a pretty big stretch. I bet there's some cases where they just stage it and hire actors, but that's a very small minority. You can tell whether or not someone's for real when they're on there, and there's not many people who aren't.

And you can think he's some horrible person, but that's just your opinion. Me, how I see it, is in the beginning he wanted to have a popular show, like most people who have shows, they want their show to succeed and be number one, and in his quest for that, he started allowing on more and more debase and controversial people, until it just became like a side show.

Only thing is, that's when people really started watching, and it made him number one. And it made the network alot of money, because the network pays to put the show on air, and they have to make their money back, and high ratings does that easily, because companies and ad agencies pay big money to put advertisements and commercials during the slots of the most popular shows. The network just found something that works, with the Jerry Springer show. And when something works, you keep doing it.

So I think there might be a bit of truth in what you're saying, about him being an opportunist and profiting off these people, but you make it sound like he's some predator, putting people on against their will, to scavenge profit off their pain and suffering. Again, there wouldn't be a show unless guests wanted to go on there, and people watched it.

It's just business...and it works pretty well for all parties...people want to go on to air their dirty laundry, they get what they want.....viewers get to be entertained by these people and their "suffering" and debauchery, so they get what they want....and the network makes money, so they get what they want. Again, it's business...and if something works, you keep doing it.

Oh ok so the illuminati is just business too then right.

The show is staged in exactly the way "staged" means, in that the guests are following lines and playing like actors.  This really isnt a difficult concept to understand. And the fact still remains that he HAD the opportunity to leave a show that is selling peoples suffering and is viewed only to mock others.

Instead he chose to say and get famous and make $$$$$ from the suffering of others, which is what his show sells, people arent watching it for the lovely recipes and decorating ideas, no they watch for the conflct and to see people who are bigger losers than themselves.  That is the point of a show like that.

I didnt say he was a horrible person, YOU DID, what I said is honest, decent human beings do not use the suffering of others for fame and fortune.

Well it's a big stretch to call it suffering. Have you ever watched the show lol I wouldn't call it's people making fools of themselves, but that's not suffering. And again, people elect to go on the show, by themselves. They know what the show is about, yet they still go on it. And I don't think it's all staged, maybe a few cases, and they clearly egg people on and encourage them to fight and be outrageous. But most of the time, it's real people being honest in their foolishness.

And I know Jerry is a good guy, I can see that. I can see he's a smart and pure person, he's the complete opposite of the people who go on his show. Is he perfect, no, has he opportuned and profited off the foolishness of others, yes he has. Once it was discovered how popular that kind of entertainment was, would the network have found another host for that type of show, sure. But I don't think Jerry was doing something morally wrong. I wouldn't choose to host a show like that, and he payed for it, his reputation is basically ruined, and he's been doing damage control for a while now, but you're making him out to be some predator, or some bad person, and that he is not.

people abusing their wives and children and lovers, yeah



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