• Dear Luke Sky Walker:  Thank You for your interest...and...first off I should explain that I no longer sell the capsules.  If you were to click on that picture of them on the web-site to enlarge the photo, you will see that all the capsules are deformed.  "They" ....all 69,000 caps, imploded at the FDA Lab that did my encapsulation processes in 1995.  It caused such a problem while "they" were in quarentine for over 3 days, then,  when they "settled down", they were all deformed.  For the 2nd attempt to encapsulate, after taking stringent precautions with temperatures, time of processing, and other factors, the head of the Lab had to shut down the machines because the implosions began shooting the powder everywhere at the very beginning of the process.  It is impossible to put this powder into a closed container of a small capsule, it is unlike any of the thousands of mineral powders from all over this planet that this Lab has been able to encapsulate, the powder "implodes" within a container.  If it is outside a method of confinement, it will explode.  That was my last attempt for encapsulation because I had tried to make Homeopathic tablets, caplets,pellets  then the capsuls, and the powders would not co-operate.  That's why I returned to my first desire to create Homeopathic Formulas.  One's outer manifestation of individual idea's of beauty will be altered for the better using this material, but there is infinetely more that should accomany using these powders.   I have a cosmetic treatment line about to be launched using the various powders. .  Natural Bio-Identical Hormones for men and women have been available for a very long time, with great results, on the web-site since I formulated this  line of Homeopathic's in 1996.  It is imperative to clear the blood of all viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc., so the powders can create a high spin state within each of the trillions of cells we humans create and replicate continuously with a minimum of cellular chaos.  The method to do this is available on the electronics area of products.  Please focus with a very wide open mind on the information available to you on the archived call at my web-site.  Record it for your own education, if you can,  and listen to it a few times and then take notes for questions  that I will be very pleased to answer for you.  And, please do not purchase any of the powders until you are able to listen to the archived Conference Call...then...wait again until I can answer every imagineable question you may have.  Luke, if you could clear all the toxic debris within your cells, Immortalize your blood, attain such a serene state of poise and inner power, manifest whatever you desire, charge your water, and food with this an example, why would you not want to continue to maintain such a highly refined state of Spiritual Awareness?   A very small amount is necessary to use for the first 3-6 3 tiny pinches under the tongue 3 times a day...this is a general dosage of course, so, please listen to my words from the conference call   and think  about the next step to take.   Know as well, that my products are also formulated for agricultural purposes, all livestock animals, confined animals in Zoos, domestic animals we love and make precious members of our familys, and of course all water ways, water applications, wells that are contaminated...and on and on.  The applications are endless, because I've also invented the process of fusing the powder into gold "cups" which change the electro magnetic frequency of a room, or where-ever you place them.  I make outdoor applications for your land, or your home/apartment...where ever you may have your Sacred Dewelling...So...enough for now!!  Just listen to the archived call to get a broader view of all that has been created to take you out of limitations, and into an expanded Spiritual State of Reverence...Richest Blessings.....DrCarla
        • Thank you dearly DrCarla, I am very gratefull to you indeed.. :-)

          I shall listen to the call later today, I have to use an internet cafe tommorow because my computer is jamming and slow to upload, but I am very, very interested in this and I would love to talk with you more about it.. I will get in touch with you via your website and I hope we can talk soon..

          This is deeply facinating to me DrCarla, I have heard of the White Powder Gold many times but the prospect of being able to (as you say) ''clear all the toxic debris within your cells, Immortalize your blood, attain such a serene state of poise and inner power, manifest whatever you desire, charge your water, and food with this material'' is very appealing to me.

          May I just ask you one more question in this thread before I reach you via your website? I am wondering, and I hope you dont mind me asking you this, but how do you mean by ''Immortalize the blood''?

          hope to hear from you soon, with warmest wishes of Love and Light to you, always ...

          Luke :-)



          • Dear Luke:  I speak of this in detail and tell the story of how this discovery came about, on that archived conference call that I hope you can listen to.  Also, youtube had the video of Dr "Bob" C Beck talking about  it in '96 or '97.  His companion, a friend of mine nqmed Jane Stilwell, had called me to relate the story when the info of the experiment came to them...I have it on an audio tape somewhere, but I definitely saw him on a youtube video relating the story.  His full name is Dr. Robert C Beck.....Dr "Bob" Beck

            Then, there's the other info I've not related yet about the TRUE Philosphers stone...which is red, not white.

            Lots of good news coming!!  Thank You for your enthusiasm with my work.....DrCarla

  • Dr Carla's Natural-Sourced Mono-Atomic Powders of Gold are heavily saturated with authentic "High Double Digits of Milligrams" they are rich in monoatomic Gold, Rhodium, Iridium. Her "White and Pink Powders of Gold" are a Warp Light Speed Formula to clearing the heart Chakra of toxic emotional debris. With the 'White Powder of Gold' all energy systems are activated for a tremendous High Spin State of Being and is the True Foundation for jump-starting the process into the higher dimensions. She has a totally unique system which is a 5 point protocol system for igniting the Ascension Process to de-tox the entire body into the sub-atomic layers of cell structure in the subtle body and gets rid of all your mutant DNA.


    You people need to go back and read what Dr Carla wrote on the previous page and what she is offering you, because you do not understand what you are involved with if you are purchasing anything other than the real deal that is totally natural authentic WPG and is very powerful stuff.


    Liquid formulas are diluted and are not authentic and most websites selling you 'so called' WPG cook their stuff up in a laboratory process that is 'man made' and is not 'natural' and you do not know what you are getting for the sake of someone that is not a Doctor selling you something to make money from a false story about David Hudson that is perpetuated from people who don't know what they are talking about. Hudson is a charlatan, liar and a thief coming from a dark entity for his own self serving endeavor. Dr Carla has more knowledge, information and understanding about monoatomics than anyone can offer you and has the only real product that comes from an actual gold mine that you will ever find available that is off the charts. It has saved many peoples lives and proven this over many years. You are wasting your time and money if you mess around with anything else.



  • It is my advice to be VERY careful with anything you ingest. I have read that mono atomic gold can be addictive in a way. and it may destroy a persons DNA from the bottom up; therefore actually hindering your ability to move into the higher, and much less heavy densities. My studies have indicated that the recipe for such; was stolen by Thoth from the Emerald Tablets in Ancient Egypt; and there is punishment for using it due to the breaking of the Law of One. Do you understand? If I am correct, there may be some lasting damage. I've never been 100% sure of the things I dig up from the ancient manuscripts, etc.., because I'm learning through my own perceptions; but, this was an important enough subject for me to bring up, for all of you to decide on.  It may be better to wake up naturally. 

                                                                                                            Thank you,


    • Dear Lorraine Anderson:  Thank you for your comments and therefore the open opportunuty to correct your complete mis-understanding of this subject...especially pertaining to my particular "White Powder of Gold Products" because  I have several COLORS of Mono-Atomic Powders, and had a complete line of Homeopathic Formulas based on the various colors of powders for various conditions.  These were prepared (In 1996) and private labeled at an accredited FDA Laboratory where all their Homeopathics are HAND SUCCUSSED 100 times, each element, against a Sacred Bible Verse...just as was done a few hundred years ago in Germany by Hanneman, the Father of Homeopathy.  Homeopathic Medicine is  one trillion percent complimentary.....NOT POISENOUS.  My products are very labor intensive, not a molecular "imprint" from a replicating "frequency" device to produce a cheap picture of elements infused into a 10% alcohol based water imposter for the real deal.  My Mono-Atomic Powders correct mutant DNA....Instantly....hear this clearly now...INSTANTLY, &, balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain, INSTANTLY.  This was proven years ago at a Clinic in Switzerland that tested a conterfit product that had been infused with my products energy pattern and the results were outstanding.  Imagine what could happen if you, or anyone else, used the genuine sourced product that only I have?   A  lady in Australia used my products and my Protocols that are explained in detail on the Archived  Conference Call that I invited everyone to take advantage of...her result?  Her small son, aged about 6 at the time, is now 99.99%  normal in all brain tests and activity from a SERIOUS CASE OF AUTISIM....think of the magnificent possibilities, Lorraine, for those of us who are not 6 or 7 years of age and do not have autisim caused by deadly mercury poisening from vaccinations.  And on another note:  Please take my 39 years of in depth study all over the world, that our Beloved Toth never stole anything long ago here on planet earth, or any other planet in any other galaxy, quadrant or planetay system, EVER.  Please, give yourself the gift of common sense, down to earth really good information that is found in the 2 1/2 hour Conference Call  that I have archived just for you, and others like you,  that are on the noble path to enlightenment  at one of my web-sites:   661-673-8609  pin  488708#....Invest a couple of hours of your time that  covers subjects that has taken me 39 years to put together in a simple, easy to understand concept.    As far as staying young with my products, be assured I've taken more of the White Powder of Gold own...more than any human on the planet, and my photo here was taken by my youngest son (8 years old at the time) just a few days before my 63rd. the end of this month I'll be 69 and still feel at least 39, and getting younger.  There's a very good reason I offer products under the label, Age Reversal Tecnology, for Life...aka A.R.T. For Life.  Thank you for this opportunity to share just a sliver of light  that I hope everyone reading this will be curious enough to   take the initiative  and listen  to my information, and may no one ever know through experience of their own,  the treacherous horrors I've endured in order to survive & to bring this information into the public domain...Richest Blessings to you, now and Forevermore.  Dr Bozajeski

    • sure thank u for the concern. i do only intend to use it once. i have a specific reason i wish to use it and to achieve a specific goal. i understand exactly where you are coming from. its not possible to be 100% sure of what the ancients were talking about, but as we all know that will change soon. my situation is a little hard to put into words. but lets just say there is a certain aspect of myself that lies very dormant. i have fragments of realisation of its nature but in order to bring it into play i need to piece together the fragments. i am still unsure if it hides away until i am ready for it or if i need to unlock it myself. plus i dont even know if WPG will help.
  • Thank You,  Mr. Ed...please allow me to give the correct number to call in order to listen to the archived Conference Call that is 2 hours + of what I consider valuable information which includes comments on how to Immortalize The Blood and how to use my products that are O.R.M.E.S.  NOT ORMUS, the man-made product that does not contain the Sacred Elemental Substance called "Electro-Magna-Etheric Properties".  Archive number at   is: 661-673-8609   access pin:  488708#    It would take several Conference Calls of several hours to explain the true story of this discovery of mine, which began in November of 1972, in Argentina, and culminated in August of 1994, which opened the chapter of the story of actually finding the powder in gold mineing activity in the California Mother Lode area where the Gold Rush of 1849 began.  If there is enough interest I could plan a special Conference Call just to focus on the information and background;  my collaboration with Dr Robert C Beck...Dr "Bob" Beck who speaks about the syndrome we called  "The Immortal Blood Syndrome "   on one of his youtube videos from the middle '90's...or maybe it was around 1997 or 1998...There is, and has been so much dis-information and mis-information   over the last 17 years, that I would love to give background revelations on what really happened between David Hudson and I, his Chemist Dr. Don Carl Dukes & his assistance to me...a most unusual story that is still going forward today to enhance the Acension process...Thanks Mr. Ed !!

    • thank you both for your reply. i will be in touch very soon Dr Carla thank u =)
  • lol ok sure
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