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June 10

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My interests include a love of art, music, and science. I love to study new things, and have always enjoyed astronomy, and quantum physics. Now, there is a great many things I learned as a child; that are absolutely no longer true for me.

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In my life I was lucky enough to have met not one, but two Masters who helped me to reach an enlightened state. From that point, I began to study on my own. It has been about 7 years now, and I'd like to move into 5D.

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  • here is the extent of my knowledge on the subject the prana yamas live mostly in the himaylian mountains near the top they are an ancient order so ancient in fact the have the orignal marijauna plant in thier temples the one that all others originate from this plant has a golden ball of thc and cnc oil on its top bud it is by the way the essence of shiva or siva is the golden oil here is the story of that happening shiva incarnated a very long time ago when the cultivating of land for crops was a new thing well since it was new there was many disaters in the begining of farming and when shiva was young and had not yet stripped the veil from his third eye his parent had a fight because their massive farms crops had failed due to a  drought and they would prolly not make it through the winter with the supplies they had grown and shiva/siva was very sensitive to negativity so he ran crying to the edge of the farm which was huge so he collapsed on a massive plant worn out and out of tears this plant gave shiva shade and comfort as shiva laid there the trauma of his experience played through the mind and shiva realized what and who shiva was. shiva regained the higher self and as this happened it infused this plant with the same essence shiva grabbed a bud of the mother plant ran all the way home and threw it on the fire as it permated the air the parents looked up from their fight in amazement that came over thier child and shiva said this is our new crop its everywhere on the edge of our farm this we will spread and ttrade and i commision you to guard this plant the original one that shiva laid upon and you will never have too eat or drink again you will be as the plant its self ok fast forward to now they have been guarding this plant the whole time absorbing all they need from the sun and air and water and nutrients in the breath they take once a year they take the mother bud and ball of golden oil and burn it in thier temple and do a bunch of secret stuff
  • Hi Lorraine.. welcome to another part of the Rabbit hole :o)


  • Welcome to Ashtar Command Lorraine Anderson!

    Yeah, when listening to music we like it feels like heaven..

    5th dimension then.,.

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"It feels good to hear such refreshing information. I loved this video."
Aug 25, 2012
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"All I can say is that I also look very good for my 53 years, and I have never taken mono atomic gold. So what!! What I'm expecting is to see the Nobel Prize given to a distributor of this product. In my opinion, it's better to be safe, until that…"
Oct 4, 2011
Lorraine Anderson replied to prophecy_chillihound's discussion mono atomic gold
"It is my advice to be VERY careful with anything you ingest. I have read that mono atomic gold can be addictive in a way. and it may destroy a persons DNA from the bottom up; therefore actually hindering your ability to move into the higher, and…"
Oct 3, 2011
Lorraine Anderson replied to 0vptjzb9vrc3v's discussion How do I communicate telepathically?
"Mr. Ed,  thank you for sharing your experiences. It is my understanding; that the ancient Indians used different types of hallucinogenic drugs to aid them in attaining clarity. You sound smart enough to know that not everyone has to do this, but, it…"
Oct 1, 2011

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"Whenever I hear this song I think about doing sports. Sport is kind of like self-destruction. However, with a rather positive side effect.
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