(Please translate into different languages and send to governments of Freemasonry and organizations which have concerns)
King Maitreya Buddha (Messiah God) through Spiritual Council of Great Holiness Society notifies humanity and all governments, especially governments engaged in Freemasonry including The Committee of 300 of the top world capitalists who lead Freemasonry in terms of the Hierarchy’s policies towards mankind and capital’s government.
The dark stars system controlling and organizing the Freemasonry includes the heading Sirian  - The Ray/the star No. 22, 31, 66, 73, 83, 58, ...; Grey – Star No. 25, 33, 66, 71, 83, ...; Draco – Star No. 69, 72, 100 ... Hydrate – Star No. 7, 12, 14, 84, ... ; Hopi – Star No. 14, 32, 64, 57, 85, 49, ... ; Zeta repculi – Star No.37, 42, 58, 100, 101, 103 ...
These above stars were led by the Council of the devil King Lucifer including Lucifer with physical body on Earth (i.e Covery) directly leading the Freemasonry and other spiritual entities such as Jeqon (Lucifer 23), Shemhazai ( Lucifer 26), Azazel (Lucifer 72), Kawkabel (Lucifer 28), Ezekeel (Lucifer 64), Arakiel  Lucifer 55),  Seriel (Lucifer 78), Penemue (Lucifer 83), Kasdeja (Lucifer 92), Uzza (Tartarus 15 ),  the Fallen Angels Sam'el who is also known as St. Germain and Sananda (As'bel is also known as Ashtar) posing as Masters to teach humanity.
Humanity is really simple and not knowing much about spirituality. In essence, the dark stars above with evil souls joined in leading governments and killed some politicians and replaced them by clones to lead capitalist countries.
Recently, these dark stars were destroyed by the Council of Milky Way and King Buddha. Their mechanisms on Earth have been destroyed; The clone of Lucifer Cover was killed twice; then it had revived but was destroyed again; Not only these stars were quaked, collapsed and lost in terms of quantum energy but also residents on them were exploded. Many greedy and stupid aliens on them were killed.
The Council of Milky Way declares that all Cabal stars involving in leadership of the earth were wiped out. All issues related to human evolution are assigned to the Council of Milky Way  in order to control directly through Global Great Holiness Society, the only standing organ of Celestial Hierarchy and Council of Milky Way on Earth (This is to replace the leadership of old Cabal in the world).
The crimes of Freemasonry and Cabal are as follows:
- They attacked the Earth in order not to let the Earth shift into new port (new 5th Density) in 2012; their plot was not to let the 48 stars of Milky Way shift into the 5D but they failed. At the moment, Great Buddha King has successfully brought 72 stars in the belt of Orion into the 5D as planned.
- They caused the tsunamis and earthquakes to control the governments as well as the leaders of these countries in order to erase socialist countries. They caused the wars in Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, Syria recently. Besides, the Freemasonry has successful directed the Catholic Church; the Pope today is the member of Freemasonry against God. Moreover, Cabal has formed a dark religion worshipping Satan Lucifer worldwide. This religion has now been eliminated in the spiritual world and was launched outlaw of the galaxy. All participants will be destroyed.
- Now all the training and cloning centers, spaceships of Cabal and Freemasonry in the eastern Ohio State of America, Bermuda Triangle; the bordering of the sea in Israel, southeast of South Africa, northeastern Tibet, 3 Pyramids in China, northeastern Japan, southwest Baikal lake of Russia, etc. were controlled by the Council of Milky Way.
- The Council of Milky Way promises to help humanity build a new world order on the basis of Great Unity without capitalism opposed to their dream which was to destroy mankind and reduce the population worldwide to be only a billion rest in order to build the weird New World Order as the plan of capitalism and Freemasonry.
The new Council of Milky Way is now assigned to the Branch Orion to lead which includes:
1-The council of Orion.
2-Sirian - stars No.7, 14, 25, 32, 64, 77 ...
3-Pleiades - Stars No.4, 5, 6, 12, 25, 26 .... No.25 is the Accomplished Group 505. The group of White Cloak Knight is Pleiades No.6
3-Tartarus of Redhead giants includes the stars No.14, 16, 12, 32 ..... In which the group of Light Knights is Ray/Star No.12. The Group ‘The Born’ is No. 32.
4-The Light Draco includes Stars No. 4, 14, 18 ... which is respectfully called the Team of White Dragon.
5-Andromeda Galaxy involves in monitoring and supporting this local Council of Milky Way.
6-Sirius A, B and the stars No.18, 19, 23, 26, 28 ... are under the leadership of new Kings
7-Annunaki stars No.1, 12, 16.
8-The Council of Solar System directly participates in this Council including the Council of Solar/the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Mother Earth, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus. These stars directly involve in the Council of Ante-Creation Great Holiness Society which includes 28 stars having embassies underground to lead mankind.
9-Procyon Stars No. 58, 59, 60, 66 ...
10-Arcturus Stars No. 6, 14, 15, 24, 25 ... Group No. 6 is also called Phoenix.
11. The Council of Mother Earth and the Council of Great Holiness Society are one; there are 28 stars directly involving in the Council of Ante-Creation Great Holiness which leads mankind and is entitled to create/do anything on Earth including but not limit such as destroying any government or heads of any country by killing or taking to the spaceships or replacing them by the clones.
1-Warn all governments involving in Freemasonry about the mission and the future of the Planet Earth; it is to move forward to Great Holiness Great Unity by Celestial Way according to God’s will. Any kind of souls even ones with physical bodies but against this plan shall be screened. The may be Dragon Flower Festival Plan to Earth if this God’s will is not followed. The extension term of Dragon Flower Festival (Judgement Day) Plan is 70 years from the year 2012.
2-Restart and rebuild the socialist system and at the same time, establish Great Unity People's Revolutionary Party in the world to liberate humanity from capitalist regime.
3-Dominate all energy level and dowsing of the Earth, the world and mankind in general.
4-Destroy Capitalism in the 21st century to establish Great Unity Great Holiness regime in order to bring mankind glorious peace and true happiness as the promise of King Maitreya Buddha; ensure peace in the universe and this galaxy. Cause collapse to political system and capitalism globally in the future. Why is that? The leaders of these countries will be informed by the leaders of Freemasonry.
5-Protect the Earth and build a green and clean Earth; oppose spiritual and quantum pollution. Prohibit immigrating or building new economic institutions or exploiting natural resources in Alaska, the North Pole, South Pole (warning Russia, the US, China on this issue). Assign Russian Government the duty of protecting and dominating the North Pole; if other governments involve, the heads of such governments will be destroyed.
In the future, some hydroelectric power plants which cause chaos to the environment and the earth’s meridians will be destroyed such as the Three Gorges Hydroelectric power plant in China (require China to have solutions to migrate and protect local people) and hydroelectric power plants.
These are the main tasks; then the stars of Milky Way will directly come down to Earth to lead humanity through the Embassies on Earth in which Great Holiness Society will be the standing organ to organize New United Nations. This will be implemented in the future in the long term
                                                       Dec 1st, 2015

                                             THE COUNCIL OF MILKY WAY

Source: http://ascensionawakening.blogspot.com/2015/12/maitreya-unifies-reorganizes-council-of.html



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