Lightworking Religion

Seems to me like Lightworking is starting to become a religion...

With certain things you're supposed to believe and not believe...

Here we go again, lol.

Once things go becoming doctrine, we're back where we started...

On the forums, a lot of us are starting to sound more like T.V. pastors than analytical, intelligent "starseeds."

Going, "Love this, faith that, hope this, believe, etc." but where is the actual progress?

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  • =)
  • Yes, all the things that I learned from Zen have now been able to integrate themselves peacefully into the whole of life that I perceive.
  • Amelia, can you tell us what you believe? Don't you believe in anything? A lot of people are awakening. Do you prefer that they believe different things so that it will not be called a "religion"?
    • I don't have a list of spiritual beliefs that I follow, I just try to learn more and experiment day by day, in the present, if I can. I don't collect beliefs, I collect ideas, and then I study them. I do not expect to be able to understand all of existence in this lifetime, so I just go with the flow. If you had specific questions like, "Do you think that there are extra terrestrials?" I would answer depending on my ideas in the present moment, which have accumulated over my lifetime to that point.

      I don't mind what people follow, but I am wary of people having to follow a set of rules in order to feel spiritual. That is what a religion is to me-- a set of guidelines. It would seem that spiritual enlightenment has its own flavor for everyone, and I doubt that one group's ideas would ever be able to encompass all the great mysteries that the universe contains. Seems useless to keep trying.
  • Amelia it is a fact you are a very special creation of All That Is and that you are in
    a class now matriculating as you have been honing your skills for yonks. I agree
    with you as there are those promoting the Masters with zeal. Do you realize that the
    Masters our elder brothers and sisters are now free to move on in the ascension process.
    It is really a process of daily change as we get the point and hone our skills which
    are mammoth and myriad. I don't think there is any danger of new religions being
    formed why the word means to unite tie up and bind together not divide manipulate
    and splinter. Read the Unifiers Focus Group page. Light and love Kingjeff
  • Right on, Amelia!
  • Religion only exists in 3D, Light is Eternal and Universal :) ~*

    To me that is kind of like suggesting a Galactic Federation gun squad, but there is more than just forums here lol.
  • I think you are looking at it the wrong way Amelia.

    Its not at all that the 'new age' paradigm shift, is beginning to sound more like a religion. Those Seeds were planted long ago, as all this was known well in advance.

    It is that the deception is only now beginning to break down "as it all will". We are all beginning to see it for what it is, and with that, the keepers of the false promises are trying very hard. We all see it at different stages of our personal awareness, and it is that division, that is being used against us.

    It doesnt matter though. Ego is the only cohesive force of the illusion, and that will eventually break down too.
  • This is a good message. It's hard to see your beliefs as a religion
    when you're the center of it. You like to think yourself awakened
    and in the know, but your ego won't let you see past your new
    found knowledge. So you begin to assume certain outcomes
    based on channeled messages, and attack anyone who
    tells you otherwise, or refuse to hear them out.

    Being single minded is a fast track to your beliefs becoming a
    • Yes, I was like this when I first discovered channeling. The exhilaration of finding another philosophy blinded me for a bit.
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