November 7

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  • Hey brother. I've been around the block for a long time. A lot of information I've gathered from many sources, including my own intuition, meditations, and dreamwork. I will say that in5d.com has very, very vital information. All you have to do is ask Prime Creator for the truth, and believe that it will come to you in many ways. You must be very clear when you ask the universe to manifest for you.
    In5D - Welcome Home
    Welcome Home
  • welcome thanks for accepting angel love xxx

  • Hello Daniel, thank you very much for the compliment, I think that kid of yours (assuming he's your) is beautiful as well. My best friend's name is Daniel too, curios thing isn't it?

    lots of love and see you around!
  • Thank Y <3 Be in Joy
  • Thank you Daniel for your friend invite accepted graciously, I look forward to discussion and debate.
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Daniel posted a video
The Law of reverse effect.
Nov 2, 2020
Daniel replied to Jason's discussion Well in this content the Japan earthquake was set off by nuclear underwater detonators in much the similarity of the haiti earthquake.
""We will write our own stars” <3
Mar 23, 2011
Daniel posted a discussion
Instructions on making a Croft style CloudBuster Seeing it in action is so much better This what it looks like when an Orgonite cloud-buster dissolves a chem-trail. notice how the trail thins out and starts to crinkle up before vanishing? This is…
Mar 23, 2011
Daniel replied to Daniel's discussion Wayseer: Light Workers and Warriors
"Its not perfect, but it is a good translation."
Mar 18, 2011

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"no problem Drekx, keep it coming :)"
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"The Dark Cabal continues preparing for WW3 knowing they are running out of time and will soon be defeated. Its gonna be a bumpy ride, but these sickos will be defeated. WW3 will not happen and peace will win the day.…"
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"Nothing wrong with what you post Drekx. It's all good. No overloading at all :)"
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"Dear members...I know I can sometimes overload you guys with very esoteric cosmic data, one moment, health issues the next; problems & solutions, and then political matters......This is my adaptability ray in action.....
Please do remember, that my…"
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""Look So Sweet" · Composed by Stephane Deschezeaux, Nothing But... Keep It Funky, Vol. 26, ℗ Boogie Land Music, Released on: 2024-02-16👏🏻🌞

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"My earlier reference to the Oxford Uni Debate, with discussions about "populism," which took the form of debate between Nancy Pelosi vs Winston Marshall, is elaborated upon further, when Piers Morgan had a chance to discuss the finer details with…"
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"AE I'm sure you will enjoy watching this Oxford Uni Debate, in which visiting Nancy Pelosi's elitist credentials, were challenged.....Globalism vs National Populism...
"Nancy Pelosi HUMILIATED at Oxford Debate!!!"😉…"
15 hours ago