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October 26

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Your teacher doesn't necessarily know what you learn from them. Self Dero 7 Bashar Colleen Thomas ...and of course everyone else I meet. You can learn something from anyone.

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  • I'm not sure where you get your information from, but I advise you filter it through your heart center before propagating it amongst the spiritual community. It serves nothing but the dark intent to spread fear and confusion regarding the Federation, who are benevolent.

    So let me reiterate my points again: The Ascension is not a hoax, there will be no NWO of enslavement, masses of humanity will not die or be eaten by Draconians, all of this is pure propaganda. I am sorry you don't have the discernment to discern this, but by the grace of God, most people in the community of light workers do. The Light is our protection. Our love of God is our protection. God has a plan for our upliftment to counter the dark agenda of enslavement, and has authorized the Federation to help us. God has not abandoned us! Let me be clear, God has not simply left us to be manipulated and enslaved, and even eaten, by the dark forces. It simply will not happen. Spreading this propaganda does not serve the interest of God, or the Light.

    The Ascension of mankind into the Golden Age has been the plan all along. It is the culmination of our travels through duality. It is the ending of the game of light vs dark, and the light will be victorious, not the dark. Remember, God always wins. Ascension into 5D, where darkness doesn't exist, is now fully underway. I respectfully submit getting in tune with this, and supporting our space brothers who are here to help us, and not to let yourself be confused by propaganda clearly meant to confuse. I am not saying there are no darkly inclined ETs, but even they are being uplifted as the universal frequencies rise. God has ordained that this universe move into unity and peace. The game of duality is ENDING. Eventually, all races in this universe will come together in brotherly love and harmony, and this is what the Golden Age is all about, and it is happening. So with that, I say God bless you, and please be more discerning!

  • Braveheart, I would appreciate it if you don't spread anymore fear and confusion regarding the Galactic Federation of Light, as they are popularly called. I will be utterly frank with you, I think you are sincere, yet being manipulated by dark forces to spread fear and confusion amongst us light workers about this benevolent Federation. I have been studying this subject for many years now, reading many messages and feeling in my heart was is truth or not, and I will tell you with certainty, the Federation is NOT of the dark side! They have not been "infiltrated by the Draconians", I have no idea where you get this idea from. This whole Ascension process is not simply a myth to enslave us, it is just ridiculous.

    So many people around the world are waking up spiritually. The frequencies of Earth are rising and all things of a dark nature are being exposed. People all over the world are rising up against their oppressors. We are uniting more and more and making our voices heard to our governments. People around the world, by and large, are tired of the old ways and want a world of peace, freedom, prosperity, and brotherly love. This is growing more and more everyday. It is CLEAR that humanity is growing up, and we are on the path of Ascension, which will culminate with disclosure of ET presence and the roll the Federation will play in our upliftment.

  • yes they must know the truth! sister achuly LOL
  • Thank you for adding me to your friends...Lol, you called me brother but I am a sista, haha. With my weird name, people are never too sure, lol. I just put up my real picture on my page, so people will know I am a she, or at least I hope they will, haha...Have a great day.

    Love and Light

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  • =)
  • Thanks for accepting! Love and Light.
  • Yep, there really is a real GFL. and it was good you warned people of the fake GFL draconians, thanks to you many are aware now not to jump into someone's ship just like that. lol. thanks for the friend accept too! :D
  • p.s I admire the things you have written on your goals!
    You come across in a nature not too far from my own!
  • Good morning brav3h3art! ;~)
    So very pleased to meet you. =)
    And thankyou for requesting my friendship!
    Happy wednesday my friend.
  • Thanks for accepting me Brav3h3art!
    light and peace to you! Namaste~
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Brav3h3art replied to Brav3h3art's discussion Pleiadian sighted in South America? Footage!
"Wow, you sure about that? I see positive and ngeative feedback in the comments, and the uploader has made several positive comments about the situation. I think you're being a bit (over)dramatic."
Dec 13, 2010
Brav3h3art replied to Brav3h3art's discussion Pleiadian sighted in South America? Footage!
Dec 12, 2010
Brav3h3art posted a discussion
Dec 12, 2010
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"I said 'friend'..but I meant to say BROTHER! Hello there, and namaste."
Dec 4, 2010

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