I am pasting here a letter to my daughter whom has through her son, had a rude introduction to the spiritual side of life. I mentioned this on another post, but don't think it was read by many. At times I also feel younger folks here and certainly elsewhere,  relegate us older star seeds to the back seat for we don't use words like uber and such. LOL.  I am very modest and feel  a long way from being where I want to go, yet cannot find many that share my level of experience and  so I am finally waking to the fact that us olders, are perhaps well ahead of most of the young, we did come onto this earth for a purpose. You and I are old and eternal, so truly differences are minor.

The following projection I did the night my grandson was attacked in the house of his dad's when alone there, he was forcefully thrown against a cabinet and told to get out by an invisible entity.  So I did a remote view from my home 12 miles away and encountered  what I described below.  A month ago as I have said, my beings, guides, alien helpers or whatever took me out and showed me myself, a brilliant white light being and told me it was a sacred thing,  so this is connected in many ways. We, my wife and I have also been with others on a very large structure somewhere else, so not all is spooky, just part.

I glossed over the event where I did remote viewing on the home in Mancy. in the last mailing.  This letter is just for the sharing as it was pretty awesome. I felt I was
seeing the home from the side door and there seemed to be a light on
inside, hallway or kitchen, I held this position and tried moving
forward, closer.  Before I go further, know governments uses this but
generally they only see shapes or forms, not detail so I am unsure how
real this view was, as it was with detail.

As I was still outside, I felt my own energies but then another more subtle vibration,
which either came from there or myself, but it suddenly set off a
maelstrom and I found myself in a vertigo situation of being violently
pulled out of my body and whirled about, all the time seeing from my
astral body the details of the bedroom. It felt violent, like being thrown and me losing momentary control, perhaps and attack, who know.

Educational part now. The astral level exists, I have been there mildly until now. At times it is exactly like
this world and at others it is and seems like this one with great
omissions and changes. What happens there is, there are others and we
all manifest what we expect or at times become entangled in others
manifestation, you can change reality if you are aware of this, for
reality is nothing but thought, here and there and so is malleable.
Remember the matrix, we are it, yet trapped and some think if we
believe hard enough it will change. Perhaps if enough in this 3-d
dimension do it, it will, but as individuals we can only effect a
certain amount of details that apply to the life we have chosen.  For
instance here, your home is surrounded by many others and there you may
find it on a beautiful mountainside.  So the question is, when we are
there, are we here or with a self made and modified copy of here.
There are bad guys there as well, many of low vibrational level that
feed off higher  vibrational life such as us. They can be banished
there, but are a nuisance and don't like us looking at them, I saw none
the other night.  So reading on,  did I actually visit an unknown city
or was it manifested, it felt real and I easily walked it's street.

After being sucked away violently, I could hear my body panting very fast and
sent messages to it to stay calm and then calmed myself down as
something happened out of my control.  I did get control right away and
did not move back into the body as I choose to remain away.  Then
suddenly there was complete blackness but no real fear so I felt around
and found walls.  I then manifested light by pronouncing the fact of
vision and light and there was, the walls then glowed softly and I
walked down the hallway of what must have been an abandoned apartment

At the end of the hall, I found a flight of stairs going down and discovered I was many floors above the street. This part
was fun because I jumped out and floated down several step at a time,
but could not stay aloft damn it.  Finally I reached the street level
and was stopped by a heavy old glass door.  I paused and pretty much
said to hell with it, and just walked through it because I was
spiritual. Ever wonder what a ghost feels like going through a wall, no
big deal.  Out on the street it occurred to me that I may be naked and
might meet others so I manifested some loose fitting clothing on my
astral body and then tried to fly, but could only go in great bounds,
not bad for a crip huh. Don't remember after that damn. Perhaps I met a
sexy bunch of women and had a good time, yuk yuk.

I have had three dreams of being in the spiritual body, extremely real for they
were a showing as well as hints of a future.  Believe me, it is ok and
is just a continuation of the job of learning we are doing within this
plane of existence. When I wake up from this life and don't return,
know I continue, I have seen it, it as an awakening and not a bit like
the church proclaims to those truly awake, churches or many of them can
be traps.  I am making an ascension this last year or so as are a lot
of others and it is a personal voyage.  When you get an inner urge to
explore within, take time and go with it, you are getting a wake up
call, the veil is thinning for many.  Only now would be believe me.
Never be of fear, that is important, only love. Love you all DAD

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  • Charley, thanks for the great advice. Actually I have found that asking for help has enhanced my abilities, and in fact I can detect their presence recently through vibrations and energy flow. I get the impression that there are a couple of friends there when I need them which I appreciate greatly. I also build a protective light shield about myself when trying this.

    Some years ago I had the most vivid dream which was more like a memory of coming back to my village, not really but an island village only to find most of the people lying dead. As I got closer, I knew of the evil there for I had fought this thing since a little child, killing it and watching it resurrect. This time spears came at me from all sides but I took a power from a light high up and diverted all the missiles and ended on top of a tall structure and was driven off to die. Again the light allowed me to descend gently and I walked to my old friend the evil one, grabbed him with the power provided, always aware I was supported, burned his face of again and again only to see it resurrected.

    Finally I picked him up and carried him into another blue dimension just outside of this one, I could still see this one, but it was from the inside out. I then threw him down into a lower and darker dimension than that one even.

    The last part I am going to copy and sen along to my grandson for it has great wisdom, thanks.
  • Amazing story. I think, it would be a good idea to contact your guardian angel for protection before you wander off in to other dimensions and worlds. When we open up to the spiritual channels and vibrations we become more sensitive and though we think, that we can control everything, we still need our guardian angel to protect and guide us. You probably have heard stories of entities from between heavens, that can only exist sucking the light from beings in the different heavens. Whether that is true or not, we know, that beings of evil intention exist, because we see them in our 3D world, so they must also exist in any other form or worlds. Some spirits have unhappy stories, that they want to heal by showing them to any mediumistic channels, that they can find. Somehow we as humans can heal them by acknowledging them and their story, so we have to communicate with them and thereby find their own compassion, so that they can feel at peace and move on from this dimension. If we could only find that compassion within ourselves, so that we would not so easily judge other entities, but merely try to resolve the problem, that is being put to our attention. Of course some entities may not have any compassion at all not even when we try to inspire them to such - and they are the few entities, that we need angelic protection from. Well, that is only my view on things!
  • Hi to all. To clarify, I should have put the older person in context. I just came from an astral site which was almost a teen hangout, and I have noted on there, if they get wind of age, they do not respond, not so here, sorry to mislead, I was just a bit piqued. I was seeking answers there and got no response.

    In answer to the rest, the grandson is 17 and has not history of this, but has shown aptitude for Telekinesis or at least when I am near him. He is still somewhat an impetuous teen and does not know how rare this is. He had only this encounter which started under a home he was working on when it grabbed his arm, and then went with him to his house. As to what it is, I am unsure as it has been seen as a being outside his window as well as a red orb and not seen at all, but felt. Ghost or alien manifesting dimensionally, I am unsure.

    The question of remote viewing is a good one and that is why I claimed it seemed like one but I was unsure. I took it more seriously as I had internal energy vibrations and a reaching out feeling similar to what I get when I do telekinesis, but am still unsure. I have not tested it but was able to do this over the years. i would see a watch in my mind, count the seconds and when I got to the watch it would be exact. Plus daydreaming, i would see cops, deer etc on the road ahead and was dead accurate. The only value was to keep from getting speeding tickets or wrecking a car, but this was sometimes accompanied by a warning voice within.

    To remote in my feelings of it, is to extend what I am. When I held this extending it became strained and the vibrations increased and the energy flowing into and out of me increased. Perhaps what really happened was I broke the bond, like breaking a leash and I snapped out of body. This is very hard to determine and perhaps was not the entity but I felt there was more there than myself.

    Truly what I am doing is not being a smart guy, but seeking knowledge from all you folks. I am as confused as any of you but this is close to home. My personal experience is great and growing and that is exciting, but having input to understand is also a great thing.

    Last, was I trained, no. I have always been a maverick, a loner of sorts. I avoid training because I am afraid of being trapped, thus my own exploration, slower but unique and I am doing ok. Some talk of chakras, I have not learned about them except in passing. A few elsewhere mentioned the head and the third eye and how when that opens it makes one sick and dizzy for a time. I started laughing as that is where I started, when I learned and forced which it wrong, telekinesis, it almost put me in a sick bed. Perhaps training would have been better for a friend whom is a master stopped by, and we had a contest turning a wheel against each other. He taught me to channel, not force even though I overpowered him. It caused me a severe headache for the rest of the day.
    Thanks for the support here and love to all.
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