Let's Come Out Of The Closet

Kaaaaah! =)

Everything is going a bit mad. If you are in tune with other sites on the World Wide Web

You will see - a lot of people are going a bit mad. Cleaning out the old.

One Big problem We have is ... Accepting our supernatural gifts. We feel embarrassed , don't want to share in case it sounds like we want to be special or something. 

This is the New Age - So please share your supernatural experiences , if you are a witch, have powers . have been to other dimensions , you have gotten messages from the AC .. you can read people's minds? Anything !!!

I will share to - my last message from my guide was - my guide is from outside this Universe, his crew stays - and made the Moon - they have been there for years and years (for us in time, not for them in no-time) we all have One who helps us - they won't come and take us away - they love the experience they are having through YOU - they are in Awe.... Christmas Lights... radiators, TV, funny gnomes - you name it - they all Love it. 

Soon, when they are allowed - by you - to come closer - they will manifest in your Body and do things to you .. that will be like waves in the sea - spreading to others. 

They are here to help - Not to take you away. 

They are too amused of this Earth tripp right now - I suppose like we would If we came to another world - my guide says his world is boring compared to ours lol 

In a LOAD of different things haha 


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  • you're not off topic, feather.  i've been back  into songs again for the past couple of days too.  i picked up a good song from you and in return, i'll offer up one of mine.  and it's on topic because one has to come out of their closet -  liberated and free - to dance around and sing along.  :)  http://youtu.be/yzxAMrYu2h8

  • Don't be afraid of the sexual energy...

    That is the rocket fuel that your going to use to ascend to higher planes..

    Its a liquid in a chain of the chakras.An esoteric as well as a physical liquid...

    That is called the serpent power be ye wise as serpents....

    Thats the whole mystery behind the earth school..

    the secret of the kabbala is the mystery behind sex. Sex is the force..

    Its ok --- learn how to use it to go to higher planes.

    That desire for  union on the lower chakras is the desire for spiritual union on the higher dimensions of being

  • Yeah I think we should appreciate that GOOD stuff we humans actually produce :) I bet we are unique in the universe in many things and something we should be proud of. We should not be embarrased being humans right now..

    Another thing that I have been feeling lately, we are taking this trip TOO SERIOUS. lol. Come on, we are eternal beings, what do we need to fear? We have done this before, no need to worry. So ENJOY and spread JOY and HAPPINESS. :) We are all one - In lak'ech!   Love for everyone!!! 

  • I have had nothing new to speak of as far as abilities go in months now...nothing. I pray and meditate several times a day and have done so for a couple of years now. My 3rd eye can see in a dark room (not in detail though) and the room shifts into some other worldly place at times (also not really clear either). I can move small bits of paper with my Chi...But other than that, there has been nothing new in months. I feel closer to the Universe/God/Nature and most of my days are spent seeking more spiritual fulfillment. But I do know that something Big is about to happen. It has been building up for a couple years now, a knowing that something special is going to take place. Call it intuition or whatever, like the feeling someone gets before a heart attack (impending doom), only this is just the opposite, not doom, rather Awe.

  • Oh, UFOs count too, okay lol Well I've had a bunch of UFO sightings, but one was the standout. I was out...it was like 1 am...I used to go to this place, near the highway here...I used to practice my singing there....and there'd always be this bright light out, right above....not low, it was real high, it was like a star, except it was too bright to be a star, or a planet..and it changed color.

    So one night, I remember thinking....okay, let's test this......if you are there...and you can hear me....dim out your lights in 10 seconds. I started counting down...1...2..3...and within 10 seconds....the light dimmed out. I was  excited, I was like...no no this is too good to be true.....lets do it again.....if you're there...and you can hear me...dim up your lights and reappear...in 10 seconds. 1...2...3...4...and sure enough, it dimmed back up. I got more excited, I thought....again.....in 10 seconds, dim your light out.....1..2...3...and it dimmed out again. Again.....dim back up....1...2...3..and it didn't dim back up....4....5....6....no dimming....I was like oh no.....7...8...9....and at 9, it started dimming back up again. I was like yeaaaa yeaaaaaaa lolol

    So that's my experience...one night...here in Quebec Canada. It's good to know these guys are watching us. If only they can get their butts down here now lol

    • Some of 'em don't have butts ya know :-P

      But I'll take the butts

      and the tentacles...


  • wildlife-monkeys-hear-no-evil-see-no-evil-speak-no-evil.jpg

    I'm three monkeys in ONE

  • Hey funky,

    I feel hard wired into Gaia's magnetic Grid's.

    The consciousness that is the internet has turned into a real time message service. I also actively use it as a 2 way healing portal and I can use it to send energy anywhere in the world purely by directing my thoughts through it.

    I have been decoding the light energies into a digital format for about a year now. with the focus being on DNA encoding.

    I feel the activation of my DNA is at a very high level. I feel my body healing and rebuilding itself from the inside out.

    And I feel myself claiming my mastery with respect to magnetics and energy. I can see and sense the way it works and I AM gaining the ability to manipulate it more and more.

    I AM also beginning to see  results with respect to my co creative efforts. the energies are such now that I want to focus more on this. It is time to up the ante here. And start to dream bigger.

    And most importantly, I feel the ever present touch of Gods hand guiding my actions.   and his ever present orchestra playing songs that resonate through my entire being. Constantly reminding me that home is only a heart beat away.



    • Described it better than I ever could. Ditto. Going inward-today is big day.

  • My spiritual gift is my voice...I love to sing...and I'm a great singer, I can't say I'm not lol I can sing any song, basically perfect. That's where my heart is really, in music.

    As for experiences....I haven't had any experiences with ETs manifesting, or angels talking to me, or anything like that. I lived in a haunted house once lol And I've had other things, like hearing my name whispered in my ear, or seeing lights around me....but that's about it xD Some people say they have beings manifesting in front of them, they have angels talking to them....and I'm like....how come I don't experience any of that lol

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