Hi Friends,

It appears there is another wave of people leaving the site, and I want to say right off the bat, the following is not directed at this wave of people but at the entire site, though this did prompt me to share how I have felt about this. I have seen a lot of wonderful people leave over the last year or more, some of whom were very close friends, and I can think of many very good, even practical reasons to do so. I can see serious issues with the energies, personalities, and technologies at work here, but I am not going to address that right now, I can later if it is wanted. Several friends have told me almost verbatim it was because "the site does not serve love and light". I agree completely that it doesn't, but I would like to say, with all respect and love to the people who feel this way, that I do not believe the creation serves "love and light" either, at least not in the way that this term is commonly used.

I do understand very well why people do not want to expose themselves to "dark" energies, there are very real consequences in that for "body" and "soul", no matter how much "spirit" might argue that everything is one. I want to point out also that there seems to be a massive split between the "spirit" perspective, that understands all things are one, and the "body/soul" perspective, which understands duality and has to live with its consequences ("karma"). My feeling is that these two "less dense polarities" badly need to be reconnected so that they can deeply understand each other: The journey toward "ascension" can not leave behind the body perspective or it looses its context. Just as, of course, the journey of life can not ignore the spiritual truth of total oneness, or it becomes a slavery to living.

I often see people espousing the non-dualistic perspective and then turning right around and pooh-poohing anything that is remotely negative feeling. Personally, I think "hypocrisy" is natural and part of the learning process, but again I want to restate: I do not believe the universe is "love and light" in the exclusion of that which is "lack of love and light", for better words. It looks to me, rather, that the universal energy holds a "deep acceptance" for all beings and all creation, no matter what their resonance, polarity, actions, etc. The feeling I have received is almost like longing, for a vast "pulling together" of everything, perhaps comparable to the opposite of the scientific theories of universe expansion, if it were possible for one person to feel something like that. Of course I could be mistaken in my understanding of this and any other thing, but I've learned that feelings are a great doorway, and to trust them.

I suppose what I would like to express is, if people walk away from this space here hoping to escape from that which is not their idea of love and light, I am concerned that they are likely to be very disappointed and end up having to face it anyway. I would like to pose an extreme example: What if all the light-workers were to leave this planet because it is a very dark place to live? What would become of it, and what would become of them? Would there really be anywhere in the universe they could go that would remain forever untouched by some aspect of negativity? And, even if they were to find such a place, how long would it be until they would need to connect with the rest of creation again?

So again, I very much respect and understand anyone's decision to leave this space, and again there are very good reasons for this from the body/soul perspective, which II feel must be respected and understood. But, I would like to ask everyone to consider how they might help "move darkness into the light" in the other areas of their lives, if that is really what they want to do, instead of trying to cut it off, run away from it, or destroy it because it is unpleasant or triggering. Please do not forget that everything is indeed one, even though we certainly can not always act that way in our physical or even spiritual lives. Please consider that any reasonable opportunity we have to integrate disconnected fragments - through the infinite compassion, strength, and deep understanding we are all capable of - is one more step toward the all realizing the all of the all.

Thank You, Love, and Blessings1

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  • THANKS ~ I needed that ReMinder Today ~ Bless You J ~ and Bless EveryONE !

  • WW 1, WW 2, same shit.

    I was a corporal in the US army in WW 2. My great uncle (Hoffman) was a colonel on Hitler's general staff.

    Fortunately I was in the 52nd AGF band and never had to shoot anyone or get shot at but several high school buddies were killed in the battle of the bulge. Remember?

    Love, B
  • A number of years ago I became interested in the man known as Hitler, I was fascinated
    how such a man could wield such power and control, that's what it seemed to me at the
    time. The mass of people that he affected men, women and their children all seamed
    mesmerized by his dynamic personality and he played them all like a master orchestrator,
    the question I asked was "How could one man have so much control and power over so
    many people”?

    What came to me was A pictogram or dream that showed me a black dot that split into a
    myriad of peaces and each peace became a smaller part of the greater part, so from this
    large black dot came a number of smaller black dots that then became part of the collective
    unconscious of humanity, how I observed this playing out was threw the people that where
    having judgment about this man's deeds, and how bad, wrong, negative he was, and by
    judging that in another they are in affect negating that seed within themselves and putting
    their opinion's and thought’s as if they had the knowing of what was the right or wrong way
    of being, but in some small way or seed they were part of that original event by their own
    ignorance or need to understand that one man/woman's deeds no matter who they are, are
    part of the answer or problem.

    Why do we give our power or vote to other’s when we have the power to create all things,
    is it because we believe the limited story of what and who we are lead to believe, that this
    matrix or quantum field that we have come to know as our beloved Earth has let us play out
    so we may experience a grater learning or healing aren’t they the same thing the experience
    of light in motion?

    I give my energy to you my friend and companion upon this great adventure that has the time
    to look and search to consider anew to share ideas and stay the way to see it throw, ok it might
    get rough the wind might blow the trees will sway the land could move the ice could hold us at
    bay, but what of all these things that come in a day, when you are an immortal that has existed
    from the beginning of all that is, and will be here for ever more a part and together yet united as
    one, the everything the love that I am you and you are me, having an adventure so we I, together
    can expand making known that which is in the shadows, waiting to have a light cast upon this
    place of hidden secret so as to reveal a new awakening that we may all enjoy it’s fruit of new
    knowing, the truth that ever changes to something evolving into something and so on infinitum,
    and all that makes this possible is simply your, our, my LOVE to observe and learn to apply that
    loving into my every moment, for as that love we are all lights of this most beautiful being we
    have come to know as our home Earth this magnificent Perl the world.

    Thank you all for letting me share something unlimited with you, to share A profound truth that
    applies to all with not one exception that is my light & Love to you.

    In La Kesh Means: "I am another you"

    • Interesting your comments on Hitler.

      From his viewpoint he probably considered that what he was doing was necessary and right for the German people.

      Germany was down at the time from losing WW 1 and the great depression. A large part of the populace was vibrating at the emotion of fear and despair. Hitler was vibrating at a slightly higher wave length of anger and thus took control.

      Hitler was a perfect example of the element which wishes to control people" for their own good".

      "Follow me and worship me and I will take care of you, cross me and I'll punish you" Conditional love.

      Unfortunately these guys always seem to find a crowd that wishes to be taken care of.

      Take a look at the current political scene in the USA and throughout the planet. What do you see?

      The other side respects free will and the right for everyone to evolve and mature in a self determined manner.
      Unconditional love.

      Which do you choose?

      I like your "pictogram or dream" of the dots. You are going deep.

      Love, B
  • There are a great saying: "You are not your feelings, it is merely something that you experienced!

    I Agree with that, what you touched on is so true. All people out there has souls, we do not always agree with what they do or say, but we still have to love then.

    Us as light workers has to love everyone, even the dark, this is the first lesson we are taught, be tolerant of others, and love them unconditional. They are also souls that are learning. Those with more dark, need more love and understanding. Take the time to speak to those that are negative, aggressive and almost violent, with the right amount of love, understanding and patience, you can reach even the darkest heart.

    There is not a soul here that can claim that they are pure light and love, every single soul in this multi verse has a darker side. What make you, better to call someone dark? Darkness can only be changed by light and love. When light and love touch a soul, darkness tend to lessen.

    It is as if those that believe themselves light, looks down on those with less light, they are less tolerant and almost nose in the air. This is not what life is about.

    We have to value each soul, light or dark! We are all conscious beings on different places in our conscious learning.

    The Angels call darkness, misguided souls! Who are we to judge them!

    Misguided souls, need more love and understanding than they get. Please never devalue anyone, even a dark soul.

    We need to be more openminded, and more tolarant of others. Never be set in the way you look at the world, out there anyone, even someone considered "dark" can teach you something of value, but we have to learn how to listen.

    Even the Guardian on Souls, love all the souls in the same way. When she gathers them back to her, she never discards a single one. This is her view: "Every soul is worth more to me than my own. I will gladly sacrifice myself to save them. Every soul has value, even corrupted souls. When I find them, I cleanse them with more love than any soul ever deserve. That is just what I have to do! I love them with every ounce of who I am! Their lives are of such high value to me that I never think of myself, I am the guardian of the souls, and fight hard everyday to see that they are safe. When they get stolen I find them."

    I wonder how many of us can love in this way?
  • MUCH love to everyone!!!! :)
  • i DO NOT AND WILL NOT RUN FROM DARKNESS.I HAVE LOOKED IT RIGHT IN THE EYE AT DIFFERENT TIMES IN MY LIFE.I will keep clearing these negative energies and making more space for love and light.My mission is now to get people to stop looking at what they don't want,and look at what they do want. Law of attraction 101:What you think is what you manifest. Just keep looking away from the darkness and run into the light. If you are a lightworker, we are not here to fight or stick our heads in the sand:) We came here to help Mother Earth ascend. This means resonating with the crystal energies that are available for all who wish to help clear the darkness from the past and the future.I won't leave in fear. I don't let that word in my vocabulary:)
    • Nicely put.

      My bag is free will, power of choice, I win--everybody wins.

      The other bag is I control you for your own good, I win you lose, worship me. And the other side of the same coin: take care of me and tell me what to do and I will worship you and do as you say.

      Love, B
  • Very Beneficial J,

    I joined this site practically a year ago and of recent have been more active here. So I don't know as of most of this past year what had been going on here.

    I can say there is much touchiness I've noticed but great souls none the less. This is what I see as " Transformation", the reasonable and accepting will stay here. The others you were talking about will just have to face themselves somewhere else.

    Peace, J, I really enjoyed your piece, Good Work.

    Zachary Paul Hunter
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