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  • It's an absolute pleasure Leslie. May the Angels always be with you, and bless you.

    Have a beautiful day and take care.

    Hugs from your namesake.
  • Hi Leslie!! thank you for your freind request...
    Have a ggreat day!!!
  • Love Light and Blessings Dear Leslie !

  • What a pleasure to meet you!!

  • Dear Leslie Lloyd,
    it's my pleasure to have you as a friend, and i am sorry for your lost, you can read from the articles i wrote and our discussion..

    For the time being we are building a spiritual social network and when it becomes ready
    i will invite you over there..

    thank u
  • ps. i'd be honored to count you a friend, my dear! :0)

    ~blessings & big hug!~
  • ~greetings fellow traveler & dear sister! so glad to see you here! welcome to the ship & carnival!~ ACC is a great space! i was following a thread, & you asked 'who were the annunaki' ? well i was watching joseph campbell's mythos last year, & pondering why it seemed that we humans have always been so war~like & flawed! i decided to begin my search, my question, at the earliest known beginning! Sumer (modern day israel) is the most ancient culture we have archeological evidence of! they popped outta nowhere (think darwins 'missing link') right on the heels of the stone age, with an advanced & unprecedented civilization! the 'bible' is a more contemporary (comparatively) story (plagiarized) of the Babylonian Enuma Elish, which is itself a plagiarism of the sumerian tablets! the 'tablet of creation' is genesis! the annunaki (from planet nibiru) were the sumerians 'gods'. they were, not 1, but many! the term translates into 'those who from heaven came (fell)'. youtube will open many pandora's boxes! see also: zechariah sitchin. knowledge is power! ;0) check this out:
    ~so this vid is one of countless, & a bit dramatic~ it's based not on 'mythology', but actual translated record keeping tablets from the sumerians themselves! i believe the reptilian link comes in because of the mixed blood of several of the gods (annunaki) who had mothers from Orion (the supposed reptilian race star~system) namely, Enki, whose mother was reptilian. also, see laurence gaurdners '13 bloodlines', & 'grail kings' books. k, ~cheers!~
  • hey Leslie,

    Welcome aboard :)
    I reacted on your q in the reptilian discussion...
    Wishing you a swell awakening !

  • Blessings There

    Dont listen to anyone else the only one u need to listen to is yourself sending love light and Blessings your way

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Austin, TX


April 10

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Leslie Lloyd replied to Pichu's discussion What about "good reptilians"?
"Look in the music Industry:) The ones in Hollywood that signed in blood are running out, saying whoopfy! They have changed labels and lyrics and have to worry for their lives now:) Look at Eminem.He's out:) So is Snoop. So are alot of them.I pray…"
Sep 18, 2010
Leslie Lloyd replied to J~{Shaar'Ah'Ai'La}~'s discussion "Less Dense Polarity" as it Relates to More People Leaving
"i DO NOT AND WILL NOT RUN FROM DARKNESS.I HAVE LOOKED IT RIGHT IN THE EYE AT DIFFERENT TIMES IN MY LIFE.I will keep clearing these negative energies and making more space for love and light.My mission is now to get people to stop looking at what…"
Sep 18, 2010
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Jul 30, 2010
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Jul 29, 2010

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"It is important that we understand and know that we are not alone in the universe. We have Brothers and Sisters out there. The Word Alien is really mean. I woud never call anyone a Alien.
Today i wake up with this Song in my Head, wich i dream…"
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"I always believed in ‘fairies’. They are probably smaller devas that maintain the energy of plants and trees? What about ‘orbs’, are these devas too?

I think I understand the difference now. Devas, angels and Elohim are beings that don’t live in…"
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