Dear friends,

A couple of days ago, on the 10th of this Month I had been inspired to visit a public house, in the village of Levington, Suffolk. The name of the 14th-century pub, being "The Ship." This was mostly against my non-alcohol principle, yet a habit I only temporarily suspend, when celebrating special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, or, as in this case, a celebration of my pregnant daughter's imminent child birth...Movella's due date being early March.

To celebrate her stay with me and pregancy, we had agreed to visit this particular pub and had already viewed the menu, online...So had planned a meal and drinks, in Levington. Of course, Movella herself, adhering to the non-alcohol principle. It was an interesting fact that I had originally planned a trip to a different location, however, we changed our plans, as I felt particularly guided to Levington.

So we visited the Levington public house instead..

Arriving at the pub and settling at a wooden dining table, constructed in the Elizabethan style with external rafters, of the same period style, making for an interestingly ornate ceiling. A large brick open fire and many other period pieces, within the room we had settled in. We held our meal and conducted much jovial banter, about numerous topics and plans for my grandson, after he was born. Basically, we did not discuss GFL business and were not focussed upon it, in any conceivable way...The meal was good and I enjoyed a steak, with peppercorn sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes and chips...washed down with an Adnams lager...

During the meal, held at our pleasant and lazy visit to Levington's historic public house, which is sited near a chuch; St Peter, with a 14th century tower and in some spendid countryside, we recounted an earlier parking difficulty we had encountered, as I reversed my car into a parking slot, at the rear of this pub...A rather open area, layered with gravel and with a grass verge surrounding it...I had checked the rear-view mirror before reversing and the carefully noted parking distance from another car, which had prior parked and reversed into it's own slot and with absolute confidence, that nothing was behind me, nor was I anywhere near the adjacent vehicle I made the simple manoeuvre, completed many times over many years of driving experience. To our surprise and horror, we felt a loud bang and impact, which alarmed us both. Startled I moved forward and viewed that not only was I nowhere near the parked car, to my left, but that there was absolutely nothing behind my car, with which to impact, save the simple grass verge and gravel. This seemed completely insane to us, as we both definitely heard and felt an impact of some sort, yet our senses revealed that nothing was there.

There was only one tangible clue that something had indeed happened and that was a slight scuff mark on the rear left end corner of my car. Something was there, yet there were no marks on any other vehicles. This "ghost" collision was a mystery..

So we had mused about that earlier event, during our celebratory session, in the ornately decorated Elizabethan room, at which point I made a quick visit to the bathroom and while there had a surprise telepathic communication, which was sent to me by Vashtar, who had positioned his scoutship, high above the atmosphere, in a geosynchronous orbit, directly above our location..I was pleased and very surprised to receive his "call," as he wanted to let us know that he had returned to Earth duties, following his training session and holiday break, on the Sirian homeworlds, alongside his crew. I was elated to communicate with him again and in good spirits, returned to our dining table, to share the good news with Movella, that Vash was back. When I mentioned this contact, Movella told me that she had already thought about the Sirians, while waiting for my return to the table and was wondering when they were going to resume Earth duties. So we both got an answer and happily concluded our drinks...

As we left the pub and went for a short walk down a track and grassy hill, we noted that the weather had become sunny and that some type of re-configuration had occurred, with Movella observing the landscape painting art potential of the location and felt inspired by it, but, as if she were viewing it through the eyes of someone else, who was an artist, in a previous time. Noting that Movella is psychic and her ashramic stimulus at salient moments of discovery, takes the form of a tingling sensation across her shoulders, when a correct conclusion confirms an event's veracity.

We returned to the car at the rear carpark, behind the public house and dwelled on the strange events of the day. Again, as on the rural track, Movella experienced a strong psychic connection with a sense of resolved conclusions, from past happenings, relating to an "artist" and something else. The shoulders tingled confirmation of these points and she noted bird song and a sunny beauty present, which was not present in the area, when we arrived initially..

So several events were noted and the return of Vashtar being a significant one. But also drawn back to the mysterious collision with something which was not really there...Or apparently not there. Again we checked the scene. Nothing at all in the car park that could have been struck..

A thought had crossed my mind after my brief telepathic communication with Vashtar and it related to something he had said about his scoutship being in geosynchronous orbit, rather than roving closer. Normally this positioning occurs during a planned time travel expedition and I mentioned this to Movella, who responded that this reminder of time travel, sharply resonated with her intuition that there was a temporal link between the events of today and the past, as she sensed that we had earlier collided with a "phantom monument" in the car park, which was distinctly from the past, as no longer present. Because the sound of impact with it had a distinctive quality suggesting a hard metallic, or stone structure, Movella concluded that the nature of this "monument" was possibly stone. I do recall that it was a very hard impact and quickly discounted wood, as there was no creaking snap sound..

And then we both returned to the car and prepared to leave the car park and as I positioned myself, noted a sudden flurry of vehicular activity, as more customers arrived and I had to wait for them to pass, before travelling along the exit path. At that point I recalled that when we arrived originally and entered, there was zero activity in the car park and noted that when we did park, following the failed attempt of strange nature, suddenly numerous cars became active, entering in great numbers. Travelling along the road past the church, we discussed these events and now furnished with our knowledge about Sirian time manipulation above the location, that we ourselves played a role in it, albeit, we were not fully primed as to how it played out. One thing we both strongly felt, was that for a short duration, the car park area was frozen in time, with us still active in a bubble/portal, which allowed our activities to be cloaked, from other visiting cars and persons.. It was seemingly arranged this way. One moment we were alone, the next moment, other cars entered, as if they were supposed to wait for this event to conclude. This mystery event, only partially intuited at this stage.

On the journey back home, these strange events pricked our focus, in view to ascertaining more details, as to what had actually happened. So I felt strongly compelled to call Vashtar again and ask for him to fill the gaps. I stated to him that we both felt that a temporal event had occurred and Sirian technology was involved, as he had earlier described a time travel status, in orbit. He confirmed that work was being conducted in the 17th century by the team, which linked to someone from that time period and the present time. Vashtar did not ellaborate upon this and wanted to test our abilities to glean further data, to solve the mystery.

Movella asked the question, who was the person in the 17th century, involved with Sirian activity..? Movella received a strong tingling sensation across her shoulders, as the thought entered her mind, that her unborn son, named Merrtro, was incarnated at that time and located at those precise co-ordinates, during the English Civil War, as he was on leave from military duties, and stayed at the Levington Inn, on his travels. Noting that at the time, Suffolk was very much within the Parliamentary forces sector. 

We then continued our journey, pondering Merrtro's previous life and what it had to do with us and Levington. We were somewhat shocked that these events involved an unborn baby, present with us in the car and really tried to rack our brains anent the matter. We understood the process of reincarnation and in many ways, were happy to know that Merrtro lived in England and interestingly, visited the Levington area in a previous life. He was a visitor, as only visitors lodge at Inns. In those days public houses served as lodging places, as well as for drinking, eating and whoring (honestly...;-)

As we continued the car journey and passing along a familiar route, by my late parent's old mansion, I felt inspired to call Vashtar again and was re-directed to Master Rakoczi, who is a specialist in Earth history, being the Mahachohan and with ashramic responsibilities for my spiritual development. He was very jovial and sent a "bliss bomb" to me, which is a slight opening to the buddhic plane of high emotions...Much higher than the astral. Now, with much enthusiasm, I questioned my Master upon the strange matters of the day and wanted to know exactly what Movella's so called; "phantom monument" was, located in the Levington pub's car park.. The one we backed into, that shook us. He stated very matter of factly, that the object was indeed located at that precise co-ordinate, but in a different time, the 17th century and was actually a HORSE TROUGH (watering trough.) This mention of the 17th century had earlier been confirmed by Vashtar and really suggested to us, that in those days the Inn possessed a horse stable, for guests and the visiting horses would drink from the trough and then be kept at the stables. 

Master Rakoczi (The Count) followed up the complete timeslip event, by revealing that Merrtro, in his 17th century incarnation, as a soldier within Cromwell's forces, had ended his stay at the Inn and was preparing to resume active service, and needed to collect his horse from the stables, at the rear of the Inn. As the soldier cast his vision in the direction of the stables, he noticed a peasant farmer, who was urinating, unabated, in the salient horse watering trough, to his disgust. As the soldier (Merrtro) approached the rogue, a morose fellow, he questioned him about his rude and disgusting habits...The peasant farmer, who was obviously such, as dressed so, pitchfork nearby, exclaimed his great anger towards all horses and sought revenge upon them. He seemed, to the soldier, to be absolutely unhinged. Demanding an apology, lest he inform the local magistrate, the soldier threatened action, if the rogue's conduct was not justifably explained. At that point, the horse trough CRACKED, together with a flash of blue light, to the absolute amazement of both men, who stood spellbound in both confusion and in religious moment. Both their thoughts dwelling on miracle and divine intervention, of a sort that demanded attention. These men believed this to be a sign from God and incalcated in them both, a strong reverence for the divine, for several reasons. It was thought that as the grounds were near a church, it was a sinful act, to urinate in a trough. Moreover, it demonstated God's displeasure at the grubby act of doing such a thing, as the urine, along with much water, was evacuated from the vessel. Underscoring the justification of the soldier complaining and the peasant, to explain his reasons for the vile act. Confessions to both God and the soldier present. 

The stunned pair, standing by the broken horse trough, now empty of water, resumed their dialogue and the peasant made a surprising declaration to the soldier, whom he now felt was a "Godly man." That his error, in the eyes of the "almighty," was something to be explained to the miracle soldier. That he explained his motives for such, as now accepted as sinful error and the crime of revenge, against all horses, was recently initiated by the tragic demise of his beloved sister, struck by a startled horse in the head, from which she suffered death. His anger towards horses, was only matched by his loss and bereavement and when he left the Inn, after a few pints of ale, the peasant farmer went to collect his pitchfork, which he had left, leaning upon a stone horse trough, and was followed by the soldier, as described. 

The peasant farmer was not a horse owner himself, but was not allowed to bring his pitchfork into the public house/inn...

Having revealed his sad story to the soldier, a degree of empathy was established, as all previous hostilities between the men, rapidly evaporated in the morning sunshine. The birds twittered approval. The peasant farmer, with pitchfork in hand, told the soldier, preparing his horse for the journey, that he felt divinely inspired to become a reformed man and he would learn to love horses and revere nature's beauty, through art. Especially painting and feeling luck would now come his way. The two men seemed to feel greatly uplifted and honoured by their mutual "sign from Heaven." A sign that had changed both their lives for the better; the soldier, now feeling protected in battle, from all harm, with God's blessing, the peasant farmer, now looking to his future successes as an artist...

NOW SIMULTANEOUS to the 17th century events, of the 1640s, my car had reversed into a mystery object, which we now know, through communications, logical thinking and intuition, was a stone horse trough, around which Vashtar had opened a small temporal portal to allow the physical impact, between the trough (a past structue) and a modern day vehicle. The materialisation worked both ways, simultaneously, between centuries. It was very brief in duration and a small opening only, with an ambient effect within the entire car park/horse stables next to a wagon yard. 

This explains why the damage to the car was not that severe, yet sufficient to crack a centuries-old stone trough. The duration permitted was short. Thus, nothing was seen (only a scuff on the car, from the 21st century perspective,) only felt and heard...The car was not allowed to completely enter through the portal into the 17th century. It very briefly passed through a fraction of the rear near-side, as that was sufficient to have the required effect on matter, at the other end of the time tunnel...

Movella's son has yet to be born, but was present in the car with us both, so completed a learning cycle for himself, in an earlier incarnation, as well as serving the purpose of inspiring a fellow to change his life for the better. A Soul enters the body at the embryonic stage, so in effect Merrtro was incarnated and present in the car, while "meeting" his other incarnation, within a previous era of time.

Having learned from confirmed sources that the horse trough was made of stone and not wooden, as was the style of the 14th century and retained for use in the 17th century, at the rear of the Inn. 

This incident was written by myself, after the event, and Movella assisted the process of recalling as much detail and accuracy, as is humanly possible. Movella humourously compared this timeslip incident, to a Hercule Poirot plot, in which he always attempts to have a relaxing holiday in some idyllic location, YET, in which he is inevitably drawn, into yet another "murder mystery" puzzle, to solve.

Both of us commented, that we enjoy these unexpected events, which are planned by higher spiritual forces (Ascended Masters,) without our initial conscious, if not sub-conscious awareness, as to how they will unfold. For example, if I had known I would be crashing the car into a stone object at a pub I might have had some reservations. But, because I did not consciously know what I was doing at the time, it simply completed a divine task in a successful way. Maybe a task unimpeded by the human personality...

In the future we look forward to re-visiting the site, in Levington, with our beloved Merrtro, when he becomes a toddler...


Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏



Col. Drekx Omega

Lieut. Movella

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  • That would be great, Ivy.....😚
  • I have to bring some order in the Galactic Dictionary. I can’t update the original post, but I can repost it and add new words.

    💡 First things first: alphabetical order 🔠
  • Lost kid 🤩 sends some love 💖 back to the stars 🌟
  • 💕👶💕Yes and they only use the term for surface Earth humanity....But it indicates that we matter to them and that they would like to recover, we "lost children..." As any caring parent would I suppose....
    This is more a spiritual duty, than anything more sentimental, for Sirians, albeit, they do have a very keen compassion for our limited consciousness plight and stunted lives....Which they are working so hard to rectify and reverse, for the better...
    And as "vreg kalibran," is yet another new term for your consideration I thought I'd place the same comment in your ET languages blog....
  • Interesting data, but it sounds so sad, the lost children of Planet Earth 💕👶💕

    But I’m glad to know that I can still kid around for the next 50 years. I try be a good kid of course 😇
  • "Kali" in Sanskrit means black.....As per the Hindu goddess of that name....Note that Sirians use a word which has a similar structure, as also based upon ancient Lyran language and the word is "kalibran," which means "children" plural...
    One may ask, why black and why children...??

    Well essentially this useage pertains to the manner in which a child is effectively eclipsed by a parent, a mother, while in the womb and also, during the growing up process....The Sirians use cosmology in their cultural norms and traditional manners of understanding everything, so make the comparison between an unborn baby, in the mother's womb and it's birth and slow growth to adulthood....And this is compared with the solar eclipse, in which a full eclipse mostly blackens out the sun (child) and as the moon (mother) and observer on Earth (or other,) moves slowly, the moon may eclipse partially, half eclipse and finally reveal the sun again, to full passage....The sun becomes an adult, as it were....The mother's lunar blackness, which is a nurturing energy, is slowly removed and the sun may blaze it's adult glory, with the mother passed from sight...

    And Sirians consider that all surface Earth people are as "children" because of the incarnated age, in the great majority, not exceeding 100-years....Sirian adolesence is considered to be around 50-years, and adulthood is regarded at around twice that...And this is not just physical form development, but rather spiritual and mental maturity...One becomes truly wise with age and the average Sirian lifespan is around 2160 sol years....

    And so, in consequence, Sirians regard Earth's surface humanity as "children," who are "lost," as the nurturing parent is mostly absent, in the majority of Earth human lives....

    The term of "lost children" has multiple meanings, but this Sirian term centres around those definitions, given.....It is "vreg kalibran,"
  • Thanks for that Drekx! Yes my Andromedan starseed telepathic contactee friend also highly recommends fasting, so I guess I will have learn how to do that effectively. I appreciate the tips!

    I will take a look at the Rendlesham forest contact blog. : )
  • They do have an alternative for city dwellers, which is to teleport you up to the ship, from your own living room, inside your house, etc...It is really useful to practice telepathy, so you can be ready for physical teleport...Which is also something better done in the fasted state.....It can make a person nauseous and when you arrive, less than efficient......So I recommend intermittent fasting, as a regular practice, for anyone hoping to utilise Sirian high technologies, of these types....There are other types, in which the fasted state copes better.....
    Once in the regular routine of a fasted state, it is much easier for the Sirians to select a time and place for you to be teleported, or even aetherically projected...A technique I underwent in Rendlesham forest last year.....I did write a blog on this event...About the "violet eyes." ;-)

    And also, to spend a three-day session in a Light Chamber (crystalline cocoon,) does require that the ascendee be free of hunger pangs and that potential for nauseam, which a full stomach will induce, as the light vibrations are intense........The 3-days are transformative and the less health distractions to the process, the better the outcome....
  • Wow, thanks for sharing that contact. That sounds like it was an extremely beautiful and moving experience. You got an early taste for what it will be like for other humans who are here to experience first contact when that auspicious day finally arrives.

    In your case you had a role to play which you are playing now. I too have been told since a youth by the Sirians that I would have a physical contact, though I am usually stuck in a big city so have not really gotten to a remote enough location to initiate such a contact. Though I have had cloaked Sirian scouts in very close proximity. But in right divine time I believe it will happen. In the mean time I need to practice working on my telepathic abilities and meditation.

    It is really cool you have communicated with Susan. I am sure she has some amazing stories as well!
  • Agarther Z asked:
    "I misread your post and thought the Sirians see our Sun Solaris and us as Spiritual Warriors, but do the Sirians have a name for us? :)"

    Drekx reply:
    Yes, "vreg kalibran," which means "lost children."
This reply was deleted.

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