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  • Hellooooooo there! =)
    TYhankyou for your friendship.
    Have a magnificent day! =)
  • Hello AtlanMu, thank you for the gift of your friendship.
    Light and Love
  • Dear AtlanMu, I am honored to be your friend.
    Light and Love,
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  • Dear AtlanMu
    I am honored to be your friend and Sister
    Love and Blessings
  • hello my new friend interested in your views concerning space and air travel during biblical days of Sumerian , also if you believe if earth has been reset and re-seeded by other off world alien cultures.finally in the current science community is becoming a reunite of science and religion,
  • Photobucket
  • Greetings of Love & Light from a Healer & Kundalini Yogi from India.
    Can we be friends, plz?
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AtlanMu posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
AtlanMu left a comment on The Hollow Earth
Jan 10, 2015
AtlanMu commented on AtlanMu's video
"Dear Hellen welcome to a world that has awoken we are the
ones changing in every moment we are renewing ourselves by
the way we support and love each other and our fellow Human
beings, we have awoken and the rest will arise to the occasion
that is…"
Jun 14, 2013
AtlanMu commented on AtlanMu's video
"This sums up a lot in its presentation

Jun 13, 2013

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"To answer the question: There are many good types of cheese. Try cave cheese. It always tasted really good. Do you know these tick tock videos? Someone throws a cheese with holes on a book page with many words and takes the words as an oracle. He…"
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There is plenty to be thankful here.
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"Hi! I'am not a awake soul but I do have a awake supra-consciousness as a aspect of infinity."
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I like what a farmer said about the Roswell accident victims in 1947 he said and I quote,"Well there not green."
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"Hi! The birth of my new idenity came about a long time ago going back when I applied to be a new member here."
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